Sam's House

"But I don't want to go to bed!" Four-year-old Ryan Seaborn was being unruly.

"Ryan, you have to go to sleep," his father Sam told him.

"Why?" The little boy asked.

"Well," Sam said in a moment of thought. "Your body needs to rest, so that it can replenish the energy you used today."

"Why?" Ryan asked again.

"So that you can have this same argument with me tomorrow night," Sam decided to rationalize with the little boy.

"I don't want to," Ryan told his father.

Ryan's mother stood in the doorway and shook her had at her husband. "Ryan, you need to go to bed sweetheart," Mallory O'Brien Seaborn said to her four-year-old son. "Because tomorrow we are going to Sydney's birthday party."

"I don't want to go to her party," Ryan told his mother.

"Why not?" Sam asked. Sydney and Ryan were constant playmates and even attended the same pre-school.

"She's a girl!" Ryan shouted in disgust. "Girls are yucky!"

"Girls are not yucky," Sam told his son. "Some of the best people in the world are girls, like your mom."

Ryan sat in thought for a moment, "I guess they aren't that bad. Sydney is my best friend."

"We know," Mallory smiled. "Now will you please go to bed, Ryan?

"All right," Ryan said. "Good night Mommy. Good night Daddy."

"Sleep tight Ryan," Sam said kissing his forehead and pulling the covers up to the small boy's chin. "I love you."

"Good night, Ryan," Mallory said to the already sleeping child.

The two quietly left the room. "You know Seaborn for being a lawyer you don't put up a very good argument for bedtime. I mean, if this is how you fight your cases in court, I don't see how your firm continues to employ you."

"Now, Mallory," Sam said trying to defend himself. "If there were Supreme Court cases and history to base bedtime reasoning on, I would have a pretty good argument. One of the reasons I married you for your reasoning with children."

Mallory looked at her husband and laughed.

"You're wonderful with children," Sam complimented.

"It's a good thing, too," Mallory said. "I knew the first moment I met you that you and children were not a good mix. The White House was made out of cement, huh Sam?"

"You won't let me live our first meeting down, will you?" Sam asked.

"Despite your stupidity, Sam," Mallory took his hand. "I fell in love with you the first moment I saw you."

"And you met me on a very bad day," Sam smiled very proud of himself. "I am grateful that you looked past my flaws."

"You should be. Not many people would," Mallory teased.

"Are we picking your father up for the party tomorrow?" Sam asked changing the subject.

"I guess so," Mallory answered.

"You know, I like that he stayed in Washington for us," Sam smiled.

"I think each day he takes care Ryan the Terrible he regrets it," Mallory said of their rambunctious son. "The only person I know that can annoy my father easier than Ryan is you."

"Hey," Sam said in his own defense.

"No, I guess not," Mallory said after a moment of though. "Dad was actually proud that I ended up marrying you, but that may have had something to do with the thought that he could easily punish you if you ever hurt me."

"But I never have, and I never will, because I love you so much Mallory. So I am safe," Sam smiled.

"You know you can be so sweet sometimes," Mallory said as Sam pulled her into his arms.


Bedtime - 3



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