Title: First Time

Author: Paris

Disclaimer: Not mine, but from time to time, I pretend I have power over them

Summary: For a project of Zoey Bartlet's, the staff members recall their first time...

Author's Note: To my boys: Ed, Pete, Steve, and Mike – Best of luck!

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"Are you serious Zoey?" Josh Lyman asked.


"Josh will you just answer the question, it'll be so much easier if you can answer it and I can move on," Zoey Bartlet said a little anxious.


"Stop giving her a hard time," Josh's assistant Donna Moss instructed.


"Who asked you to even be here?" Josh shot.


"Come on, Josh," Zoey pleaded.


"All right," Josh Lyman shot a look to Donna and took a deep breath. "I was nervous." He paused. "My dad and I had been discussing it since I was little. I mean, I knew what I was doing, but I was still in high school. I was the first one in my group of friends to do it."


"Really?" Zoey asked. "Did you talk about it with your friends?"


"Oh, we talked about it." Josh said. "I was so afraid I'd do something wrong. I kept having nightmares that I'd put my hands in the wrong place and then it would be all over.  At first I just stood there, staring. Finally I got the nerve to go through with it. It was so exhilarating while it happened. I walked around for a week thinking I was the king of the world. To think, I almost chickened out my first time."


"Thanks, Josh," Zoey said and moved on to her next interviewer, Donna Moss who was sitting there listening to Josh trying not to laugh.


"I, too, was a senior in high school, Zoey," Donna started out. "He was local. He was older, but a complete charmer. I guess I really hadn't done enough for him. Afterwards, I felt terrible. I felt insignificant, like I didn't matter in the big picture. I was completely disillusioned, but that changed later on."


"I'm glad it did," Josh said with a chuckle.


"Shut up, Josh," Zoey and Donna shot out in unison.

"Well, thank you, Donna," Zoey told her.

"It's over. Things have changed," Donna smiled. "Have fun with the rest of your research.

"Thanks, both of you," Zoey said.


"Hey Zoey," CJ Cregg invited Zoey into her office. "So, about your project. I am a little embarrassed to share my answer. But alas, I was in college. I was pressured into it. My boyfriend was really active and he thought I should be too. I did some stuff with him before, but this was for real. I am really glad that it happened, though. He opened me up to a whole new world. He dumped me a week later. I got over it, though. I still love the whole experience."


Zoey Bartlet flashed a smile, "Thank you, CJ."


"Anytime, Zoey," she said.


"Hey Mom," said walking to the First Lady's office.


"Hello, baby girl," Abbigail Bartlet got up from her desk and gave her youngest daughter a hug. "I was told that you are working on a project and wanted my answer for your collection."


"Yes, if you don't mind," Zoey smiled taking a chair in front of her mother's desk.


"My first was your father," Abbigail Bartlet confessed at her daughter who looked shocked. "I mean, I was married to the man. I loved him."


"Not before then, Mom?" Zoey didn't understand.


"You know your grandparents, I mean, we never talked about it in my home. You're father was experienced and saw the whole thing in a completely different light. I put it off as long as I could, but he was persistent," Abbey Bartlet purged. "You're laughing aren't you?"


"No, Mom," Zoey looked up from her note take. "I find it romantic. Thanks."


"Good bye, baby," Abbey said to her exiting daughter. "I love you."


"Uncle Leo?" Zoey said tentatively as she entered her godfather's office.


"Hey Zoey," Leo embraced the girl and kissed her on the forehead. "How's school?"


"Good," Zoey answered. "Margaret said you'd answer the question for my project."


"Yeah, I know," Leo said.


"And?" Zoey said sitting down with her pen and paper.


Leo took a deep breath after he sat down. "I was over seas in the service for my first time, it seemed so cold and impersonal. I felt almost as if it didn't matter. I was young and angry. Everyone around me was doing it, I guess I just wanted to be part of the gang. It was totally different when I was home. The whole action is meaningful. Completely different from my first time. Did that help?"


"Yeah, Uncle Leo, thanks a lot," Zoey said.

"Good luck with the rest of the staff."


"Hey, Toby, do you have a minute?" Zoey asked after ducking her head into his office.


"Is this about your project?" He asked.

"Yes," she answered.

"Sure, CJ told me about it. I think it's really interesting," Toby told her as he leaned against his desk.


"You have to understand that my sisters were older than me," Toby explained. "They were completely into that kind of stuff in the late 60s and early 70s.  As funny as it sounds, they loaded me up with pamphlets and tons and tons of information for my first time. It was kind of strange for me, because I felt that I really knew what I was doing. So many people aren't sure about it or have no idea what to do, but there I was. It was a complete rush."


"Wow, Toby," Zoey said.

"I know, strange. Whose sisters help them with that?" Toby asked rhetorically.


"No, Toby, I think it's cool."

"Thanks, Zoey." Toby said.


"No, thank you," Zoey said and ventured onward to Toby's deputy.


"Hey Zoey. CJ warned me that you might be dropping by," Sam told her as she entered his office.


"You don't mind, do you?" Zoey asked.


"Not really. I mean, it's in the past, isn't it?" Sam said.


"Yeah, it is," Zoey agreed.



"Right, so," Sam began. "My first time was rather quick, clumsy. I was a senior in high school. It left me unsatisfied. One, two, three, it was done and I was out of there."


"Okay," Zoey said.


"Sorry to disappoint you," Sam said.


"No, you didn't," Zoey said. "I just assume from you there'd have been more passion from you, Sam."


"There really wasn't anything to get passionate about. I really wasn't into the whole thing yet. That happened when I was in college. It was completely different then. It was refreshing, I became full of fire. It was in college when it really became my thing," Sam explained.


"Ah, I see," Zoey told him. "Well, thanks, Sam."


"Anytime, Zoey." He said and smiled thinking about his college days.


"Hey Charlie," Zoey said to her boyfriend who was at his desk in front of the Oval Office. "Is my dad in?"


"He said he'll be with you in a minute," Charlie answered.


"Do you want to answer my question?" Zoey said in a flirtatious manner.


"No," Charlie said.

"Come on, please?" Zoey asked.


"I really don't want to, Zoey," Charlie told her.


"Please?"  Zoey asked again.


"When you are done talking with your dad," Charlie said.


"Okay," Zoey agreed.


With that the door to the Oval Office opened. "Hey Zoey," Josiah Bartlet said embracing his daughter. "So you want me to answer this question of yours that you've been plaguing my staff with?"


"Yes, please," Zoey said a little nervous.


"Have you asked your mother about her answer?" he asked.

"Yes, I did," she said.


"And what did she say?" He badgered.


"I can't tell you," Zoey answered.


"Oh, I know what her answer was, I just wanted to see what you thought about it," he told her.


"Oh, no, dad, I am in the investigator not you," Zoey answered. "You're stalling now."


"So, I am. I can't stall a little to talk to a daughter I don't see enough?" Jed Bartlet said with a laugh.


"Dad," Zoey said. "Can you just answer the question. Josh was the only other person that was this difficult, do you really want to shadow Josh?"

"Now, Josh Lyman is a very smart young man-," Jed Bartlet was cut off.


"Dad!" Zoey said impatiently.


"I'm your father and when we talk about these things I am supposed to be difficult," he said. After a pause, he began. "My convictions were clear. I knew what I wanted. I was young, a senior in high school, but when I did it I did it with confidence. I hammed it up a bit. You know, dragging it out --,"


"Dad!" Zoey scolded.


"I did. It lasted longer than I expected. I was just reviling in the moment. All the while I was thinking about how it would piss off my father. When I saw him afterwards, he could read the expression on my face. He knew I had disgraced him and his conservatism."


"Dad," Zoey said with a laugh. "I can't believe you."


"It's the truth, what can I say, Zoey, your father did it to rebel. Well, you got your answer."


"Yes, I did. Thanks, Dad," Zoey said hugging her father before she left.


"So Charlie, tell me," Zoey said after exiting the Oval Office.


"It was two years ago," Charlie started feeling extraordinarily embarrassed, "with you. Remember after the shooting?"


"I do," she said recollecting.  "It's sweet," she smiled. "It was my first time too, but I had no idea."


"Yeah, I had never found a reason to, but after the shooting, you know," Charlie said.

"I understand," Zoey said while hugging Charlie and giving him a kiss on the cheek.


Later that day, Zoey compiled her notes. Her finishing touches were to put at title to her project:  White House Movers and Shakers Share Their First Experiences of Voting.



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