TITLE: "You Literally Wrote the Book on my Wife" 1/2 

Author: Peggy S

ummary: Another Flashback to an earlier time. The Title says it. A little Abby/Jed, and Danny/CJ Disclaimer I don't own these guys. I never will....I just like to play with them now and then.

Oh Yes, Feedback, good or bad, is appreciated.

Abby Bartlet was furious. She could have been spitting bullets as she talked forcefully about her day. Her husband listened with growing aggravation at the problems she had been having "Jed," she said heatedly, "This is getting ridiculous! I cannot handle this publicity any more." Jed Bartlet nodded. "I know how you feel." He said. "No Jed, you donít! A reporter barged in on a consultation I was doing at St. Maryís hospital today. They took pictures of me with a patient. It was not only an invasion of my privacy, but also an invasion of my doctor/client relationship, and an invasion of her confidentiality. We have to DO something about this!"

Jed Bartlet groaned. "I know, I know! When I got into this race I knew we would run into some publicity hounds, but this is ridiculous." He sat back in his reading chair, and pulled his glasses off with one hand. "Iím as much in the dark as you are, Love." Bartlet He said. "I know how important your career is to you. I know how much these people mean to you". Jed sighed, and ran one hand through his hair. "AND I know that you have lost some patients because of my foray into the national spotlight."

"How did you know that?!" Abby Bartlet gasped. "I mean I have lost a few patients, but I hadnít told YOU about it." Jed smiled. "I ran into Irene Polowski a week ago, and Jane Richards yesterday. They both seemed flustered, and wanted to me to explain to you that it wasnít your fault they changed doctors. It was the, now how did Jane put it. It was the unpredictable arrival of the media." Abby looked very serious. "They waited outside the blood labs when I was getting the results of Janeís tests. She was with me. She was getting results of tests that were very serious in nature, and didnít want her husband to know about it. You know how Clem would worry. It frightened her immensely to think that she might end up as an item of news."

Jed Bartlet nodded thoughtfully. "Why donít I bring this up at tomorrowís strategy session? Maybe one of the crew can come up with a suggestion that can alleviate this problem. I have a group of good people working with me." Jed smiled. On a more positive note, I have an interview with Danny Concannon tomorrow".

Abby Bartlet smiled. "I like him." She said. "He was the first one to give you the credit you were due on this campaign." Jed nodded and continued, "You know the first time we met it was the day baby Abby was born. He was the first reporter to show an interest in anything we were about. The next morningís article in the "Post" was glowing." "Yes," Abby said. "I remember that night. I think that was the first time I knew, I mean really knew, that you were going to be president. You were brilliant at that town hall meeting."

"Whoa now." Jed Bartlett laughed. "We have a ways to go on that one. I get the newest polling results tomorrow, but right now Iím still lagging behind Hoynes." Abby looked at him pointedly. "But you think youíre going to do it." "Yes," Bartlett said. "I think I am! I know I am. CJ predicts that on this coming poll we will either tie or pass Hoynes". He gave a heavy sigh. "Abby." He said sadly. "I never thought about how much this might disrupt your life. Have you thought about what you will do if I win? I mean, how you will handle your practice?"

Abby laughed. "Well I have thought about that; especially after that town hall meeting. I already spoke with my partners in the practice about it, Jed. Well, you know last summer we had talked about taking on a new partner. We were all very impressed by Sheryl Wong when she interned at St. Maryís. We were thinking of asking her to join in a junior capacity, more of an on-call doctor with a few patients passed on to her, and the opportunity to build a practice of her own." Abby took a deep breath. "I Ďve talked to Donna and Mike about my taking a leave of absence. We have decided that weíll invite Sheryl to take over most of my caseload. There are a few patients Iíll want to keep in touch with, but I donít see how I can run a practice in New Hampshire when Iíll be living in Washington." Abby sat down. "Iíll try to get up to New Hampshire once or twice a month to keep my hand in. And I hope to have a bit of transition time with Sheryl, perhaps working together until she gets used to my people, Or until they get used to her. She is very capable, and a good doctor, but also full of the exuberance that comes with youth. Sheís a bit of a tiger." Abby Bartlett was beginning to relax now. She moved over beside her husband, grasping his hand as she continued. "Of course the understanding is that in 8 years time I will return to my practice." Jed Bartlett chuckled, and kissed her knuckles. "Very optimistic, arenít we. Youíre even planning for a second term in office." he smiled. "Of course." Abby looked into his eyes. "How can the public not help but love you the way I do." Abby continued, "In 8 years time, any of my old patients who want to come back to me will be welcome to do so, but at the same time, Sheryl will be building up a practice of her own. Mike and Donna already approached her about it, and weíre just waiting to get through the legal framework. Sheryl is very excited at this opportunity."

Jed looked thoughtful "Eight years is a long time AbbyÖwe both might be ready to retire by them." "Ha! YOU might be ready to retire, but Iíll still be a young doctor." Abby stated emphatically. Jed Bartlet smiled. "A young doctor with teenage grandchildren!" he said. Jed looked at her fondly. "Itís hard to imagine you being old enough to have grandchildren, let alone teenage ones." "Oh You!" Abby grinned back. "Flattery will get you everywhere." Jed kissed her hand again. He looked into her eyes, and said, "Iíll bring this situation up at the strategy meeting tomorrow. CJ or Josh will have some form of suggestion, Iím sure. And Toby. You know Ií m not quite sure what to make of Toby yet. The man is brilliant, but it seems hard to get to know him. Heís well, a bit, um pessimistic. And he has such a strange sense of humor" Abby looked at him and said, "And look whoís talking?" Jed grinned. "Anyways, Weíll come up with something, Abby. I know that something has to be done about this."



You Literally Wrote The Book On My Wife - 2



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