Sister Act
By Paris

Author's note: All of the characters belong to NBC, yadda, yadda, except for 
Amy. She's mine. Let me know what you think!

Amy Jo Cregg was grateful when she boarded the plane to Washington, 
D.C. She could put the last few years behind her and she could finally leave 
the 'nest.' Amy, going on her fourth year of law school couldn't wait to 
leave California, Stanford, her parents, and Will, her ex-fiancé. 
Washington would be a new adventure. Georgetown, where she would 
finish law school would be a new adventure. And living with her sister would 
be a new adventure. She was excited and couldn't wait.
The plane ride seemed endless. After her peanuts, she paged through 
a new magazine, but she could not sit still. It had been almost two years 
since Amy had last seen her sister. They had stayed close despite the 
mileage and the age difference. Her sister, CJ was her hero. She was 
successful, intelligent, beautiful, and worked for the President of the 
United States of America.
When the plane finally landed in Washington after what seemed like an 
eternity, Amy gathered her things and walked to the terminal. She scanned 
the people and found the smiling face of her sister, Claudia Jean.
"Amy," CJ gushed as her younger sister ran into her open arms. "How 
are you? How was the flight?"
"Better, great, I missed you!" Amy answered her sister.
"I am so glad to see you!" CJ told her sister, as they walked to the 
baggage claim area. "The boxes that you shipped arrived yesterday."
"Really? That's great!" Amy said.
"I'm afraid I won't be much fun until the weekend," CJ sighed. " I 
have to work today and tomorrow. I took an early lunch that's how I am here 
now. I promise we can see the sights and do what you want over the weekend. 
You don't start classes for another week, right?"
"Right," Amy replied. Then noticing her sister's face full of 
remorse, "Claud, it's really okay. I totally understand."
"You're more than welcome to just hang out in the apartment or go 
sightseeing on your own, unless you want to tag along with me to work."
"In the White House?" Amy asked in amazement. "Really? Could I?"
"If that's what you want," CJ said. "Sure."
"I'd love to!" Amy smiled. "And I'd get to meet the people you write 
about, and that guy that you like."
"Well, we'll see about that," CJ said a little cautiously wen it came 
to her personal life. "We have a staff meeting a little later in the day. As 
long as we're not talking about sensitive national security, I am sure you 
could sit in or at least meet President Bartlet."
"Meet the President?" Amy was in awe. "What's he like?"
"President Bartlet is a very nice man, a little nerdy, but nice. He 
has a strong fatherly side to him," CJ said of her boss. "Speaking of that, 
you'll have to meet Zoey, she is an undergrad at Georgetown."
The two had gotten Amy's large suitcases off the carrousel, and were 
heading to CJ's car. "If you don't mind, we'll go straight to the office. I 
have a press conference I should get ready for."
"No problem," Amy smiled.
"So what happened with you and Will? I thought that you would end up 
married before me," CJ said of Amy's recent break up with her fiancé.
"It was funny," Amy recalled. "He and I had been together since the 
beginning of law school and friends since our first year at Stanford. I 
thought he could have been the one. He apparently felt the same way. At 
Christmas he gave me a gorgeous ring. But by spring we were both getting 
distant and I am not exactly sure why. We just grew apart. We became 
different people. He told me he needs more space, and I gave it to him. By 
Spring Break, he told me he needed more space, and that was that. I gave him 
his ring back and we were over. I later found out he was dating someone 
"Oh, Amy," CJ sympathized as they walked into the White House. "Mom 
and Dad seemed to be under the impression that you were going to go off and 
become a nun."
Amy laughed. "Not a nun. I've worked too hard to become a lawyer to 
quit now, and Will won't be the reason I quit. But I might ward off men for 
awhile." Amy said as Sam Seaborn and Josh Lyman approached the Cregg sisters. 
"Although, things change," eyeing up both men.
"Hey CJ," Sam flashed a smile.
"Who is this?" Josh asked.
"Amy," CJ said to her younger sister. "This Sam Seaborn, our Deputy 
Chief of Communications, and this is Josh Lyman, our Deputy Chief of Staff. 
Sam, Josh, this is my baby sister, Amy." CJ emphasized the 'baby.'
"Nice to meet you," Sam caught the warning in CJ's tone and facial 
"Hey Amy, welcome to the White House," Josh said shaking Amy's hand 
smiling. "Nice to meet you."
"It's nice to meet you, too, Josh," Amy said appreciating Josh's 
"Come on Amy," CJ said trying to get the two apart. "We still have 
people to meet and I have to get to my office before the press conference."
As they walked out of earshot of the two Amy said, "You never told me 
how cut the guys in your office are."
"Amy, those two are nothing but trouble," CJ warned an already 
smitten Amy.
"Hello CJ," Leo McGarry said as he brushed past.
"Hi Leo," CJ said. "I'd like you to meet my sister, Amy. Amy this 
is Leo McGarry, our Chief of Staff.
"Nice to meet you, Amy," Leo shook her hand and was off.
They finally managed to make it to CJ's office. 
"So which one was the one you've been writing about?" Amy inquired. 
"The one that you might be falling in love with?"
CJ tensed. "You haven't met everyone yet."
"It was Josh, wasn't it?" Amy smiled. "Or was it Sam? They were both 
cute. It wasn't the older one, Leo, was it?"
"Amy," CJ said a bit annoyed, "You haven't met him yet."
"Once I do, will you let me know?" Amy asked. 
"We'll see," CJ answered as she gathered her things for the press 
"You're no fun!" Amy told her.
"You want to come to the press conference or stay here and count the 
number of reasons why I am no fun?" CJ asked her sister.
"I'll come with you," Amy replied. As she followed CJ to the press 
"Hello Toby," CJ said as they passed the bearded Director of 
"CJ," Toby nodded.
"Toby, I'd like you to meet my sister. Amy, this is Toby Ziegler."
"Hi," Amy said shaking Toby's hand.
"Was that him?" Amy asked as they approached the pressroom. 
CJ just gave Amy a look. 
Amy stood off to the side when CJ got up to the podium. "Good 
afternoon to you all," CJ said with a cheery disposition. Amy watched in awe 
as her sister spoke to the room of reporters. She was poised and even joked 
with them.
"Hey Amy," Josh Lyman came up behind her.
"Hi Josh," she smiled.
"How do you like Washington so far?" 
"It's really great, but I've only been here long enough to see the 
White House," Amy said. Although, she was not disappointed in the least.
"So I was wondering," Josh started. "You know if you wanted to, I 
could take you to dinner and show you around. The monuments are really great 
at night."
"I'd love to Josh," Amy said. "I'll have to check in with CJ, first."
"What are you doing tonight?" He asked.
"Well, I was going to start unpacking, but I can live out of boxes 
for another day," Amy was pleased with the invitation from handsome Josh 
"I'll catch you later to talk about a time," Josh said as he headed 
towards his office."
"There will be no more questions, Danny," CJ emphasized the 'Danny' 
in a playful manner. "We'll have another briefing at four. I will see you 
all then."
"You were great!" Amy said in admiration, as the Cregg sisters walked 
back to CJ's office. 
"CJ," her secretary said, "Danny Concanon's in your office."
"Thanks," CJ sighed as they headed in the office. "Hello Daniel. I 
don't understand why my staff likes you so much."
"I'm a nice guy," the red-headed journalist flashed a cheesy smile to 
"What is it that you want?" CJ said. Despite the tone in her voice, 
Amy could tell without a doubt that Danny was the one CJ had written about. 
CJ seemed to smile a little more with the man in the room and even with her 
professionalism in the pressroom, Amy couldn't help to notice CJ seemed to 
flirt with the bearded redhead.
"I came to check on my fish," Danny said. This was the clue that set 
Amy off. CJ had mentioned the fish named Gail that she treasured, because the 
man she thought she might be in love with gave it to her.
"Danny, you gave me the fish," CJ protested the excuse for his visit. 
"I can take care of it."
"Oh yeah," Danny said remembering something else. "Since we were 
talking about what a nice guy I am, I thought that maybe you'd like to go out 
with me, maybe dinner tonight. I like Chinese, Italian, Steak, I am not 
longer crazy for fish, but if that's what you want, I'm game."
"Danny," CJ sighed. "No, first of all my sister has just moved in and 
I had a special dinner planned."
"CJ," Amy spoke up. "Don't worry about me. Josh offered to take me 
out and show me the city. Go have fun."
"You must be CJ's sister, Amy," Danny said somewhat hurt at the lack 
of introduction. "I'm Danny Concanon. I can see beauty runs in the family."
"Thank you," Amy smiled.
"Amy, I don't think dinner with Josh is a good idea, but we'll talk 
about that in a minute," CJ told her sister.
"It doesn't matter. Have dinner with Danny," Amy encouraged, 
"You'll have plenty of chances to cook me dinner."
"I like her," Danny told CJ.
CJ shot Amy a look and then smiled. Amy had picked up on her 
sister-telepathy. She understood CJ's feelings about Danny, but this 
wouldn't stop a lecture from happening later. "Yes, Daniel, I'll have dinner 
with you."
"What?" Danny asked. He has been shot down so many times he didn't 
know what being said yes to meant, except when it came to a work related 
dinner with CJ.
"You heard me," CJ smiled. "I won't tell you again. You can pick me 
up at seven."
"I'll be there with bells on," Danny assured.
"Be there, but skip the bells," CJ pleaded.
"All right," Danny said. He kissed CJ on the cheek and left the 
"Amy Jo!" CJ screeched. "What was that?"
"Danny's the one, isn't he?" Amy answered with a question.
"You'd feel pretty stupid if he wasn't," CJ said.
"But he is, so it doesn't matter," Amy told her.
"That's not the point," CJ started. 
"See I was right!" Amy outwitted her sister. "You wouldn't have done 
that without me. CJ it's just like you and every other guy. You lead them 
on and then you lead them out. But you're happy and you are finally going 
out with Danny."
"Amy," CJ said. "That's not the point! Danny and I don't need 
meddling, our lives our complicated enough. If you hadn't noticed, Danny is 
a member of the press, and I am the President's press secretary!"
"CJ," Amy smiled. "You like him a lot and you needed to make that 
leap. I just helped you."
"All right," CJ said. "And thank you. We're not done talking, yet. 
But I have to go to a staff meeting. You can join me if you'd like."
"Okay," Amy said. "Look CJ, I am sorry if I stepped over a boundary."
"It's okay, Amy," CJ hugged her little sister. "Come on and I'll 
introduce you to the President."
The two walked into the Oval Office, "No Leo, no! That is not what I 
said. You've just twisted my words," President Bartlet yelled.
"I'm sorry, sir," Leo tried to help himself from laughing, "You did say you'd 
rather eat dog than Mrs. Bartlet's meatloaf."
"No, Leo," The President said. "I told you I'd rather have a dog eat 
Mrs. Bartlet's meatloaf."
"Boys," CJ stepped into the strange argument. "As long as President 
Bartlet doesn't let the public know he enjoys dog meat, and Mrs. Bartlet 
doesn't find out about the President's dislike to her cooking, we'll all be 
"Well, hello there, CJ," President Bartlet smiled.
"Hi CJ," Leo said.
"Mr. President, I'd like you to meet my sister, Amy. She is moving 
in with me from California."
"Well, hello, Amy," President Bartlet welcomed her warmly and offered 
a hand. "I am Josiah Bartlet, welcome to Washington, D.C. and the White 
"Thank you, sir," Amy said a bit star struck.
"Sam, Josh, Toby," President Bartlet said as the three men walked in. 
"It's lovely of you to show up."
"Sorry, sir," Toby apologized. "These two knuckleheads were trying 
to teach me something about the internet."
"Hasn't anyone told you boys, you can't teach an old dog new tricks?" 
The President joked.
"Sorry sir," Sam apologized.
"Hello Sir, Leo, CJ, Amy," Josh greeted them despite his tardiness.
"Well, since we were delayed fifteen minutes," Leo said, "Can we 
finally start?"
"Of course," Sam gave Leo permission.
The meeting went on and on. CJ caught Amy staring dreamily at Josh 
and a few times Josh would look up and smile at the younger Cregg sister.
"I guess that's it," Leo said. "CJ is everything in order for you 
next briefing?"
"Yes," she assured him. "Everything's right here." She tapped her 
"Joshua," CJ said somewhat sternly, "I'll see you in my office."
"Somebody's in trouble," Sam taunted.
"What's up?" Josh asked when he and CJ were in her office. Amy was 
getting a tour of the White House from Charlie.
"What's up?" CJ asked, her tone of voice was harsh. "What's up, Josh? 
You just asked my little sister out! That's what's up."
"CJ, come on, Amy's a big girl. She's an adult and can make her own 
decisions," Josh defended the young woman.
"Did you think that I might have had plans with her?" CJ asked.
"Well," Josh was somewhat stumped. "She said she would check."
"I had dinner planned for tonight, Josh. I was going to make her 
favorite, spaghetti and meatballs, just like our mom makes it," CJ started. 
"This weekend I was going to take her touring to see all the things we take 
for granted, because we live here."
"So this isn't about me?" Josh asked. "This is about you."
"No, its about you, but I haven't gotten to you, yet," CJ told Josh.
"Oh, boy, I can't wait." Josh smiled. "If it was about the timing, I 
could reschedule."
"The timing doesn't matter," CJ spit out, "Amy got me going to a 
thing, tonight, anyway."
"A thing?" Josh questioned the glow on his friend's face.
"Yeah, a thing, but we're not here talking about my thing. We're here 
talking about how you and my sister is not going to happen!"
"May I ask a question?" Josh asked.
"No!" CJ shot. "Listen, Amy has just had a really bad break up with 
her fiancé, and that's why she moved here. So she could finish law school at 
Georgetown. She doesn't need a guy like you-," CJ was cut off.
"A guy like me, CJ?" Josh yelled. "What kind of guy would that be? A 
guy that works for the President? A guy in politics? A Jewish guy? A Harvard 
guy? A Yale guy? An older guy?"
"No, Josh," CJ screamed to stop him, because he would have gone on. 
"A guy that goes through girlfriends like they are tissues-uses them and then 
disposes them!"
"CJ, that's not true and you know it!" Josh retaliated. "I had a bad 
relationship with Mandy, and she is bitter about it," Josh explained. "I 
haven't been with anyone since then, and I was only with a few women 
seriously before her."
"I am sorry Josh," CJ said now regretting what she had said. "That 
was unfair. I don't want Amy to get hurt, again. You aren't what she needs 
right now. You are older and more experienced, and she already adores you. 
It would kill her if you broke up. So I have to tell you, no, you can't see 
my sister. I know you too well and I promised my parents I'd look after Amy."
Josh was out the door. As he walked down the hall he ran into Amy. 
"What time tonight?" She asked.
"Look, we can't go out to night," Josh told her.
"Okay, we can do it some other time," Amy suggested.
"No," Josh said breaking it to her. Despite the fact he was truly 
interested in Amy, he didn't want to ruin the trust that he earned from CJ. 
"We can't." Before she could ask any questions he headed down the hall."
"CJ," Amy stormed in, "What did you say to him?"
"What?" CJ tried to cover up what she had done. 
"Look," Amy said. "It may work to play dumb with the reporters, but 
it won't work with me Claudia Jean. I know you too well. What did you say to 
Josh? Did you tell him to back off, because he was in the hall and seemed to 
flee from me like I had the plague."
"All right, Amy," CJ confessed. "I did tell Josh to back off, but it 
was only for your own good."
"CJ, look," Amy screamed. "I am an adult. I can date whom I please. 
I can make my own mistakes. I left California, because I couldn't stand Mom 
and Dad comparing me to you! You must be as perfect as they say! They 
certainly think you are. 'Amy why can't you be more like you sister?' 'Your 
sister has a great job with the President.' 'Your sister was never engaged 
and then broke it off.' 'Amy, why couldn't you have gotten accepted into 
Berkeley, like your sister?' You know what Claud? I did get accepted to 
Berkeley, but I never told anyone, because I wanted to be my own person. 
Instead of being my sister, my sister, my sister!" Amy burst into tears.
"Amy," CJ said astonished at the Berkeley comment. Then she said, "I 
know you are upset right now, but you'll thank me later." CJ still stood 
firmly on her thought that her sister and Josh should not be together.
"Do me a favor, CJ," Amy looked at her sister, "Relationships are 
going to be hard enough for awhile, until I get over Will. I don't need your 
"Meddling?" CJ asked. "What do you call what you did this morning to 
me and Danny?"
"I won't deny my meddling," Amy pointed out, "You can't deny that you 
were grateful!"
"Amy-," CJ started.
"No!" Amy screamed. "You can't deny it!"
"All right," CJ agreed. "Thank you, but you'll be happy about what I 
did for you later."
"CJ," Amy looked into her sister's eyes. "You don't need to play 
parent. I have two in California that I moved away from this morning. I came 
here to live with my big sister, whose role is to be supportive and to be a 
friend, NOT a baby sitter! I understand that you'll have rules at the 
apartment and I will abide by them. But CJ, I am not eight anymore. You 
don't need to hold my hand when I cross the street!"
Amy spoke the truth. She made some strong points, and she proved to 
CJ that she would become a good lawyer. CJ felt awful about what she had 
done. She had been treating Amy like she was the little girl she had been 
when CJ left home, and not the woman she had become. "You're right, Amy," CJ 
said. "And I am sorry. I guess I forgot that you've grown up a lot since I 
left home. You've even grown up in the two years we've been apart. I was 
treating you unfairly. If you want, you can date Josh. I can't stop you." 
"Oh, CJ!" Amy hugged her sister. "Thank you." 
"Just be careful," CJ warned. "He is an older guy."
"I'll be careful, if you promise not to meddle anymore Claudia Jean," 
Amy said.
"If you promise not to meddle anymore, Amy Jo," CJ smiled.
"Deal," Amy said.
"All right," CJ said picking up her things, "I have a briefing to go 
"Go!" Amy urged, "Don't let me be the reason you are late!"
"Josh, I am sorry," CJ said in the passing. "I was wrong, and I said 
a lot of hurtful things. I realized that Amy is old enough to decide whom 
she does and doesn't want to date. But so help me God, if you hurt her, I 
will kill you with my own two hands!" CJ warned. "Amy's in my office, go 
talk to her."
"Yes, ma'am!" Josh took the order. He walked to CJ's office and 
knocked on the door, "Amy?"
"Come in," the younger Cregg said
"So are we still on for tonight?" Josh asked.
"Absolutely!" Amy beamed. "I can't wait."
"So I was thinking," Josh told her, "You'll want to do the touristy 
stuff, right? How about the Hard Rock Café for dinner? Then if you are up 
for it, we can check out the monuments. They are really incredible at night."
"Sure," Amy agreed. "I'd love to."
"That still leaves the Smithsonian, and everything else in the city 
for you and a you and your sister to do," Josh said looking out for CJ's 
interests. "I'll pick you up for dinner at 6:30."
"All right, Josh," Amy agreed. "I'll see you then."

"You like Italian, don't you?" Danny badgered CJ as he followed her 
to her office after the briefing. 
"Yes, Danny, Italian's fine," CJ smiled.
"Great!" Danny grinned. "My friends own this classy Italian 
Restaurant. That is if you want to go classy. I mean we could go to a more 
casual place if you want."
"Your friend's let you into a classy restaurant?" CJ asked. "It's 
okay Danny. I'll get dressed up for dinner."
He knew she would. CJ was like that . He knew she was a very 
beautiful and chic woman, who preferred dressy events to those that required 
jeans and a tee shirt.
"Let's go home," CJ suggested to Amy when the day was nearly over. 
"If we don't leave now, there will be a national disaster and we will be 
stuck here indefinitely."
"All right," Amy smiled. "I can't wait to see your place, Claud."
"Let me feed the fish and we'll be off."
"The guest room will become your room," CJ told her sister as she 
opened the door to their large apartment. "Your boxes are in there already."
"Thanks, CJ," Amy said sincerely. "You know we can still have our 
dinner and go sightseeing this weekend."
"That's right," CJ smiled. "I have to take you to the Smithsonian of 
American History and show you Abbey Bartlet's inaugural gown."
"I can't wait," Amy said. "You were there at the Inaugural Ball, 
weren't you?"
"Yes, yes I was," CJ told her sister proudly.
The sisters reminisced as they both prepared for their dates. Amy 
chose a pair of kakhis and rummaged through her yet unpacked things for her 
favorite navy blue shirt. She pulled her reddish hair up in a clip and put 
on a pair of casual shoes.
CJ on the other hand in her perfect little black dress was hunting 
for the perfect accessory.
"Here," Amy said seeing her sister's distress. Amy opened a container 
of jewelry.
"Oh Amy, I couldn't." CJ told her sister when she handed her a strand 
of pearls. "Those were Grandma Cregg's. She gave them to you before she 
Ever since Amy was a small child, she had been in love with the 
strand of pearls of her grandmother's and the love story behind them. Their 
grandfather had given them to their grandmother on their wedding day.
"She would want you to wear them," Amy urged. "Especially on a date 
with the man that could very well become Mr. CJ Cregg."
CJ smiled. "Thank you Amy, I know how much these pearls mean to you."
"Sharing things is part of what being sisters is all about," Amy said 
as she helped CJ put the necklace on.
At that the doorbell rang. Amy opened the door to Josh Lyman, who had 
just come from the office. He had shed his sport's coat and tie. A few of 
his top shirt buttons were now open and his sleeves were rolled up. Despite 
the initial formal look of the outfit, Josh had managed to convert what he 
was wearing into the perfect casual outfit.
"Good night, CJ," Amy called. "Remember I want details! Every last 
"Right," CJ said. "Me too, well, maybe not every last detail. Have 
fun. Josh, take care of her," CJ said as she emerged from her bedroom. 
"Your thing is pretty formal tonight, huh CJ," Josh asked. 
"Yes," CJ responded. "Go! Have fun!" Amy and Josh left CJ. She used 
the next half of an hour to finish her make-up and hair and to be nervous.
Danny Concanon came to CJ's apartment neatly dressed in a suit with a bouquet 
of flowers in his hands, which gently shook due to his nerves. "CJ," Danny 
gasped at the sight of her. He was perhaps for the first time in his life 
speechless. When he regained his composure, he said, "These are for you." 
Danny handed CJ the flowers. 
"Oh Danny, their beautiful!" CJ said as she took them to the kitchen, 
where she put them in water. 
"So my friends own this restaurant in Alexandria," Danny told CJ.
"All right," CJ smiled and took his hand on the way out.

* * *
"Do you want to come in for a cup of coffee?" CJ asked Danny at the 
conclusion of the evening. The two were standing outside of CJ's apartment. 
"I am not sure when Amy and Josh are going to be back."
"No thanks," Danny declined. "First dates always end outside. It's 
my rule of thumb."
"Danny Concanon's rules of dating," CJ mocked. "It's sweet, Danny, 
really." And then there was an awkward moment between the two of them. 
"Look, I had a really great time and would love to go out with you again."
"See I told you, you should have gone out with me sooner," Danny 
"Sure, ruin the moment," CJ joked. She turned to go inside. "Good 
night, Danny."
"CJ, wait," Danny called. He took her into his arms and the two 
kissed. "Good night, CJ." He said reluctantly pulling away. He watched as 
she turned and went inside.
CJ changed out of her dress and into a pair of pajamas. As she put 
some water on to make tea she heard laughter from outside. 
"Josh," Amy said outside. "I had a really great time."
"I am glad. I did too," He smiled. "I hope I was the perfect 
gentleman, so you can report back positively to CJ."
"Oh you were," Amy laughed. "And if you promise to take me to the 
zoo, I will take you to the Holocaust Museum."
"Thanks, Amy," Josh said a little more somber. He pulled her into his 
arms and their lips met for the first time. "Good night, Amy. Don't forget 
to call me."
"All right," Amy smiled. "I'd invite you in, but big sister is 
"No problem," Josh chuckled. "Next time."
"Good night, Josh," Amy said before she walked inside, with his kiss 
still lingering on her lips. 
"How did it go?" Amy asked her sister when she walked inside.
"You want a cup of tea?" CJ offered implying there was much to tell.
"Sure," Amy agreed. The two curled up on opposite ends of the couch 
with their tea.
"Well," CJ started. "He came on time with a bouquet of really pretty 
flowers. We drove to Alexandria, because his friends own an Italian 
restaurant. We talked during the car ride down about our families, mostly. 
We got to the restaurant, and apparently Danny got the best table in the 
house, and his friends made sure everything was superior. The actual place 
was really beautiful and romantic," CJ described with a glow in her eye. 
"The lights were dim, but the restaurant was illuminated by candles which 
were absolutely everywhere!"
"Oh CJ," Amy gushed.
"The food was delicious. I had veal Parmesan and Danny had 
fettuccini Alfredo. But the meal didn't make the evening. It was the 
conversation. We talked about everything-college, jobs before the White 
House, and our dreams for after the White House. Danny told me that he 
absolute dream is to be a father and have the joy of teaching his children 
how to play baseball."
Amy laughed.
"Yeah, I know. I laughed too. A real guy reason, but he said that 
his fondest memories of his father were playing baseball with him."
"Oh how sweet," Amy said.
"When we were done with dinner, Danny and I walked around downtown, 
hand in hand. The evening was wonderful. We got back here and I invited him 
in, but he declined, something about a code that he has where the first date 
ends at the front door."
"I see he is a nice guy," Amy emphasized the nice.
"Yes, yes he is," CJ smiled. "We kissed good night, and I went 
"Oh a kiss," Amy gushed. "Where there fireworks? Was it everything 
you dreamed of?"
"Amy," CJ said not wanting to burst her sister's bubble. "Danny and I 
have kissed before."
"What?" Amy shrieked. "You never told me that!"
"I am allowed to have my own secrets," CJ smiled slyly.
"When?" Amy interrogated. "Was this a one time thing?"
"Not exactly," CJ answered. "I have had this crush on him. Right 
before the State of the Union Address, I thought that maybe if we kissed, 
everything would end, and I could move on. Boy was I wrong. He kissed me 
first. For weeks after that we would stop in the halls." 
"Oh CJ, how scandalous," Amy said sarcastically.
"How was your evening?" CJ asked. "What's in the bag?"
"The bag?" Amy said reaching inside the bag she brought home. She 
pulled out a bear from the Hard Rock Café. "Josh got me a bear. He said 
that way I have two friends, in addition to my sister in the city. It was an 
alternative to flowers. He says its because the bear won't die like flowers, 
but the truth is he didn't have a chance to buy me flowers. He came right 
from work."
"Yes," CJ said. "That's our Josh."
"We had dinner at the Hard Rock," Amy told CJ. "He was on this kick 
about doing the tourist things for me. We both had burgers and let me tell 
you the loud crowded restaurant was far from the romantic dinner you and 
Danny had, but it was fun."
CJ laughed.
"We talked a lot during dinner. About law school, jobs available for 
lawyers. I told him about Will. He opened up to me about his ex-girlfriend 
Mandy. Apparently she works in the West Wing, too."
"Yes, she does." CJ replied. She was impressed. Josh rarely talked 
about his relationship to Mandy.
"We talked about family. I told him about growing up in California, 
and he told me about Connecticut and his sister that died in a fire when he 
was young. Josh really got choked up about that."
CJ smiled. She knew that Amy had opened a door in Josh that he 
rarely let people in through. It had taken CJ some time to get Josh to open 
up about anything. She was just as happy for Josh as she was for her sister. 
"We talked about absolutely everything," Amy gushed. "He said that 
when President Bartlet is out of the White House he would either like to stay 
in politics or start a firm with Sam."
CJ laughed at the idea of Lyman and Seaborn -Attorneys of Law. 
"You know, by the time the meal was over," Amy said. "I felt like I 
had known him forever. CJ, I have never felt this way about anyone before, 
not even will."
CJ forced a smile and hoped that Amy's feelings for Josh were real 
and not because she was on the rebound from Will.
"We drove around the city," Amy continued. "He pointed every sight 
out and told me positively everything he knew about each of them."
"That's our Josh, all right," CJ told her sister. "He picks that up 
from President Bartlet. That man talks! He knows facts about everything."
"We did pass a large building and Josh said nothing. But the 
architecture interested me so I asked him about it. He told me it was the 
National Holocaust Museum. I asked if it was as interesting of a museum as 
people say it is. Josh's tone got somber and he said he didn't know. It 
surprised me that Josh, Mr. Washington, D.C. had not been in the renowned 
museum. So I asked him why not. He told me he was afraid to go alone and 
because he never found the right person to go with he never went with 
someone. Josh explained to me that his grandfather, Noah, his one true hero 
had been in a concentration camp during the Holocaust. There were a few 
uncomfortable moments in the car, but broke the silence and told him that I 
would be more than honored to take him. At that his face which had been 
ready to cry lightened up, and I held his hand."
CJ knew without a doubt from that story that Josh's intentions were 
as innocent as Amy's were. They both were looking for love and someone to 
trust. CJ knew at that moment that both Josh and Amy found that person in 
each other. 
"Josh then took me walking through the monuments and memorials. They 
were all aglow and it was a spectacular sight. As we walked Josh told me 
every last detail of the monuments, the specific President or war, and any 
other detail that he knew. When we got to the Vietnam Wall, Josh showed me 
where Mrs. Landingham's sons' names were."
This interested CJ. She knew that Mrs. Landingham's twin boys had 
died in Vietnam, but she had no idea where they were on the Wall, but 
apparently Josh did. 
"I don't know why, but CJ, I have never felt closer to anyone before. 
I certainly never had all these feelings, especially with someone I have 
just met. But I really like Josh."
"I can tell," CJ smiled. "Are you two going to go out again?"
"Well, I am going with him to the Holocaust Museum, and then he is 
going to take me to the zoo," Amy told CJ. "But my sister has to take me to 
see the First Ladies' gowns first. Just because I date Josh, doesn't mean we 
can't do everything you planned and more. Plus you are going to need your 
time with Danny, aren't you?"
"Yes," CJ smiled. "He is set on taking me to a sporting event of some 
kind. God, I wish I could remember the team's name. The Baltimore Oreos. 
That's It! Apparently Danny gets a thrill out of watching men named after 
cookies chase after some kind of ball or puck."
Amy laughed. "The Orioles, CJ, the Baltimore Orioles are a baseball 
team," Amy knew her sports. "They have had a few bad seasons, but the Iron 
Man makes the team worth something."
"The Iron Man?" CJ questioned. "Robots play baseball?"
"No CJ," Amy laughed at her sister's sports stupidity. "Cal Ripken 
Jr. is a baseball player, who has the record for most consecutive games 
played. It's his nickname, CJ! God, Danny has to be a nice to take you to a 
game. I hope he has enough patience to talk you through it."
"Josh is into sports," CJ shared. "The Washington Redskins, they're 
football aren't they?"
"Yes, CJ," Amy said. "Josh was telling me at dinner."
"He really did tell you everything, didn't he?" CJ smiled. 
"Yeah, I think so," Amy agreed.
"Amy," CJ groaned. "You know I have to get up for work tomorrow 
"No, you don't," Amy told her sister. "You won't have to get up. You 
are already up. CJ, it's quarter of five."
"Jesus, Amy," CJ swore. Then she smiled.
Amy smiled too. "This is what I wanted when I moved in. To be 
sisters, best friends. I certainly didn't want to argue like we did this 
"Amy I agree," CJ said embracing her sister. "Good morning little 
sister. I have to get ready for work. You know, I am glad that you came to 
Washington. I didn't realize how much I truly missed you."


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