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Synopsys: Josh realizes he has feelings for Donna

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Lyrics from the song 'Feels like Home', written by Randy Newman



''If you knew how I wanted someone to
come along
And change my life the way you've done''



Part 2

Tuesday morning, 9:47 a.m.

Communication department.

Josh meets Sam in the hall.

Sam: - Busy schedule today?

Josh: - Only in the afternoon. You?

- Toby and I have a meeting with the Treasury secretary in an hour and I still don't know what is this meeting about.

- Before you go, can I talk to you in your office?

- Sure. What's up?

Josh closes the door.

- It's about that talk we had yesterday. That theory talk...I've been having second thoughts about what I said, and there's a remote possibility your theory might be right.

- Remote possibility?

- Well, not that remote. In fact, it's a quite strong possibility.

- So, let me see if I got it. There's a possibility that you have feelings for Donna beyond friendship.

- Yes...I'm not a hundred percent sure about that...but I may have feelings for her...Donna.

- And do you have any idea of what you going to do about that?

- No.

- So I presume you came here to ask me for advice?

- Yes...

- Oh, God...can we talk about it later? The meeting is going to start soon; I have to go find Toby.

- Okay. Have a good meeting.

- Thanks.


Wednesday, 3: 45 p.m.

Josh meets Charlie in the hall.

Josh: - Hi, Charlie.

Charlie: - Hey, Josh. I haven't seen you lately, I think since Monday.

- Yeah. I've been busy with some stuff. Are you free tonight?

- I think so. Zoey is studying for exams and my sister is camping with her school's friends. Why? Poker night?

- No. Can we go out for a beer or something? I need to talk with someone and you owe me.

- I owe you? Look, if it's money, you will have to wait 'till next week.

- No, it's not money. Forget about it. I just need to talk with someone. Are you free? I pay for the beer.

- Okay. Find me at 8:00, but why don't you talk to Sam?

- Charlie, I want to talk to you. Is there a problem? And Sam let it clear he didn't want to help me. So, I pick you here at 8:00?

- Sure. See you.


Wednesday, 8:36p.m.

In a bar.

Josh: (To the waiter)

-Two beers. And bring some peanuts.

Charlie: - So, what you want to talk to me?

Josh takes a deep breath.

- Do you remember when you offered me some help with Joey as a recompense for helping you with Zoey?

- Yeah. But you understand that she flew back to California. I think it's too late.

- It's not Joey. It's another girl. I've known her for a couple of years and recently I figured out I may have feelings for her beyond friendship. And I don't know what to do. I like her a lot and I'm afraid of doing anything wrong.

Charlie keeps silent.

- Okay. This woman...that I'm talking Donna.

Charlie is surprised by Josh's confession.

- Donna? Your assistant? You've fallen in love with your own assistant? Man, I can't believe...

- Well, so you're the only one. It seems everyone else were pretty sure it would happens sooner or later.

- I mean, it's not a crazy idea. Donna is a good-looking woman and you get along pretty well with each other.

- The problem is I don't think she likes me. Well...not in the same way I like her. I don't want to sound desperate, Charlie. But please help me.

- Okay. What kind of help do you need?

- It would be nice if you could tell me what to do.

- I can't tell you that. You have to follow your heart, Josh. My only advice is try go not too fast.

- Do you think I should ask her on a date?

- Yeah. That would be a step. But don't make it a formal date. Try to make it look casual.

- What do you mean by casual?

- Josh, I'm not good at flirting and those things. But you two are friends and you work together, right? So, if you ask her out on a date out of the blue, she may find it strange.

- You're right.

- You could, for example, ask her to stay later and give her some work to do. When you see she is tired, ask her to join you for a drink, or to get something to eat.

- would be easy.

- Have fun together, enjoy each other's company. Don't talk about your feelings for her. Just talk about stuff, make her laugh and, in the end, you can suggest another non-formal date.

- Like what?

- I don't know...something fun. Movies, maybe bowling. You know her; you know what she likes to do.

- Bowling is a good idea. Yeah...I think it could work.

- You have to show her that you enjoy just being with her. Make her feel special, so she will realize she likes spending time with you too, outside of work.

- And how do I make her like me?

- She already likes you, Josh. She just has to fall in love with you.

- You make it sound so easy.

- It's up to you. I just think you shouldn't overly flirt with her. Women don't like that. You have to make it seem natural...glances, smiles, everything...At some point, your gazes might find each other. If you fell the moment is right, kiss her.

- Or I can not kiss her and let her be confused with 'the moment'.

- Yeah...but be careful. It can push her away.

- It's a good plan. I think I'll start it this Friday. If everything goes right, we can go bowling on Saturday and I will think about something to do on Sunday. You know, I was wondering, why does love do such strange things to us?

- What things?

- I don't makes us act like fools. My job is to formulate strategies to try to solve the biggest issues of America and even of the world. But I can't tell my assistant that I like her a little more than just being her friend.

- I don't know, man. Anyway, I still don't understand why you'd come to me to ask for advice?

- In a way, I knew you would tell me the right thing to do.

- Well... I'm kind of flattered.

- Thank you, Charlie.


Thursday, 9:40 a.m.

Leo's office

After the Staff Meeting, everybody leaves Leo's office, except Josh.

Leo: - What do you want?

Josh: - Leo, I know you're against relationships between co-workers...

- Oh, no. Do we have to talk about it right now?

- Sorry, but I can't postpone it any longer.

- I don't have anything against two co-workers having a relationship out of the workplace. I just don't like when they bring their problems to the workplace, and it always happens. Don't tell me you're flirting with some girl in this office.

- I'm not flirting to any girl. I just fell in love with someone...

- Oh, no. It's even worse than I thought. You remember the last time that happened. You and Mandy broke up and she had to resign because she couldn't stand to even look at you.

- It won't happen this time. I wouldn't do anything to split up my friendship with this person.

- Oh, God... tell me this girl is not Donna.

Josh turns his head down and says in a very low voice.

- It's Donna.

- What?

Talking louder.

- It's Donna.

- Are you nuts? Do you want Margaret to hear it? Okay, so it's not a surprise. I knew it would happen sooner or later. I just thought you'd never admit to in, at least until the end of this administration.

- Why is everybody saying the same thing?

- Does Donna feel the same?

- I don't know yet.

- And what are you planning to do?

- Asking her out and making her fall in love with me.

-'s the worst thing I have ever heard.

- Don't worry. I have a strategy.

- I was afraid of that.

- I want to know if you have any objection?

- Have you already talked to CJ about how the press would react to this?

- She knows about the feelings, but we hadn't talked about it yet. The press can't say anything about it. I'm a single man and Donna is a single woman and we both live in a free country.

- Says you. But they won't see it in the same way. All they will see is the Deputy Chief of Staff sleeping with his secretary. That is what we will read in the newspaper. They don't give a damn that you really love her. They are sensationalists. They just want to sell newspapers and magazines and tabloids. And we will also have to deal with the commentaries of our "friends" in Congress. Only God knows what they will say about it.

- It can't be that bad. I can deal with it.

- I know you can. You would buy a fight with all of them. But I'm afraid about Donna's reaction. You know her. If she feels it can jeopardize your position here or in the Democratic's possible she would resign.

- I won't let it happens, Leo. I will talk to CJ...The last thing I want is to scare Donna. I can't lose her...

- Okay. Back to your work now.

- Okay. See you later.

Josh is leaving Leo's office, when Leo calls him.

- Josh...She is a great woman. She likes you a lot. Be careful with your actions. In the end, everything will be all right, but be cautious.

- Thank you, Leo. I knew you would understand.

- Go.


Thursday, 6:45 p.m.

Josh sees Toby leaving Roosevelt's room

Josh: - So, how did it go?

Toby: - Fine. But I still hate them.

- Who doesn't?

- I heard that love might be in the air.

Josh stops walking and turns to him surprised.

- Who told you that?

- Sam did...And CJ...And Leo a few hours ago.

Josh looks at him.

- It wouldn't be a surprise if Donna turned to me right now and said that she already knows about everything.

- We would never tell would be much more fun if you do that by yourself.

- Would you rather wait for me to tell her myself and act like a fool, or are you going to help me tell her first?

- Acting like a fool suits you perfectly.


Thursday, 9:35 p.m.

CJ's office

Josh: - Did you tell Toby?

CJ: - Sam did first.

- Whom else have you told? Danny? Newsweek? New York times? The Washington Post?

- I didn't have time yet.

- CJ, I didn't wanted spread it. I don't know how it's going to be. Not yet.

- But you told me and Sam and Leo and probably Charlie. You tell everything to Charlie.

- Okay. But don't tell Carol or Margaret. If Margaret discover about it, Baghdad will know about it in a blink of an eye.

- I won't. Are you done? I want to go home.

- I need your help. It's about this same issue. Leo told me to talk with you before I do anything. Do you think we would have problems with the press?

- Probably. Donna is your assistant. You're her boss. You have an important job in The White House. They will make it sound as a sexual scandal. It would be not good to us, not good to Bartlet administration and would be even worse to Donna. Can you imagine the kind of things she would have to hear?

Josh stays quiet, with his head down.

- I know it's not fair. You really like her and she will only be dating you if she really likes you too. I know it's not your intention just sleep with her and I also know you both would be professionals and will keep it out of here (She raises her tone of voice, giving more emphasis to her words)

But they don't. They just want to sell newspapers. I hate the idea that our private lives are so interesting, as if we were movie stars.

Josh gets really upset.

- So, I can't ask the woman I love out on a date because of them? It's totally not fair. And more, it's absurd. It's unacceptable. They don't have the right to decide who I can and whom I can not date...for God's sake! (He says it almost shouting, but he calm down a little and sits on a chair)

CJ try to calm him and offers him a glass of water. He accepts.

- Sorry, CJ. It's just...It's not fair. It might have a solution. I didn't have problems like that while I was dating Mandy.

- You know it was different. We were not here yet. Josh, there's a way out. But listen to me, you will have to cooperate.

- How?

- Let the press be the first one to know. Tell them everything they want to know...I mean, as soon as you and Donna starts a relationship. Donna has a lot of charisma. Everybody around here likes her, even the press. The problem is you. You're rude to them. They would love to destroy you.

- You say it in a way that sounds even worse. I'm not that rude. Just snappy sometimes. But only when it's necessary. But tell me more about this strategy.

- As soon as you and Donna get together, they will know about it in the next day. They will question both of you. Don't deny the truth. Explain to them it's just out of The White House and while you are here, you will be professionals. Make yourself clear about that. Misunderstandings would be even worse. Don't even try to be sarcastic. You remember what happened the last time you were sarcastic to the press. Even nowadays there are some people still waiting for that plan to combat inflation.

- They didn't get it. I was being ironic.

- Don't ever try it again. (CJ stop talking for a moment) I'm thinking about something...

- What?

- There's a way to make it even better. Make it sound as a fairy tale. You would become the most adorable couple of DC. When they ask if you and Donna are together, tell them how much you love her. Be sincere. They would love that. It would be in every single newspaper in the next day, but not for a long time.

- It will make me look like a romantic guy.

- You're Josh, it won't affect your masculinity, if it's what bothers you. Your college fans would not like the idea of seeing you with a woman. But they will like to hear how sweet you're when you're in love.

- Am I sweet?

- I don't think so. But it just my personal opinion. Anyway, it is really funny to see you with this face of a fool in love. (CJ laughs). It may work, Josh. You just have to make the things in the right way. But don't forgot it is not the hardest part. You still need to catch Donna's heart.

- You saying that give me the creeps.

CJ laughs.

- Now, the worst part depends only of you. You have to make it work out with her. After, we can discuss more about the consequences.

- Why are you being so nice to me?

- I don't know. It's a feeling of compassion...I hope this feeling go away soon.

- Thanks again, CJ.

- I like Donna. She is my friend too, Josh. If you do anything to hurt her or break her heart, you will pay me with your own blood.

- That's even creepier. (He laughs, but turns to a serious face) I would never hurt her, CJ. I promise you that. I love her like I've never loved any woman before. She is the only one in position to break a heart. My heart.

- It's starting to get too mellow...She won't break your heart either. She likes you too much to do it...When I was younger; I used to believe that when we love someone, this person should love us in the same way. If the person doesn't, it's not true love. If Donna doesn't loves you with the same intensity you loves her... that's not true love and you'll get over it. But if she does loves you, nothing would keep you apart. Your love will be stronger than anything.

- CJ, you're acting strange and saying pretty weird things today. But I like that. I think I agree with this statement.

- It's not a statement. It just a conclusion I took when I was 9 years old. It's late and I want to go home. See you tomorrow.

- Good night.





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