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Synopsys: After admit he has feelings for Donna, Josh decides it's time to do something about it

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Lyrics from the song 'Feels like Home', written by Randy Newman



"Something in your eyes makes me want to lose myself 

Makes me want to lose myself 

In your arms 

There's something in your voice makes my heart beat fast 

Hope this feeling lasts 

The rest of my life"



Part 3


(Inside Josh's mind)


'It's Friday. Finally. Well, I don't know anymore. I mean, I've waited so much for today and now I have this strange feeling. I'm waiting for tonight. I made a decision and I have to keep it. But I'm afraid of chickening out. I'm nervous…and anxious…and thinking about giving up.... But I can’t. It's now or never. Now I'm thinking about Elvis. I hate that song. I'll have to do something sooner or later. If I postpone it, that would be worse. But I'm not sure if I can go through with it right now.

At least, I have a lot of work to do. I won’t have time to think about this issue anymore. The only problem is what if instead of concentrating on my work; I spend the whole day thinking about it. About Donna. About tonight. The hours are going to pass by so slowly today. It's only 7:19 a.m. and it's already driving me crazy. It will be a long day.'


Friday Night, 8:22 p.m.

Josh's office

Donna comes in.

- I'm finished with the files. Can I go now?

- No. I still need you here. I need a memo on this. (He hands her a folder)

- What's that?

- A research about the increase of drug abuse in teenagers in the age between 14 -19 years old.

- Do you really need it on a Friday night?

- No, but I will need on Monday morning. And I know you would rather do it now than come back here in a Saturday morning.

- But it's Friday night...

- Do you have another date?

- No. But I need to spend some time at home, doing nothing.

- It's much more important. Don't you care about those children's future?

- Yeah...but not tonight. I'm tired and there's no one out there writing a memo about that.

- I don't need a memo with Pulitzer quality.

- I don't care what you need or not. I care with what I need and that would be Chinese chicken and Dateline.

- Don't be a rebel, Donna

She leaves, banging the door. Josh only smiles.


Two hours later.

Josh opens the door of his office and sees Donna, with her head down on the table. Josh approaches in silence, to see if she is sleeping or not. She hears him approaching and get up quickly.

Donna: - Sorry, Josh. I'm almost done.

Josh: - Are you hungry?

- Starving.

- Me too. You look tired. Join me. Let's get something to eat. A drink would be good too.

- But I haven't finished yet.

- Save it on a disk and finish it at home.

She gives him a very upset look.

- If I could do it at home, why did you asked me to stay?

- If I had to stay, you could stay here a little more.

- I hate you. Do you know that?

- Yeah. You say it every time I ask you to stay later.

- I need to be paid for extra hours.

- I'll pay for your food. Let's go.

- Let me get my stuff.

Donna collects her things and they left.


Two Hours after.

Four Seasons' restaurant.

Josh: - Do you remember the first day you came to work for me?

Donna: - Of course I remember. I thought it would be the last one.

- Because of Mandy?

- Yeah.

-That was funny. I was explaining something to you...

- About your files.

- About my files. And we were pretty close to each other because of that and then she suddenly came in shouting," What the hell this woman is doing with you in your office, Joshua?"

Josh laughs.

- Now it's funny, but that day it was not funny at all. I thought she would smack my face and break my nose. She seemed so furious.

- And I kept saying ' It's not what you're thinking', instead of explain her you're my new assistant and I was showing to you what you'd have to do.

- I can't believe she was jealousy of me.

- I spend three days trying to convince her that I didn’t hire you because you were beautiful.

- Did she thought you'd hired me because I was beautiful?

- Yeah. (Josh realizes he went a little far in his commentary and tries to fix it up) I mean, it's not that you aren't. You're a very good-looking woman...(He slips again and gets even more nervous) I'm trying to say you are beautiful, but I didn't hire you because of that. I invited you to work with me because I noticed you're good and had a lot of potential to develop.

- Thanks, Josh. I never thought that you hired me because of my appearance. But that explains why Mandy never liked me very much.

- I think Mandy doesn't like anybody very much.

They both laugh. When they stop, a disturbing silence takes place. Josh looks into her eyes and she turns her eyes away. He wonders if he had gone too far with that whole conversation. They both were uncomfortable with that silence when Donna looks to her watch and breaks the silence saying,

- It's already late.

- Yeah. I'll ask for the bill and I take you home.

- Thanks.


In the car.

In their way to Donna's place, they keep talking about different things that were not related to Donna's appearance or Josh's deepest feelings. When they arrive in front of her building:

-Thank you, Josh. For everything. Well, except for make me work later.

- You're welcome, Donnatella. I had a good time tonight.

- Me too.

She starts to open the car's door, but stops when she realizes he wants to say something more, but is hesitant. He finally asks.

- Hey, listen. I was wondering if you have anything planed for tomorrow night?

- No. Why? (She asks afraid he might ask her to work in a Saturday night.)

- I was thinking about do something fun this weekend. I really need some free time to have fun...Do you like bowling?

- I love bowling. You know that. I'm not very good at, but I enjoy just playing for fun.

- Good. So, do you want to go bowling tomorrow?

- Yeah. It sounds fun.

- Okay. Can I pick you at 8:00p.m?

- Sure. Good night.

She smiles and leaves the car. He watches her go into her building and smiles to him.

- Step one is over. Let's plan the step two.


Josh spent his entire Saturday working at home. He read some memos, called Leo and Sam to discuss some issues and other things. He was trying hard to keep his mind busy, so he would not have time to be nervous about that evening. Things were going just fine, just as he had planned. He was aware it could take a lot of time before Donna would be able to respond to his feelings. But he was not worried about it. He was glad just to spend some great time with this incredible woman. Every single moment by her side was serving to assure him about his feelings toward her, to confirm how much he liked her... How much these feelings - that started with professional respect and admiration - were growing and growing inside him with time and how strong they were even now. For the first time he was not able to imagine his life without a woman. And that woman is Donna.

He always had been an independent man, with a free personality and who never needed anyone's opinion or support to do whatever he wanted to do. But then he met Donna. She quickly became everything he used to think he could live without. She always was more than an assistant was. She was able to notice when he needed her around, even when he said he didn't. He saw Donna as the most important person in his life and he never did anything to stop her. Now it was too late. He figured that if he tried to fight against it, he would only hurt himself. So, he decided to fight for it. He knew how much he needed her in his life... How much he wants Donna by his side... Now he is determined to do whatever it takes to get it.


Saturday Night, 22:15p.m.

At the bowling alley

After they had played for more than an hour, they look for a table in the bar inside the bowling.

Josh: - What do you want to eat?

Donna gives him a twinkle smile.

- I was thinking about some junk food.

He smiles back.

- Me too. What about French fries?

- would be so good. A lot of them. With ketchup.

- I don't like ketchup with French fries. Anyway, what do you want to drink?

- Soda. There's nothing better than a lot of French fries and very cold soda.

- Well, I disagree. I can number a thousand of things better than this, but it sounds pretty good right now. I'm hungry.

- So am I.

Ten minutes later, the waiter brings the food.

Donna takes a single fries and ask Josh:

- Is your butt still hurting? (She laughs out loud)

- That was not funny. Not funny at all.

- Well, I think everybody in this place would disagree with you.

- These people are stupid. They laugh about everything. You're talking like I was the only person on the face of the earth who slid in a bowling alley.

Donna laughs remembering the scene. Josh was walking to the alley and turned back to Donna, mocking her because her last ball went into the gutter. He was saying he would show her how the professional players do it. When he quickly turned to throw the ball, he hadn't noticed he had passed over the borderline. He slid in the middle of the alley. Everybody in the place looked at him, laughing. He stayed there, sitting in the middle of the alley and Donna was trying to help him to get up, but she couldn't stop laughing even for a moment.

- Sliding or not, I won. 6 strikes against 2.96 to 68. I-won (he says singsong). A runaway. (He says, mocking her)

- That's so Joshish. 'I won, you lost' (she says, trying to imitating his voice)

- Josh what?

- Josh - ish. It's so typical of you.

- I don't like this expression.

- That's pretty Josh-ish too.

- Stop saying that word. And stop putting ketchup over all the fries. I don't want mine with ketchup.

- Okay. (She does her puppy face)

- Look, I'm not mad at you. (He stops for a moment) Why I'm talking to you like you're a 5-year-old child?

- Because tonight we are acting like children.

- I like this feeling. But your puppy face won't affect me anymore.

She does the puppy face again.

- And you're doing it again. I won't look at you anymore.

She keeps the puppy face and sniffs.

-Stop. (He says and laughs)

She laughs and draws a happy face on his hand with ketchup. He looks at the drawing and tries to make her lick it up. She backs up and he takes the ketchup and starts to spreading it all over her arm. She takes a bit and put it on his nose. He does the same. They are laughing and playing. After 'the ketchup war', they clean their arms and faces with napkins. Donna suggests,

- There are some video games there. Are you read for a revenge?

- Oh, Donnatella Moss wants revenge. Let's go and I'll show you why I used to be called the King of the Burger King.

- King of the Burger King?

- Yeah. That was the place where I used to play video games as a kid.

She laughs.

- Let's play!





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