When Sam got home that night the first call he made was to his parents. The conversation went well. Sam's mother was overjoyed at the thought of a grandchild, despite Sam's father's initial thought that Sam was skipping out on responsibility. Once Sam explained to them both he didn't know until that day, they were more understanding. He told them that he wanted to gain partial custody for his son, and both of the Seaborns were accepting of the situation.

When Sam finished the conversation with his parents he thought a moment, and realized that his next call should be to the White House' Press Secretary. He had forgotten to call CJ during potential PR problems and had suffered greatly for those mistakes. Sam truly believed that Lisa was not up to anything, and wouldn't cause any problems for the White House, but he might as well make a call to CJ.

"Hello?" A half-asleep CJ Cregg answered the phone.

"CJ?" Sam asked unsure of the voice that answered the phone. The grogginess made CJ sound abnormal. "It's Sam."

"It's also well past midnight, Sam," CJ said annoyed. "What happened? Another prostitute?"

"CJ, she wasn't a prostitute, she was a highly priced call girl," Sam retorted.

"This one or Laurie?" CJ asked.

"There is no this one," Sam shot out.

"Then why the heck are you calling me this late Samuel?" CJ asked angrily.

"This may not be news," Sam started. "I am not sure, but I wanted you to know just in case."

"Sam," CJ sighed. "If it's not news than why are you calling me?"

"CJ, I have a son," Sam blurted out.

"What?" CJ screamed into her receiver. "Of all the stupid moronic things you have done, Sam this one may win."

"It's not like that," Sam told the press secretary, who instantly thought that he had been sleeping around.

"No?" CJ asked not convinced.

"CJ," Sam tried to have her focus. "Before I left to work on the Bartlet campaign I was engaged to a woman named Lisa. We broke it off, because she didn't want to be anywhere near politics or Washington, DC. My son wasn't conceived during a drunken one-night stand, CJ. He was brought into this world, because at one time I truly loved his mother."

"How long have you known?" CJ asked.

"I just found out tonight," Sam answered. "Lisa has moved to Washington, because her law firm is branching out. She came to see me this morning and at dinner tonight, she dropped the bombshell."

"What's his name?" CJ stopped being the press secretary and began being the friend that she was sure Sam needed right now.

"Tyler," Sam said with a bit of a chuckle. "Tyler Samuel Seaborn. He's just a little over two. He's got dark hair and bright blue eyes."

"You sound happy," CJ commented.

"I am," Sam said. "I think. I'm just saying, I knew I wanted children eventually, but it just surprised me."

"I can understand, Sam," CJ said. "It's really going to change your life."

"Yeah," Sam sighed. "I want to be a part of Tyler's life, and I am going to see about my rights as his father, but I am at this place with Mallory. We are finally somewhere. You know, we were just dating aimlessly for awhile, but since the shooting, we've had a direction. We're finally getting serious, and we don't need this."

"You are worried about Mallory not accepting your son?" CJ asked.

"Yeah," Sam admitted.

"She's a teacher. She loves children," CJ tried to reassure him.

"I can't tell her yet," Sam said. "In fact, I can't tell anyone until I figure this all out."

"Unless it comes out in the press room, you have my word that I won't say anything," CJ promised.

"Thanks, CJ," Sam said.

"If there is anything that I can do to help," CJ told Sam, "Let me know, okay?"

"Sure," Sam said. "Good night CJ."

"Good night Sam," CJ hung up the phone and went back to sleep.

"Sam," Josh called from outside of the Deputy Director of Communication's office. "We needed to be at a staff meeting two minutes ago. Leo will kill us."

"He's on the phone with his lawyer," Kathy told Josh.

"What?" Josh asked. "That's the fourth time he's been on with his lawyer this morning. What's going on?"

"I honestly don't know," Kathy told him.

"I'm going in," Josh said as he pushed open the door to his best friend's office.

"I want to know what kind of odds," Sam said into the phone. "I'm saying court decisions from the last few years, and I want to know what happens when you speak to her lawyers. I'll talk to you later."

"Sam?" Josh asked when his best friend hung up the phone.

"Josh?" Sam was surprised when he looked up. "How long have you been standing there?"

"Long enough to know you have a problem," Josh answered, "But not long enough to know what it is. Sam, what's going on?"

"Nothing is going on," Sam answered.

"That was the fourth time you were on the phone with your lawyer this morning, but nothing's wrong?" Josh asked skeptically.

"Aren't we late for a senior staff meeting?" Sam changed the subject.

"Yeah," Josh answered.

"Well, let's get a move on, I really can't afford Leo to be on my case," Sam said as he and Josh exited his office.

"It was nice of you two to show up at your leisure," Leo commented as Sam and Josh walked in.

"Sorry Leo," Sam said with actual remorse.

"Sam was on the phone with his lawyer," Josh shared with the group. "For the fourth time this morning."

"Is there something going on?" President Bartlet asked the younger man.

"It's not a big deal," Sam said trying to get away from the attention.

"Are you sure Sam?" The President asked with concern.

"Everything will be fine," Sam assured the group.

"I am sure Sam can handle it," CJ joined in to support Sam.

"Why are you so sure of this?" Josh asked harshly.

"I just am," CJ said.

"Sam have you run your situation by CJ, just in case the press gets a hold of it?" Leo asked.

"It won't be a story, but I have," Sam answered.

"Well, that's why CJ is defending him," Josh pouted. "She already knows. Sir, can't you put out a presidential mandate or something to have Sam tell us?"

The Jed Bartlet gave Josh a strange look and decided to use his own strategy, "If Sam has a problem and he thinks that he can handle it by himself, well then that's his own business, but there is a room full of people who care enough about him I am sure they would help him."

As the President spoke, CJ gave Sam a comforting smile as if she were suggesting he tell them.

"Last night," Sam started, "I discovered I have a son."

"What?" Josh asked.

"It wasn't that hooker was it?" Toby Ziegler asked dryly.

"What did you say?" Leo asked with his daughter's interests in mind.

"Why don't we let the boy speak?" President Bartlet interjected.

"Before I left for the Bartlet campaign, I was engaged to be married," Sam explained for those in the room who did not know about Lisa. "When I decided to leave New York to go into politics, Lisa broke up with me saying that she didn't want to be around politics and she couldn't possibly give up her partnership at her law firm. Our son Tyler was born nine months after my departure. Lisa knew how I was living out my dream by being a part of the campaign and now part of the Senior Staff. She didn't want me to resent her or my son for ending my dream so she kept it a secret until yesterday, when I had dinner with her. You see, Lisa's firm opened an office in Washington and she was a part of the transfer."

"I had no idea what you left in order to come and work for me," Jed Bartlet said to Sam.

"I have been on the phone with my lawyer trying to work out a custody plan with Lisa and her lawyers. I want to be a part of my sons life," Sam shared with the group.

"If you need anything," the President said, "I know I speak for all of us when I say we are behind you one hundred percent."

"Thank you sir," Sam said. "That means a lot."

After a moment of silence for everyone to let news sink in, Sam spoke up again, "Leo, can you do me a favor and not tell Mallory? I want to be the one to tell her."

"Sure Sam," Leo said. "Now on to business."



His World Turned Upside Down - 4




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