Her World Turned Upside Down

Disclaimer: Thanks to Aaron Sorkin, and company for these amazing characters.

Summary: Big Block of Cheese Day has its affects on Toby and CJ.

Author's Notes: Comments, are grand!

She hadn't been thinking straight. For god's sake it was Big Block of
Cheese Day in the White House, no one was thinking straight. It was the one
day a year that the President's staff could go to work with only half of
their brain and get away with it, without the country collapsing.

"So Josh tells me this map business isn't total crap," Toby Ziegler
said to the tall Press Secretary. He gave her an amusing smile, he was
nursing his third scotch on the rocks, and although he could hold his alcohol
there was something about Big Block of Cheese Day.

Her eyes moved from the depths of her martini to his sheepish grin.
Around her, the rest of her colleagues were laughing and drinking heavily.
She heard Josh urged Sam to yet another drink and she shook her head, those
two certainly couldn't hold their liquor.

"Yes, Toby, it actually has some validity," she smiled.

"I think its crap," he said with a straight face. "I think its just as
much crap as that save the wolf committee you dealt with last year. For God's
sake CJ, of all the losers we have to deal with on Big Block of Cheese Day,
yours are always icing on the cake. You must have done something to piss Leo
off years ago."

"Thanks for your support Toby," CJ said sarcastically as she turned her
head away from him and began to play with the olive in her beverage.

"CJ, didn't your mother ever tell you its not nice to play with your
food, especially in public," he told her.

"Toby," she said with anger in the tone of her voice. "You are a man that
should be kissing the ground I walk on today, not acting like a pompous jerk."

Toby was taken aback. He hadn't realized that she was taking him
seriously, they were only jokes. "Look, I apologize. I was only joking.
You're right, I owe you an awful lot."

"How did it go today?" She asked.

He rolled his eyes, "Much better than it would have been if there
were cameras there. But you know if I actually had to talk to them, I would
have given them a lecture on the finer points of protesting."

"Right," CJ said casually taking a drink from her glass. "When should we
be expecting Protesting for Dummies by Toby Ziegler in hardcover? Or is it
Protesting one oh one with Professor Ziegler that I need to look for?"

"I think you need to look for a way to lose that cynical side of you CJ,
it's quite unbecoming on a woman with your sex appeal," he retorted.

CJ felt flushed, although she was sure it was Toby's comment, she had
herself believe it was her second drink that was making her blush and feel
like a giddy schoolgirl. "What are they talking about?" CJ nodded in the
direction of Josh and Donna laughing with Sam.

"How the hell should I know? I am not their babysitter," Toby said dryly.

"Sorry, I asked," CJ said.

Toby looked haphazardly at his watch. It was getting late and there was
no way there was enough time for him to truly get blasted. This disappointed
him. It was times like these, on nights where all he wanted to do was get
drunk he hated his high tolerance for alcohol. He hadn't truly gotten drunk,
really good and drunk, the kind of drunk where he couldn't stand up straight
and was singing and talking in incomprehensible sentences since he signed his
divorce papers.

Rather than feel defeated by the fact that he could not get himself drunk
he propped his head on his hand looked at CJ. He watched her take a sip from
her drink. She did it with such grace and beauty. He watched as she pushed
the liquid down her long and sensuous neck. He wasn't sure how long he had
been attracted to her, but it had been a long time since he first noticed CJ
Cregg for her beauty, her brain and her sense of humor. Even when he was
still married he held a special spot for CJ in his heart.

"Toby, Toby come on stop looking at me like that, you're beginning to
freak me out," he finally heard CJ say.

"What?" He shifted.

"You were out like a zombie for like five minutes," CJ said. "You were
miles away."

"Sorry," he said and he finished his drink. "I'm not going to have
another, you want to share a cab?"

She drank the last sip of her martini and smiled, "sure. Shall we tell
them, we're going?"

Toby shook his head, "They won't notice we're gone. There far to drunk."
The two got up from their barstools and he protectively put his arm around
her waist.

The two hailed a cab, and Toby instructed the driver to CJ's address. In
the back of the cab, the two were closer than they had expected to be.

He could fell her warmth. Their legs touched, and there was an
uncomfortable moment between the two, as they looked into each other's eyes.
The awkwardness ended when the cab pulled up to CJ's apartment.

"CJ," Toby said as she was gathering her briefcase and purse to exit the
cab. "You know what I said earlier, well it's true."

"Toby," she said annoyed. "Now's really not the time to be speaking
cryptically. You said a lot of things that may or may not be true today. For
God's sake, you are a politician."

"What I am saying is," Toby tried again, but stopped and pulled CJ closer
to him so that he was able to press his lips against hers. The kiss was
clumsy. CJ was partly hanging out of the cab, and although she had been
hoping for this moment since as long as she could remember, it was

"I think I remember what it was you were talking about," CJ said when
their lips parted. She smiled slyly. "But I think we need some work on this

"I couldn't agree more," he allowed a smile to cross his bearded face.

"I do my best practicing in my apartment," she offered.

"Do you?" he raised an eyebrow.

"It's really none of my business, but I am being paid by the minute, not
by the mile," the cabby said.

Toby pulled out a bill from his wallet, "Keep the change." And he
followed CJ into her apartment.

The next morning, CJ woke up content in Toby's arms. The two were in a
tangled mess of bed sheets and discarded clothing.

Maybe it was because it was Big Block of Cheese Day. Or maybe it was
because she now believed that after her meeting her world was turned upside
down. Or maybe it was because she and Toby Ziegler were truly falling in
love. The truth of the matter was, Big Block of Cheese Day had passed for
yet another year, and after a night's sleep she was no longer as sympathetic
to the geeks with the maps.



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