TITLE: Deliveries, Arrivals and the State of the Union

CATEGORY: Jed/Abbey, Leo/Margaret, Sam/other, new character. We're pretty much AU at this point.


SUMMARY: "Well he'll go down in history as the first president to run out of the room during the State of the Union." Sequel to Thanksgiving in New Hampshire, it takes place four months later.

AUTHOR: Natalie Wilson

ARCHIVE: Sure, just let me know.

DISCLAIMERS: Standard disclaimers, West Wing characters are property of Aaron Sorkin, Warner Brothers, NBC, etc. No money is being made off this.

NOTE: I know that if you follow the timeline of the story my timing of the State of the Union is wrong, but I needed to use it at this point in my story.



Part 2

"This is great." It was forty minutes before the State of the Union and the President had just finished reading the final draft.

"Thank you sir." Toby exchanged a pleased look with Sam and glanced at his watch. "You need to leave in about five minutes."

"Great." He clapped his hands together. "Where's my wife?"

"She and Cassie are going to meet you at the car." Josh appeared in the doorway.

"Who's going and who's staying?"

"Josh, Leo, and Cassie are going with you, the rest of us are staying to track the polls."

"Ok, well I guess I'll see you all later."

"Yes sir."

Jed, Leo and Josh made their way to the motorcade. When they reached the limo Jed climbed in and took a seat next to Abbey. He wrapped his arm around her shoulders and kissed her softly.

"Yuck." Cassie gave them both a disgusted look.

"Yeah, get a room." Josh said, jokingly.

Abbey laughed dryly. "How do you think I got like this?" She pointed to her mid-section.

"No offense ma'am, but I really don't want that image in my head."

"That makes two of us." Cassie muttered.

Jed ignored her. "Are you going to sit in the audience during the speech?"

"No, I can't sit in the same spot for that long, it aggravates my back. I'll watch you on TV."

"Ok." He said as the limo pulled to a stop. The got out of the limo and were led to an office in the building.


"Sir, you need to go." Josh looked at his watch.

He kissed Abbey and got slowly to his feet. "Here goes." Jed took a deep breath and followed the Secret Service down the hall. Ten minutes later they saw him appear on the TV screen.

"Where's the President?"

Josh looked across the room at the first lady. "He just started the State of the Union." He said, indicating the TV.

"Well get him please, my water just broke."

"Huh?" He gave her a confused look.

"I'm in labor. Where are Cassie and Leo?"

"Checking on the polls." Josh was beginning to panic. "Um... what should I do?"

"First calm down, then go find my husband." Josh didn't move. "NOW!" She yelled at him.

He sprinted out of the room. Josh ran into Leo in the hallway. "Leo." He gasped, out of breath. "How do we stop the speech?"

Leo looked at him incredulously. "You can't just stop the State of the Union. Why in the hell would we do that?"

"Um, the first lady just went into labor. I think we should tell the President."

"What!? Now." Leo wracked his brain. "Just go out there and get him."

"Walk out onto the floor?"

"Do you have a better idea?"

"No." Josh hurried into the Senate chamber. After showing his ID to a large number of agents he convinced them to let him approach the President. Josh stood off to his side.

Jed was just finishing the opening section. "And no child should have to go without...."

"Um, sir." Josh called out softly, cutting off his speech.

Jed's head snapped in his direction and he gave him a questioning look.

Josh continued to whisper. "Your wife just went into labor, she sent me get you."

"Now?" Jed paused for a second letting the news sink in. Then, oblivious to the cameras and the other people around him, he practically sprinted out of the room, with Josh close on his heels. When he entered the office Abbey was clutching Leo's hand.

She looked up at him and attempted to smile. "Great timing huh?"

"We need to get to the hospital." Jed said, finding his voice.

"It's all set up sir."

Jed helped Abbey to her feet and guided her out to the waiting car. He helped her into the car and got in next to her. "How are you doing?" He asked, trying to avoid a panic attack.

Jed felt her nails dig into his hand in response. Her grip tightened as she began to pant. He reached out and rubbed her back until she began to relax. After her breathing returned to normal Abbey looked up at him. "I've been better." She leaned her head against his chest. "There are a few million people wondering what the hell just happened in there."

"Screw 'em. This is more important. CJ can handle the press."

She looked at him gratefully as another contraction came over her. Abbey dug her nails into his hand.

"Breathe." He forced a calm voice and rubbed her lower back.

"These are really coming fast." She said as the pain began to ease.

"Our boys are anxious to make an entrance." Jed wrapped his arm around his wife as the car pulled up to the hospital.



End part 2...