Toby's House

"Aaron, just lie still and listen to the music. Jacob, what are you doing out of bed again?" Toby Ziegler said trying unsuccessfully to get his four and a half-year-old identical twin boys to bed.

"Daddy, I need some water," Jacob Ziegler said.

"Jacob," Toby said taking a deep breath. "You have already had two cups of water. You can't have anymore or you will have to use the bathroom in the middle of the night."

"But Daddy, I am thirsty," Jacob whined.

Toby took another deep breath. Becoming a father had made Toby Ziegler, a once gruff and inpatient man to quickly learn what patience were. "How come Aaron got a third cup of water?"

"Aaron?" Toby looked at his son suspiciously.

"I'm sorry," the little boy said with a guilty look. "And is that why you can't stay still? Aaron do you need to go to the bathroom?"

"Uh huh," the little boy nodded and darted to the bathroom.

Toby let out an exhausted breath.

"Daddy, when is Mommy coming home?" Jacob asked.

"Mommy had to work late tonight," Toby told his son.

"Is she making laws?" Jacob asked.

"She is trying to, Jake," Toby answered his son. "Now why don't you listen to the classical music?"

"What kind of laws?" Jacob asked.

"I think she is working an education bill right now," he said. Toby Ziegler and his once divorced wife, Andrea Wyatt had gotten remarried during the first year of Josiah Bartlet's second term. She had taken a term off from the House of Representatives so that she and Toby could have children.


"Yes, Jake?" Toby answered the little boy again.

"You used to make laws too, why did you stop?"

"Well," Toby said, "I used to help make laws, but I did a lot of other things, because I worked for the President. People can only have the job as President for eight years and the man I was working for used up all of his time."

"Oh, okay," Jacob answered as his brother walked in and jumped back in bed.

"All better now, Aaron?" Toby asked.

"Yes, Daddy," Aaron smiled and hugged his teddy bear tightly.

"Eight years is a long time, isn't it?" Jacob asked.

Toby thought for a moment. The eight years in which he worked in the Bartlet White House had at times seemed like an endless period of time, but when he thought about it in retrospect, it wasn't long at all. The Administration had not accomplished all that they had hoped to in those eight years, but they did make a difference in the country and for that Toby was proud. Toby decided to answer the question simply, "It is longer than you and your brother have been alive."

"Daddy, why do talk to people for a job now?" Aaron joined the conversation. Government had been the only careers the boys were accustomed to and when Toby took a job at George Washington University to teach Speech Communications and Political Communications the boys were unsure of the job.

"Now I am teaching people how to talk about making laws," Toby explained in a way that the boys would understand.

"Good night, Daddy," Jacob said with a yawn.

"Good night, Jake. I love you," Toby said giving the boy a hug and turned to the twin bed across the room, "Good night Aaron, I love you."

"Good night, Daddy," Aaron said sleepily.

Toby turned on a moon shaped night light in the boys' room before turning out the light.

"I'm home!" Andrea called from downstairs.

"Mommy!" Two little boys called from upstairs, as their father growled.

"Hi Honey," Andrea kissed her husband when she walked up the stairs.

"Sweetheart, I had just put the boys to bed," Toby said when the kiss ended.

"I am sorry, Toby," Andrea said. "I'll get them back to bed. It's okay, I don't like working late, because I miss bedtime."

Toby kissed his wife again.

"You do such a great job with them, sometimes it makes me wonder if I am really needed," Andrea sighed.

"Don't say that Andie," Toby looked at her. "You are needed. The boys need you and I need you."

Andrea was pulled into a bear hug of her husband's. "I better go deal with our sons, huh?"

"Yeah," Toby smiled as she watched Andie go into the boys' bedroom.


Bedtime - 5



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