CJ's House

CJ looked at her two-week-old daughter, Molly, in awe as she lay asleep in CJ's arms. CJ never expected to be one of those women who would put their life on hold to have children, but since Molly's birth she did without any regrets.

CJ's husband of about a year watched as the woman he loved gently rocked their daughter to sleep. Molly's birth brought a new gentle and maternal side to CJ, which made the man love his wife even more.

He walked towards his wife and nuzzled her neck. She giggled and the two together watched their daughter. "She's so small," he commented, never believing that human life could actually be that small until his daughter was born.

"Is that all you can say?" CJ questioned.

"In fact, it is, you and our daughter have made me speechless," he smiled.

"If I knew that giving birth to your child would make you speechless, I would have done this a long time ago," CJ joked.

"You have a job that allows you to have children, now," her husband noted. "There was no way you could have had a child while working as Press Secretary."

"You have a good point," CJ smiled. "I like political consulting."

"And you can do most of it from home," he told her. "Which means we can have more children."

"Of course," CJ told him, "But not right away. I want Molly to be my one and only concern."

"I was hoping that she would look more like you than like me," Molly's father mused.

"Why do you say that?" CJ asked.

"Well," he said looking at the infant and then at CJ, "She's got that tuft of bright red hair."

"I guess your right, Danny," CJ sighed.

"Which just means we'll have to have another to look like you," Danny Concanon told her.

CJ shot him a look.

"When Molly's ready for a baby sister or brother," Danny added. "Claudia Jean, you've made me the happiest man in the world, you know that, right?"

"I know," CJ said with a smiled. "Danny, you've made me pretty darn happy over the years."

Danny knelt down and kissed the tuft of red hair on Molly's head and moved up to kiss his wife's lips. "I have an article I have to finish, but I wanted to see you put Molly to sleep."

"I know," CJ said of her husband's work, which unlike her work, had not changed.


Bedtime - 4



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