Disclaimer: Aaron Sorkin is the creative genius whose brilliant characters I
am borrowing (Except for Vincent. He's mine.)

Genre: CJ/Toby

Summary: Toby's not a details guy.

Dedication: This is a belated birthday present for my buddy Mike.

Author's Note: Variety is the spice of lifeā€¦I am trying a CJ/Toby fic for the
first time. This takes place after Bartlet's reelection. Assume that Sam
and Mallory have tried a few more times on a relationship, which continues to

He walked past her office quickly hoping she'd be too absorbed in her
planning to notice him.

"Where should I put Mallory?" CJ Cregg called from her office. Lists and
diagrams cluttered her desk.

"The moon?" He offered hiding a smile behind his beard. "I really don't
care CJ."

"I am serious, Toby," she looked at him. He was now standing in her

"I thought you said you wanted Mallory to meet your brother Vincent,"
Toby answered fearful of the glare she was now giving him.

"That would put her at the table with Sam and Josh. There's a problem
with that. Sam and Mallory are still angry about their most recent break-up.

"Wait!" Toby put his hand up. "You put Josh, Sam and Vincent together at
a table with no supervision?"

"I thought you said you didn't care," CJ told him.

"I care if they start a food fight. I'm paying for that food."

"Donna and Ainsley are sitting at the table too, they'll keep things
civil," CJ replied.

"The blond Republican is coming, why?" Toby asked.

"Because she's worked with us since before reelection, because she's
Sam's good friend and because she's one of our friends too," CJ explained.

"I thought you didn't like her," Toby pointed out.

"That was a long time ago," CJ said. "I've gotten past it. What about
Andrea, where shall we seat her?"

"We put my ex-wife on the guest list?" Toby asked.

"You did, but if you hadn't, I would have. She's my friend Toby."

"I don't care where she sits," Toby sighed and looked at the stress in
CJ's eyes. "I don't care where any of them sit. It's not important. We
should have gotten a planner, you are going to burn yourself out."

"I will not," CJ said stubbornly. "Besides I am having fun."

"So you weren't pulling your hair out before?" He raised an eyebrow.

CJ was annoyed at Toby's lack of interest. "Would you consider going
through the ceremony?" She said coldly.

"CJ, I told you, I don't care, barefoot, bare chested, in a bear cave.
Whatever you want," Toby replied.

"I don't understand why you are being like this. When I asked you
where you wanted to hold it, you said you didn't care. when I asked you want
type of food you wanted you said you didn't care. When I asked you what you
wanted to wear, you said you didn't care. You have shown no interest in any
detail of this planning, Toby." The overly stressed CJ began to cry. "This
is your wedding too, why don't you care?" Is it that you've changed your mind
Toby? You don't want to do this, is that it? How stupid can I be? You've
changed your mind."

"CJ," he walked towards her.

She had her face in her hands and was crying. The diamond ring on her
finger caught the light and seemed to glare at Toby.

"CJ," he said kneeling down and pulling her into his arms. "CJ, you
know that's not true. I love you. We've been through so much together and
you're the only woman I want to spend my life with. But CJ, I'm not a details
person when it comes to things other than my writing. I had a perfect
wedding, but it led to a very imperfect marriage. It's not the wedding that
matters to me. It's the love that we've found. It's the rest of our lives
together that matters. I want you to plan the wedding you want Claudia. The
only detail that matters to me is you."

She was crying harder now. She hated that he was so good with words.
Yet, she always loved his words. She loved everything about him. CJ wrapped
her arms around him and there they stayed in each other's arms.

"If it were up to me," Toby said to her. "We'd elope, so you don't have
to deal with these things."

She moved far enough away from him so he could see the smile she had on
her face. "I love you Toby Ziegler."

"And I love you too, future Claudia Jean Ziegler," he said pressing his
lips against hers.

The tickle of his beard had become a welcomed feeling for CJ, but their
kiss ended abruptly. "About that, Toby," CJ said. "I was thinking about
keeping my last name.


Four months later, after CJ had enlisted the willing help of Donna,
Carol, and Ginger, along with Abbey and Zoey Bartlet to help her finish her
planning, the big day had finally come. CJ and Toby were married the only
place two beloved White House staffers would be allowed to marry in the
spring-the White House Rose Garden.

President Bartlet got hold of the microphone in the Blue Room, where the
reception was being held. People were laughing and talking and ever last
detail was perfect as CJ and Toby walked in the room. "I am proud to announce
for the first time Mr. and Mrs. Claudia Jean Cregg," the President said with

CJ looked absolutely stunning in her beautiful and intricate dress and
perhaps for the first time in his life Toby noticed the details of everything
while he and CJ danced to their first song as husband and wife.



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