His World Turned Upside Down

Subject: Sam's ex-fiancée comes back to town, just as his relationship with Mallory is heating up.

Author's Note: This takes place after ITSOTGM. No Ainsley Hayes, it's not that I don't like her, but she just didn't fit in this story. Also, I am debating whether or not I want to continue this story as a series, let me know what you think. Comments are more than welcomed.

Disclaimer: Only the characters Stephen and Tyler belong to me, the rest belong to Aaron Sorkin and NBC studios. This writing is purely for entertainment purposes and no money is being made.

Dedication: This is for Mike, the closeted hopeless romantic.


"No, it's okay Mallory, I understand," Sam Seaborn said into the telephone as he was eating his lunch. "Really, it's okay. I understand that the school board meeting was changed. These things happen. We'll just reschedule." Sam looked up to see Leo McGarry in the doorway of his office. "Look, Mal, I've got to go. I'll call you later, though. Bye."

"I see the United States Government is paying you to talk on the telephone with my daughter," Leo commented to Sam.

"She just cancelled the date we were supposed to go on tonight," Sam explained his boss and girlfriend's father.

"You've been spending a lot of time with Mallory recently," Leo looked at the young man with a warning eye.

"Yes," Sam admitted. "Since the shooting, we've have been getting a lot closer." "I don't want to know," Leo stopped Sam from going into anymore detail about their relationship. "I am just warning you Sam, you do anything to hurt my daughter I have the right to kill you and then fire your ass."

"Leo-," Sam began to speak up.

"I know I can't do it in that order so don't even try to tell me," Leo grunted. "Also, Sam keep in mind, the United States Army, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard work for Mallory's godfather."

"Thanks Leo," Sam said nervously. "I'll keep that in mind. Did you need anything?"

"What?" Leo looked confused.

"I was on the phone, and you were standing in my doorway," Sam explained. "I thought maybe you needed something from me."

A smile formed on Leo's face, "No, I just wanted to give you a fair warning before you get serious with my daughter, my one and only baby girl."

"Thank you again, Leo, but if you don't mind I'd like to get back to my turkey on rye," Sam said of his interrupted lunch.

"Of course," Leo said and proceeded down the hall.

"Sam," Kathy called.

"Yeah," Sam said going back to his lunch.

"A woman is here to see you," Sam's secretary told him. "Josh vouched for her on his way out to lunch, so she's coming in to see you."

"Now?" Sam asked but it was too late, Kathy had already left. Sam took a large gulp of his water just as an attractive woman with soft brown hair and bright emerald eyes walked in.

"Sam," she sighed.

Sam was absolutely shocked at the woman in his doorway and began to choke on his water. When he finally did cough, water came spewing out of his mouth, "Lisa?" He asked once he gained his composure.

"A simple hello would have been greeting enough," she said in good humor, "You didn't need to give me a shower."

"Lisa," Sam looked at the woman he had loved for so many years. "When did you get here?"

"Two months next week," she told him casually.

"Two months?" Sam looked stunned. "Two months? You mean you live here?"

"Yes, Sam I do live here," Lisa answered.

As Lisa finished, Toby Ziegler stormed into Sam's office, "Sam I need the President's speech for tonight," Toby growled.

"It's just about finished," Sam said.

"I need the speech now," Toby said.

"I'll get it to you in a few minutes," Sam promised Toby.

"All right," Toby grumbled. As he walked out of Sam's office he looked at Lisa and mumbled something inaudible.

"You left your firm for that?" Lisa asked of Toby.

"That was Toby Ziegler, our director of communications. He's just in a bad mood today. He may seem gruff and unkind, but he's not always," Sam defended Toby.

"Okay," Lisa looked at Sam suspiciously.

"You wanted nothing to do with Washington, D.C. three years ago, why the change now?" Sam asked accusingly.

"Things change, Sam," Lisa told him.

"What happened to your partnership?" Sam asked of the law firm that had his fiancée stay in New York instead of leaving for DC with him.

"We started a firm in Washington, and they sent me down. I have shorter hours and can do a lot of my work from home. Because of certain circumstances, it was really the best thing for me," Lisa said.

"Why did it take so long for you to come and find me?" Sam asked. "Everyone in the country knows where I work."

"I was afraid Sam," Lisa said. "It took me this long to gain enough nerve. I was the one that ended it Sam. It was me, not you. I was the one that said no to coming with you. I was the one that said that I wanted nothing to do with politics or Washington. I stayed for my job."

Sam was still taken by surprised that a woman he hadn't heard for in three years was suddenly in his office. "My dinner plans were cancelled tonight," Sam told Lisa, "Can I take you out tonight?"

Lisa thought for a moment.

"It would just be old friends catching up," Sam explained thinking of Mallory.

"That would be nice, Sam," Lisa let a smile spread across her face. She picked up a piece of paper from a note pad on Sam's desk and scribbled something on it. "Here's my address and my phone number."

"How's six thirty?" Sam asked.

"Sounds good to me," Lisa answered. "I'll see you then, Sam."

"Yeah," Sam said as she left the office.

Josh walked into Sam's office when he returned from lunch, "Sam, what was up with that?"

"Lisa moved to Washington," Sam told his best friend.

"Isn't that why you two broke it off?" Josh asked.

"Something like that," Sam said. "I am taking her out to dinner tonight."

"Wait," Josh stuttered, "What about you and Mallory? I thought things were getting serious between you two, since the shooting."

"I am just taking Lisa out to dinner to catch up. That's all the time I want to spend with her. I have moved on," Sam said trying to convince both people in the room.

"All right," Josh said. "Just remember what you have with Mallory, before you do anything stupid with Lisa."

"Thanks for the support, Josh," Sam said with sarcasm. "But, you really aren't the one to be giving relationship advice, Mr. I am dating my assistant, now are you?"

Josh blushed at the mention of his relationship with his secretary Donna Moss. The two had gotten together while Donna oversaw Josh's recovery. "Later man."

"Bye Josh."



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