Title : Boy, was I wrong. Part 5

Rating : PG-13

Short summary : Donna and Josh take a trip together....Hmmm...wonder what could happen?

Other info : Refer Part 1




It has been a month since my heart was pounded by a hammer. A whole month!! And you would assume I would feel at least a teeny bit better. But no!!! I have to see her everyday, even on Saturdays and some Sundays. Well, I could give her more time off, but hey, I would have to do more work if I were to do that.


Things between Donna and I have become quite normal again. Just like always, we have such dramatic occurrence between us, and somehow we manage to go on as if nothing happened. I guess in our line of work, there's no other way to go on.


I am now in my office busy with phone calls and finishing some reports.


" Josh, Toby wants to see you in his office." Donna said poking her head into my office.


"Yup, okay." I said picking up and leaving my office.


I walked pass the bullpen and heard Donna laughing with Ginger. Oh, her laugh is so sweet and contagious. I just had to smile.


Ginger then saw me and brought me to Toby's office.


"Josh, you're going to Congressman Dean's meeting this weekend." Toby bluntly said.


"The tax thing? I thought you and Sam are going." I said.


"I'm not going. So, you have to go with Sam." Toby said again.


"Why can't you go? I have already a full schedule this weekend as it is." I said with the pitch of my voice getting a little higher.


"Because I can't. You are the only one available. Stop complaining, you are going. That's final." Toby said waving his hands in the air.


"Toby....No....I am not a push over...I'm not Sam." I said still fishing a way out of this. The meeting is lasts for two whole days and the amount of work we have to do is extreme.


"Josh, I don't think you understand the concept of 'that's final'."


"Toby!" I yelled.


"Stop whining! And get out now. I have to prepare for a meeting with those education bill people. Get lost." Toby yelled back. I stayed put. I'm so not going to give up. I didn't come this far by being a quitter.


"Josh, the meeting is in New York City. You'll get a full expense paid trip to New York and will get to stay at the Sheraton. You're going and now get lost before I call security!!!" Toby yelled even louder.


"Fine!" I said. Well, I guess it wouldn't be that bad. It is the Sheraton after all.


I swaggered through the bullpen and just yelled out, "Donna! Clear my schedule for Friday and Saturday."


"What? The whole schedule? It's already Wednesday, Josh." Donna asked in disbelief.


"Yeah, well. Tell that to Toby. He's making me go to the Congressman Dean's tax thing in New York. He refused to accept a no. He's so going to owe me one!" I told Donna.


"Great, just what I need. And, Josh, Toby is never going to owe you one." Donna said as-a-matter-of factly.


I then went to see Sam. "Hey, I guess you and I have to go to New York this weekend." I said to Sam, who as usual, was pacing in his office.


"What? Oh, that. I can't go." Sam said and then continued pacing.


"WHAT?? You are not backing out. You have to go with me Sam!!" I said, again, my voice getting a little high pitched.


"You, know, you voice..." Sam began and I shot him glance that shut him up.


"The President has to give a speech for the Navy Academy. It was a sudden thing. You know the President and his knowledge about the Navy or any army force. I have to prepare every miniscule detail on everything he says that night. Coz, it's a whole dinner thing. I have to be there to clue him on, u know, when people start a conversation with him." Sam explained.


"Sam, 'you' have no clue on the Navy or the Army." I said running my hands through my hair.


"Yeah. That's why I have to sit here and research on it. I can't go Josh. Deal with it." Sam said.


"Fine. I'm going to see Toby." I said storming out of Sam's office and into Toby's office.


"Sam can't go. The Navy Academy dinner! I can't deal with this meeting alone. You know the amount they'd discuss in this meeting. It's impossible for one man to report back to the White House on this." I said to Toby who right now looks as though he could just ring my neck. But isn't that how he always looks like?


"Josh, you can deal with the meeting alone. You just need someone to take notes and stuff. Go with Donna." Toby said.


I paused for a while. "She wouldn't want to come." I simply said for lack of better explanation.


"Well, you're her boss. She has to go if you tell her to. Donna wouldn't have much to do around here if you are not here anyway. Besides, she's the only one who could prevent you from doing some form of mishap and embarrassing the White House. Look, I don't want to hear about this any further. Donna's going with you and that's final. Get lost before I call Leo." Toby said looking like he really meant it.


Again I failed. This must be a bad day for me. I have to work on getting my groove back?

My groove? Good thing CJ didn't hear that.


"Donna, have you cleared my schedule?" I asked her as I passed her desk.


"Joshua, do you actually think I can clear all your meetings and every other thing you have to do for two whole days in 10 minutes??? Josh, you are the Deputy Chief Of Staff, not the manager at Burger King." Donna exclaimed annoyingly.


"A simple no would do." I said raising my eyebrows at her.


Then I continued, holding my office door, "Oh, yeah. Sam can't go and Toby said you have to come with me." And I quickly entered my office and shut the door.


And I hear the click-clack sounds of Donna's heels nearing.


"What?? I could swear you said I'm coming for the meeting with you." Donna said with her hand on her hip. She looks so sexy like that. Okay ,concentrate!!!


"Donna, don't argue with me. Take it out on Toby. I really have no say apparently on this matter." I said sitting on my chair.


"Josh, that's the whole weekend. Josh, it's tiring enough working here with all your demands and now I have to go away with you? And tend to your needs twenty four seven, for two whole days??? Josh, I'm only one little human being." Donna said rather annoyed.


"Donna, first of all, you aren't little. Second of all, we are going to New York City. And it's an all expense paid trip. You get your own room in the Sheraton." I said buttering her up.


Silence. Donna is just staring at me, deep into her own thoughts.


"Donna, it's really not my fault. Blame Toby and Sam. Take it out on them." I said.


"So, can I get unlimited room service?" Donna asked smiling hopefully.


I laughed. "Yeah, we can work that out." I said.


"Okay. But for the record, I'm not entirely happy about this." Donna said as she turned to leave my office.


I just smiled. Well, I guess the trip won't be all that awkward after all. Donna probably assumes I have gotten over her since I seem fine about the both of us going to New York City and she was seemed to be only annoyed by the work load.



Wow. I'm going to New York City!!! I'm going to stay at the Sheraton!!! Two whole days in the greatest city in the world!! I've been to New York City during the campaign but we were all cooped up indoors being bombarded with work of course.


I'm so excited! Sure, I'll have to work. But the meeting won't be for 24 hours. Josh wouldn't mind if I were to check out the city. Oh, yeah....Josh.....Me and him, alone in a two day trip......not good.....not good at all.


It's been a month since Josh's confession and my lie to him. I tried avoiding him the first two weeks. But fat chance, I work outside the guy's office! But we've been pretty much back to normal. Just another Josh and Donna thing we do. No dramatic occurrence would stop us from pretending to go on as if nothing had happened. I guess being extremely loaded with work helps a bunch. We are running the most powerful country after all.

Besides, Josh seems comfortable with the idea of going alone with me. If not, he would just have to deal with it, wouldn't he? After all, it's just for a couple of days.


I had been so busy on Wednesday and Thursday. Preparing for the trip and the extra work we had to bring forward from the weekend. So, I didn't have time to think about me and Josh being alone together. Josh seemed too preoccupied to dwell on it as well.


It's Friday. We are in the airport right now, waiting to board. Sam had dropped us at the airport. There's an awkward silence as we sit next to each other at the boarding gate.


I decided to break the silence. "So, what do I have to do for this meeting?" I asked.


"Well, just take short notes mainly. And stop me from making a fool out of the White House." Josh said with a smile forming.


"I'm not sure about the latter. I'm not Wonder Woman u know." I said smiling.


Josh laughed. "Sometimes I wonder." He said.


We boarded the plane and discussed about the meeting. He told me what issues were being discussed and we debated on every little thing as usual. It was basically the safest conversation we could have.


After a while, I tried to sleep. I figured this was best because we might run out of safe conversations. I laid my head on the window with a pillow in between.



That wasn't too bad. We talked and argued as always. We avoided any personal conversation. She's now sleeping. I look at her. Can anyone look more angelic while sleeping? She looked so at peace. I tried to rest my eyes but I just can't stop watching her. She's the most beautiful woman I've ever laid eyes on. Why isn't there a string of men worshiping her? Well, I'm glad there isn't. But still, I wonder.


After awhile, Donna looked restless, she had been tossing her head trying to get in a comfortable position I assume. She's probably going to wake up soon. I should stop staring at her. Oh dear, she's moving nearer to me. Her pillow dropped and her head landed on my shoulder. That's not going to bring any good.


I'm so stiff right now. I'm not moving an inch. Nor am I breathing I think. Ok, I should take a breath before I get deprived from oxygen. God, she smells so good. Like vanilla and lavender. I think it's her hair that smells like lavender. I knew I shouldn't have taken a breath. My heart beat is racing. I'm trying so hard not to hold her. I feel like I'm going to explode. Maybe I should move away. Well, then her head is going to drop and she might end up with a muscle pull in her neck. Aaarrggg!! What do I do? Should I wake her? Well, that's only going to cause more awkwardness. Maybe I'll say her head is too heavy on my shoulder. Eeerrrggg!! What sort of dumbass am I ?


I couldn't help myself. I thought I could nudge her a bit and she'll awake. I raised my hand and accidentally touched her hair which was spread to the side of her face and down to her blouse. It was so soft...like silk....damn I sound like some bad poet. I started stroking her hair on her head as softly as possible not to wake her up. I could do this for the rest of my living days.


A short while later, I heard the pilot announcing we are going to land soon. I quickly took my hands of Donna as she moved. She finally opened her eyes and rubbed them using the back of her hands. God, she looks sooo adorable doing that.


"Did the pilot say we are going to land?" She asked stifling a yawn between her words.


"Yes, sleeping beauty." I said not being able to help myself. She was a sleeping beauty.



We are at the hotel now. It is gorgeous!! Like a modern day palace. I could live here forever. We have about two hours before the meeting starts. Josh and I decided to take a shower and freshen up as it's going to be a long day. Not together that is.


I am taking a long hot shower, recalling our plane ride. I felt Josh stroking my hair. I was woken by his touch I assume. I knew I was laying on him as I could smell his cologne way too close to me. I don't even know how I got there. I just know I was too comfortable to move. His touch sent shivers down my spine. I was wrong to keep pretending to be sleeping. I could feel his feelings towards me just by the way he touched my hair. I know he still loves me. And me on his shoulder is probably not the most comfortable position I've put him in. But I just couldn't move. I could be in that position for the rest of my living days.


The meeting went fine. My fingers feel like they are going to fall off though. I've been scribbling notes so fast from the beginning of the meeting till the very end. And, this was like the longest meeting I've ever been in. It was more like a conference. And there's more to come tomorrow.


Anyway, I'm in my room now. Josh has to go for the dinner tonight. Like those people in the conference have not had enough of each other. They actually have a social dinner to attend together. I brought a dress with me in case I needed to go. It is a short silver silk dress. It has some flowery embroidery on it. And there are three spaghetti straps on each side with a few diamond beads on them. Not real diamond of cause. My mom had bought me this dress for my sister's wedding reception. I haven't worn it since. I just brought it just in case I had to go for the dinner. I'm glad I don't. I don't know anyone there, nor am I in their league. All those Senators, Congress people, graduates of Ivy league colleges. I didn't even graduate college. Which I'm really not proud of. But hey, I still made my way up to the White House. That's got to count for something right.


Oh, who's that knocking on my door? I get of my bed and open the door.


"Hi, Josh. You clean up nice." I said. He's looking rather ruggedly handsome today. I could just eat him up. But I won't. He's wearing a tuxedo without the bow-tie. Obviously holding it, waiting for me to tie it for him.


"Why aren't you dressed? We have to leave in like 20 minutes." He said rather alarmed.


"I didn't even know I was invited." I said ushering him into my room and taking his bowtie from his hand.


"Donna! You knew about the dinner. Did you want the royal servants at your doorstep reading you an invitation?" Josh asked as I tried to tie the bowtie around his neck. I had to bite my bottom lip as I was just too close to him right then.


"Well, I wouldn't have minded that. Josh, I'll be bored. I wouldn't know anyone there and I'm not a Senator or a Congresswoman or anything like that. I wouldn't have anything in common with them." I said still trying to tie his tie.


"Donna, I'd be bored too. I need you there." Josh said with his whiny voice.


"Josh, you'll be fine. You'll find someone you can argue with and make your points heard loud and clear. And I want to enjoy my night in New York City, the city that never sleeps." I said.


"And what are you planning to do? Wonder around the city alone and get mugged or something?" Josh asked as I finished with his tie.


"Josh, I'll be fine. I won't do anything stupid. Anyway, it is too late for me to get ready anyway." I said.


"Ok, fine. Just be careful okay. Don't stay out late. And bring your cell phone." Josh was so serious saying that it made me laugh.


"Yeah, and don't talk to strangers. I got it, Dad." I said mocking him


Josh just glared at me which caused me to laugh harder.


"I'm glad I'm amusing you." Josh said as he checked himself out in the mirror.


"I'm looking pretty smashing tonight, aren't I?" Josh said still staring at the mirror.


"Yeah, a regular James Bond." I said rolling my eyes. Could that ego of his get any bigger?


"Ok. I'm off. You, sure you'll be okay by yourself?" Josh asked again.


"Yes, Josh." I said showing my annoyance.


Josh then flashed me a full dimpled smile and left my room. Did he have to smile like that? I was doing relatively fine, with the tux and the cleaned-up look....but that smile totally caught me off guard. I dropped on my bed to take a couple of deep breathes trying to get myself together.


I had an incredible day by myself. The truth is, I was kind of upset to be all alone, roaming around New York City. But I was wrong. I went shopping, well window shopping anyway. I also went to 5th Avenue, Central Park and Rockefeller Centre. All were walking distance from the hotel. I went to a few broadway theaters. The shows I knew were all fully booked considering it was Friday night. So, I bought a ticket to a short musical which had amateur performances from various famous musicals. It was incredibly splendid.


I came back to my room before 10pm. I really wanted to stay out later but the whole idea of being alone at night, walking on the streets of New York City does scare me. Not just in New York City, walking alone at night anywhere scares me. After that horrible night, I realize anything can happen and it's better to be safe than sorry.


I'm now in my pajamas and ordered some room service and am watching Casablanca. I ordered a complete three course meal which included a gourmet Italian dinner and chocolate moose. I debated on whether or not to order a drink. I decided against it. I haven't had a single drink since that night. Drinking any form of alcohol tonight would only remind me of the incident. And I refused to let the incident ruin my night here. I ordered some sparkling grape juice though. May I emphasize that the expense of the room service is being taken cared of.


I'm now tucked in my bed, watching cable TV and eating the last bit of my chocolate moose, which is delectable. Just then, I hear a knock at my door. Damn, the room service guy is early.


I open the door and find Josh standing with one hand on the door frame. His bowtie and top two buttons were undone. I think my jaw is hanging. He looks more delectable than my chocolate moose.



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