Charlie's House

"Daddy! Daddy!" Four year old Rachel, three year old Megan, and two year old Abbey Young squealed.

"Come on girls," Zoey Bartlet Young said to her daughter. "Let Daddy study. Let's go play with Grandma and Grandpa."

"Thank you Zoey," Charlie said looking up from a pre-law book. After the Bartlet administration had ended, Charlie Young felt the need to go to college. He wanted to be worthy of his scholarly wife. In addition, Charlie had worked with some of the most influential people in the world and wanted to be just like them. Despite his age, Charlie was accepted at Georgetown.

"There are my beautiful granddaughters," Abbey Bartlet smiled and opened her arms as all three girls came running to her.

After leaving the White House, Jed and Abbey Bartlet moved back to their home in New Hampshire, but seemed to spend more time in Washington DC, than they had while living there. Between benefits, and political dinners that Jed and Abbey still attended and wanting to watch their granddaughters grow up, Washington still felt like home.

"Zoey, were you and Charlie and the girls invited to Sydney Lyman's birthday party tomorrow?" Abbey Bartlet asked her daughter

"Yes, Mom," Zoey smiled. "I take it you were, as well."

"Yes," she smiled.

"Zoey, how's work going?" Jed Bartlet asked his daughter.

"I can't believe I used to laugh when Charlie, Sam, Josh, CJ, Toby and Leo would complain about the amount of work they had to do," Zoey answered.

"Deputy Director of Communications for the White House is no easy task," Jed Bartlet commented. "But it seems to suit you well."

"It is the most rewarding and incredible job that I have outside of being a wife and mother," Zoey told her father.

"You know you are one up on all of my staff," Jed said to his daughter. "They all waited until after they were out of the White House to start a family, well except for Leo and me. Our families were practically grown up."

"Despite the wait they all found happiness," Zoey smiled.

"They all found happiness in and around the White House," Jed smiled looking at his grown up daughter, and realizing that she too had found happiness by working in the White House. Sam and Toby had hired Zoey in the latter years of the administration to help write speeches. It was that job, which made the current President want her on his staff.

"I have to get the girls to bed, but I guess we'll see how everyone is tomorrow," Zoey told her father.

"Let me help," Jed offered.

"All right," Zoey smiled happily accepting the help. Her days were long, and despite Charlie's hard study schedule he made some time for the girls, but Zoey didn't want to push it.

"Come on Rachel, Megan, Abbey," their grandfather called, and obediently the little girls followed. "Your mommy doesn't think I can get you all to bed. Say good night to your daddy and mommy and grandma and lets get to bed."

The little girls gave a round of hugs and kisses to their parents and grandmother and like a small army, they marched up the stairs following their beloved grandfather.

Rachel and Megan went into the room they shared, and Abbey toddled to her room. Jed Bartlet helped his granddaughters wash their faces, brush their teeth and change into their pajamas. "Do you girls want to hear a story?" He asked.

Rachel and Megan looked at each other remember their grandfather's less than exciting stories an declined.

"How about you Abbey?" Jed asked the smallest of his granddaughter.

The little girl with a stuffed cat in arm nodded with a grin. "All right, then it's a story for you!"

Jed went into Rachel and Megan's room first. "Good night Rachel," her grandfather said as he tucked her into the top of the girls' bunk bed.

"Night-night Grandpa," the little girl said.

"Good night Megan," Jed Bartlet said to the little girl settling in on the bottom bunk.

"Good night, Grandpa," Megan said.

"Sweet dreams, girls," Jed said as he turned off the lights and walked down the hall to Abbey's bedroom, where the little girl had already fallen asleep in her bed.

Jed arranged the covers around the littler girl and pulled up the safety side of the bed for her. He kissed the forehead of his youngest granddaughter, "Good night, Abbey."


The End



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