Author: Paula 

disclaimer: The characters are not mine. They are property of Aaron Sorkin. It's not my intention to infringe any copyright. The cat is mine and I allow anyone who wants to use it in another story. 

Notes: It's my first WW fic and it's totally J/D shipper. Please forgive me for any grammar mistake. I'm not a native speaker and i try my best to make myself understood. It's dedicated to my little female cat, who is always sleeping above the tv set while i'm watching WW (even when i rewatch the tapes). 

Thanks: To my beta-readers, who helped me so much correcting this story and giving me some tips.Thanks to Cindy,Suni,Vicki,Jenny and anyone who offered me help and i don't remember the name at the moment. 

Feedbacks:Would be welcome:)I'm just starting and any kind of comment would be nice.Please tell me if something didn't make sense or where i could have done better.Criticize whatever you want.


"Love...what a long way to arrive at a kiss... What loneliness-in-motion,toward your company!" Pablo Neruda

It was an ordinary morning, when Joshua Lyman arrives at the West Wing holding in his arms a little black cat. Donna Moss looks in his direction, completely charmed by the little animal.

" is so cute!" She smiles, taking the cat from Joshua.Caressing its head she asks Josh. "Where did you find him?"

"He was lost in the parking garage. I don't think he has an owner, so I brought him with me. Do you like him?"

"Yes...of course...he is so damn cute..."

"So he's yours. I don't have time to take care of an animal."

"Are you giving me the cat? Thanks, Joshua."Donna replied as she kissed him on the cheek. She looks down at the cat. "You must be hungry. Mommy will give you some milk."

Joshua laughed. "Mommy?"He commented as he watched Donna leave happy that she liked his little present.


At night, Donna is walking through her apartment when the bell rings.

"Joshua, what a surprise! What brings you here today? Did you forget something?"

" No,Donna.I just came to visit the cat." Donna looks at him even more surprised."You barely visit your Mom, Josh."

"Okay, but I was lonely.So I decided come to visit my little buddy.Where is he?"

"He is probably getting to know the rooms. He is still a bit lost in the apartment. But come in, sit down. Do you want something to drink? A coffee, maybe?"

"A coffee would be fine, if it's not too much trouble."

"No, of course not." Donna replied as she spotted the cat coming to say hi to Joshua, "Hey, here he is."

Donna goes to the kitchen.Joshua hold the cat and starts to talk with him."So, little buddy, this crazy lady is taking a good care of you?"

Donna yells from the kitchen."I heard that."

Josh continues to play with the cat until Donna comes back with the coffee. She sits down next to him on the couch. She says:"So you're feeling lonely and you came here to bother my cat."

"I didn't come here to bother him He is kind of mine too and it's not fair. I gave you the animal and now you have company and I don't." "Are you jealous?"She says, mocking at him.

"No...more or you care more for him than for me?"

"Joshua, sometimes you're so childish." Donna smiles at him.

"I'm serious. You're the only one in this city who cared about me and now you seem to care more for the cat."

Donna laughs:"I can't believe you're saying that.Of course I will take care of you as I always did.You're really lonely, Josh. Maybe you should take the cat back with you."

"No, he is your cat now.But I'll keep visiting him whenever I want.Deal?"

"You can come here whenever you want. You know that, but did you just come to see the cat or did you come for my company too?" "Just for the cat."Josh replied seriously. "Of course I came here to see you, you foolish girl."

"Why? Is there any special reason for you come here to see me?" Donna said mischievously.She knows she has feelings for Josh since a long time ago, and now she needed to know what he really felt for her, if it's just friendship or if there's something more.But she knows she needs to be careful.

"Is it that obvious?...Donna, you're the only one who listens to me, who cares about me, the only one I can count on whenever I need..."

"It's funny to hear that, because sometimes I fell like no one cares about me.It sounds so selfish of you."

"Of course I care about you...You're the most import...sorry, but I can't tell you how much I care about you...if I start to say all that I feel for would disturb your mind and I'm afraid it would make things awkward between us...Sorry, but I think it's better if I go home."Josh got up from the sofa and walked to the door.

Donna was confused ,because she started to wonder if what he tried to tell her is what she wanted to hear from him.But she can tell him about her feelings for him without being sure if he feels the same.So she walked him and open the door. He met her gaze. "Goodnight, Donna."

"Good night, Joshua.See you tomorrow."She watched him while he waited for the elevator.

He didn't look at her while he was waiting .But he knows she is still there.Suddenly, he comes on her direction impulsively and kiss her passionately.

It took a few seconds for her to realize what was happening and she kissed him back.

He holds her tightly till their lips parted. He looked at her, smiling .He can't control the shivering inside him.

She can feel her heart beating intensely. She tried to be strong but she felt her legs start to tremble.

Josh knew he would explode if he stood there any longer. So he said 'Good night' and smiled.

She stares at that smile because she knows its the most beautiful smile she's ever seen. "Bye, Joshua."Donna replied trying to hold herself back from kissing him again and again.

He got the elevator.

She closed the door and holds the cat.

Both were thinking "YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


P.S.:I'm working on a sequence.



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