In Person

By Paris

Sequel to Phone Calls

Summary: The sequel to Phone Calls, CJ and Toby react in person to their over
the phone confessions.

Dislcaimer: Aaron Sorkin gets the credit for these amazing characters, except
for CJ's dad.

Author's Note: This is in response to all of the feedback I received Phone
Calls. I gave in. Enjoy the sequel! It's short, but it's sweet (I hope). As
always, your comments are grand.

CJ boarded a plane the next morning bound for Washington, DC. She was still
unsure of the phone conversation she had had the night before with Toby. Part
of her still honestly believed it was a dream.

Nonetheless, she called the airlines, and got herself a plane ticket,
she packed her California clothing, which were things she owned before
getting into politics, they were far more trendy and colorful then the things
she wore in Washington, and kissed her family good-bye making her nieces
Rachel and Sarah promise they would call her at the White House and come
visit in the summer. CJ had called Carol to check in and announce her early

CJ's father drover her to the airport, "Look Dad," she said. "There is a
part of me that want's to stay, but I really need to get back to Washington."

"I understand," the older Cregg said. "My daughter is an important and
successful woman. But does this really have to do with the White House?"

CJ looked at her father. He knew something. "Of course," she told him,
not fully lying. Toby Ziegler did have something to do with the White House.

"I know your mother has been hard on you the last couple of days, but she
just wants to see you happy. What she doesn't realize is that doing what you
do makes you happy and you don't need to be settled down like your brothers
to be happy. We're so proud of you, Claudia," he took his eyes off the road
for a second so she could see the smile on his face.

"I know, Dad," CJ said softly.

"I can't brag to the guys that my grandkid was just potty-trained,
Claudia, but I can sure as hell tell them that my daughter is the President
of the United States right hand woman," he laughed.

CJ smiled as they pulled in towards the airport.

"Do you want me to come in with you?" Her father offered.

"No, that's okay, Dad," CJ smiled and gave him a kiss. "Happy Birthday."

"Thank you dear," he said. "Do me a favor, come home more often."

"I'll try. I promise," CJ told him. "I love you."

"I love you, too. Don't ever think that your mother and I aren't proud of
you," he said seriously. "Have a safe flight and call us when you get into

"I will Daddy," CJ said closing the car door.

On her way to her gate, CJ stopped at a newsstand to buy a People
Magazine or an InStyle or something fun to read on the flight home, but it
was the US News Magazine that she was drawn to instead. On the cover was one
of the most famous grandfathers in America since his recent filibuster. CJ
picked up both a People and a US News so that she could read more about
Senator Stackhouse.

Boarding the plane CJ was still in disbelief about the conversation she
had had with Toby the night before. Nothing in her wildest dreams, and she
had had a few featuring Toby Ziegler, could compare to the way she felt
knowing that he loved her. However, part of her feared that he didn't mean
what he had said, that upon her return Toby would react like nothing had

She tried to page through her People magazine, but she was too
distracted. CJ's mind was racing with thoughts of Toby. She was curious what
sparked him to open up. He had been so vague about his most recent
confrontation in the Oval Office, and to a certain extent that scared her,
but she knew if it was important enough she would find out.

CJ began to page through the US News. She had done most of the briefings
immediately following the Filibuster, and then Simon, her deputy concluded
them after she had left for Napa. She was pleasantly surprised at how well
the magazine told the story. They even gave Donna Moss the credit for
discovering Stackhouse's secret. After the Filibuster article there was an
article about the Vice-President speaking out against oil companies. CJ had
heard Toby mention it to Josh and Sam, but she found it quite odd, because
she knew that most of Hoynes's money was in oil. Perhaps the boys had figured
out, why he had stepped up to the plate and would fill her in when she got

The flight seemed endless. She never really liked flying, not because she
was afraid to, but because the planes never accommodated enough room for her
long legs. CJ preferred being on airforce on to any first class seat on any
airline, yet she was sure those were everyone's sentiments.

She tried to sleep, but the man next to her was already taking up too
much room and CJ could not get comfortable. When her lunch came, she could
not eat. Her stomach was in knots. CJ only remembered one time that she was
more nervous and that was waiting breathlessly to see if Josh would survive
the gun shot wound he had received this past spring.

Finally, the agonizing plane ride was coming to a conclusion. The pilot
had announced that the plane would soon be landing. CJ wasn't do back at the
office for another two days, so she figured she'd take a cab home and unpack
then decide what to do about Toby.

The landing was a smooth one and CJ was grateful, she didn't know if
her stomach could handle anything that would jostle her around. CJ put her
magazines in her carry-on bag and followed the rest of the passengers out of
the plane tormenting herself with thoughts of what happens to her after the
conversation last night.

Then she saw him in the crowd of loved ones waiting to pick up their
friends and family members from the flight. He looked more tired than he had
before she left, but when their eyes met he let a tremendous smile cross his
face exposing his dimple for all the world to see.

"Toby, I didn't-," she said to him as he presented her with a gorgeous
bouquet of flowers and pulled her towards him. Their lips met for the first
time and it was awkward. CJ was taken totally off guard and the kiss was
sloppy as the two got accustomed to each other's lips. Slowly it became more

He pulled apart still smiling, "You didn't what CJ?" He asked.

"I didn't think, I mean I wasn't sure-," She tried to say, but instead
tried for another kiss. This time it was right. The timing was right. Toby
tasted CJ's sweet lip balm on her soft lips and his beard tickled her, but it
was a sensual feeling. His beard felt softer and better groomed on her face
than Danny Concanon's had ever felt.

"You didn't think I was telling the truth last night, CJ?" He asked
looking hurt when they had ceased kissing once again. "I was, I spent the
whole night thinking about you. Dreaming about this kiss and having you in my
arms. After a conversation I had last night about a friend's illness, I
reevaluated my life and I realized that I am not complete with out you, CJ."

"Oh Toby," CJ blushed. "There are times when you are so amazing with
words that I know why you are the man the President of the United States
chose you to fill his mouth with words." The two kissed again, and this time
when they broke apart, Toby took her hand.

"Let's get your luggage, I have reservations for us for dinner tonight,"
he smiled proud of himself.

"Toby, are you okay," CJ said after looking at him a moment. The dark
circles under his eyes looked darker, and his cheeks had thinned out. "You
look exhausted. Have you slept at all since I went away?"

"I've had a lot on my mind," Toby admitted. "Let's not talk about that
though, let's talk about us. I'm better now that I know you are with me, CJ.
I am better know that I have gotten my secret for years off of my chest."



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