Title : Boy, was I wrong. Part 7

Rating : PG-13

Short summary :  Josh prepares to tell CJ about his relationship with Donna.

Other info :  Refer Part 1




It's Monday morning and I just came to work. Donna is sitting at her desk, busy with her index cards as usual. We didn't talk much since the night at her hotel room. We didn't want to stir any form of rumors about our relationship and I think we were still kind of adjusting to the fact that we finally bared our feelings for each other. I told Donna  I will talk to CJ at the end of the day. I still haven't decided on how to tell her without causing her to beat me up.


I cannot believe how happy I feel right now even though I might be smacked on the head countless times in a while. I thought I would never find any form of happiness when Donna told me she didn't love me a month ago. I thought I would end up a lonely old man who once was a powerful politician. Now, I feel like I could concur the world as long as I have Donna by my side. Now, I have a reason to keep on living. I am going make Donna eternally happy. That is if I'm not clogged to death by CJ tonight. Well, if I die tonight, I guess I would die a happy man knowing finally that Donna loves me like I do her.


Wow, where did the time go? It's past 10 pm.


"Donna? Could you come in for a sec?" I called out from my office.


"Yeah Josh?" Donna asked me as she walked into my office. I could see she was tired but nevertheless she looks as stunning as ever.


"You should take off. I'm pretty much done except for that one thing." I said.


"What one thing?" Donna asked my positively clueless.


I looked at her. Did she forget? Has she forgotten about us? Did she have a change of heart? Oh my god!!


"The thing Donna. The thing with CJ about...." I said pointing at her and then me.


"Oh yeah. Of course. Sorry. You want me to come with you?" Donna asked as she placed her hand on mine.


Oh, thank god. She still wants me. I shivered at her touch. I longed for more. I was almost going to reach for her face and kiss her. Just then, she removed her hand from mine.


"No. I should do this alone. And if I fail, you can give it a try." I said smiling.


"Okay. Call me as soon as you get back okay?" Donna said.


"Definitely." I said.


"Do you need a helmet to protect yourself from CJ?" Donna asked smirking away.


"Probably, but I think I'll take my chances." I said laughing slightly.


"Goodnight Joshua. And good luck." Donna smiled at me and left.


Okay. Brace yourself Joshua. It took almost all my might and courage to get to CJ's office. I knocked on her door which was partly open. CJ was sitting at her desk, with her legs on her table.


"Yeah?" CJ asked.


"CJ, you have a minute?" I asked like a school boy at his principal's office.


"Yeah, I'm done anyway." CJ said motioning me to sit down.


"What's on your mind?" CJ asked.


"CJ, I know I'm not going to be your favorite person after this but you did always ask us to come to you before doing anything stupid, right?" I said carefully choosing my words.


"Isn't that the best line to say to the White House Press Secretary? Okay Joshua, give it to me. How bad did you screw up? Or in this case, planning to screw up." CJ placed her legs down from the table.


"CJ, I have fallen in love with someone." I said not knowing where to start.


"What? I didn't know you were seeing anyone. And why would that be a problem?" CJ asked.


I just looked at her.


"Oh, man. You finally realized it didn't you?" CJ asked.


"What?" I asked confused.


"Donna. You finally realize you love her and it took you only....what?.....three and a half years?"CJ asked.


I'm dumbfounded by her statement. She is a genius, isn't she?


"How did you...." I muttered.


"Everyone knew Joshua....except the both of you. I mean, I know how dense you can be in this area but Donna, I don't know why she's didn't know it. Speaking of Donna, did you tell her?" CJ said.

I'm still relatively shocked that I'm not physically injured at this point.


"Oh, yeah. I told her." I said.


"What? You actually told her? When? How??" CJ's voice was getting louder by each word.


I closed her door as I figured her voice is only going to get louder by the second.


"Well, I told her about a month ago." I said.


"A month?? And you are only telling me now??" CJ said almost yelling.


"Keep your voice down, CJ. I didn't tell you because she said she didn't feel the same way. And I didn't do anything about it. And that was it at that point." I explained.


"A month ago? What happened? How did you tell her?" CJ pressed on the issue.


"Well, as I recall. You are the one who gave me the idea. Hmm...I can probably blame this whole thing on you." I said recalling the incident that lead me to confess my feelings to Donna.


"What the hell are you going about now?" CJ said starring at me. Not in a good way.


"Well, you said I overwork Donna and I should treat her dinner at a nice place. And you also said, I could confess that I'm head over heels in love with her." I said smirking, feeling proud of myself.


"Oh, yeah I do recall that. It was a figure of speech, Spanky. So, what was wrong with her anyway?" CJ asked, her was finally starting to quiet down.


"Huh?" I asked not knowing what she is referring to.


"Well, you told me Donna was not being herself at that point. That she was dull and quiet." CJ said.


I completely forgot about that. Why was she so dull and unenthusiastic that time? I have been so wrapped up around my confession for her and how she turned me down that I completely forgotten about it. And Donna seems to be back to normal since then. Wonder what caused that?


"Ummm....I guess she was tired and I was overworking her." I said not knowing what other explanation I could give CJ.


"Okay, so she said she doesn't have any feelings for you. What happened after that?" CJ asked curiously like I'm providing her with office gossip.

"Well, this weekend, when we went to New York together......Well, basically I asked her again and she confessed that she loves me as well. She didn't say so earlier because she was worried for our jobs and the administration. And she figured I would get over her if she said that she didn't love me at all." I said still feeling the pain that it caused me.


"Wow. I always knew she's the smart one out of the two of you. Okay, did you guys do anything? Like...."CJ said as I cut her off.


"No. I mean we kissed in the hotel restaurant while dancing. But that's it." I said.


"What? Why did you go and do that for??? Did anyone see you?" CJ said her voice getting back to the previous volume.


"Calm down CJ. There was barely anyone there. No reporters, I promise. And, I just couldn't help myself. I really am sorry." I apologized.


"Okay, what's done is done. But I'm not convinced that no one saw you because there was the whole tax conference thing going on. And most of the people involved in that were staying at your hotel." CJ explained.


I sat there patiently as CJ looked like she was cracking her head on how to deal with this.


"Okay, look I want to say that the two of you should keep your paws off each other....at least until reelection. But I know it is too much to ask. I know you two have waited a very long time just to realize and confess your feelings for each other. I don't want to be the one to take that from you. I'll think of something that could make this work. I'll try my best but we have to tell the rest of the senior staff and the President as well." CJ said with a small smile forming on her lips.


"Thank you CJ. Thank you so very much. This means soo much to me. You have no idea." I rambled on.


"Fine. You do owe me one and I will collect. And Josh, I'll only do this if you promise me one thing." CJ said to me.

"Anything. Anything at all." I said.


"Promise me you won't screw this up. Donna is a great woman and one of the kindest and sweetest person I know. And frankly, much too good for you." CJ said dead serious.


"I know CJ. I know. I promise. She means the world to me." I said.


"Okay then. You have my blessing. I'll come up with a plan by tomorrow first thing. And you have to tell the others. I'll be there when you tell Leo and the President if you want." CJ said.


"Great. Can't wait." I said unenthusiastically.


"Okay, get lost. I wanna pack up and leave." CJ said shooing me to leave.


"All right. Thanks again CJ. You are amazing, you know that?" I said.


"In fact I do. Now scram. Don't do anything stupid in the mean while. And Josh, I'm really happy for both of you." CJ said smiling genuinely.


"Thanks. Good night." I said as I left her office.


I can't wait to get home and call Donna. I probably should tell Sam as well. He's going to be unhappy that I didn't tell him sooner. But he's going to have to deal with it.



I've been waiting by the phone for what seems like eternity. What's taking him so long? It must be bad news. CJ must be pounding his head. CJ might be in the midst of killing him as we speak! Ring!! Ring!!....Damn, I jumped at the sound of the telephone ringing.


Okay, this is it. My life may fall apart completely and I'll be miserable forever or I'll be the happiest I've ever been. Brace yourself Donnatella. I picked up the phone.


"Hello?" I said softly and nervously.


"Donnatella?" I heard Josh's voice at the other end. I couldn't make out what he was feeling.


"Yeah, it's me." I said not daring to ask anything further.


"Okay, are you sitting down?" Josh asked sounding careful with his words. This can't be good.


"Yeah, just tell me what happened Josh." I said impatiently.


"Okay. First, CJ didn't kill me. Nor did she whack me over the head." He started.


"Well, okay. So we have you in one piece. What did you tell her? What did she tell you?" I asked.


"I told her the whole truth. From a month ago, when I first told you how I felt until this weekend. She's okay with it. In fact she's truly happy for us. She said everyone knew how we felt for each other except for us. She's kind of skeptical when I said no one saw use when we kissed at the hotel restaurant. So, she said she'll come up with a plan by tomorrow morning and she'll do anything possible for us to be together and work together as well." Josh explained. I was shocked.


"Wow. I'm really shocked. I didn't expect that at all. CJ is something, isn't she?" I said with my voice showing my increasing excitement.


"Yeah, but it's not all positive stuff. I have to go tell the other. CJ said she'll come with me when we see Leo and the President as soon as we have a plan." Josh said.


"Okay. So, worse case scenario, Leo kills you." I said as-a-matter-of-factly.


"No, worse case scenario, the press scrutinize our relationship and air it like dirty laundry." Josh said. My heart sank.


"Josh, if you don't want to do this...if you have second thought about this. It's not too late. I'll understand." I said not truly meaning a single word.


"No. No way in hell Donna. I'm gonna do this. We are going to do this." Josh said firmly.


"Okay. I guess all the excitement begins tomorrow." I said unenthusiastically.


"Yeah...I guess.....Donna?" Josh asked with a change of tone in his voice.


"Yeah?" I asked.


"I really miss you...I'm physically aching to kiss you right now." He said in a husky, yet sweet voice.


My heart literally skips a beat. I feel flushed tight now. How I wish he was here with me...


"Donna?" Oh, I should say something.


"Yeah....I miss you too.....guess I'll see you tomorrow morning?" I said not knowing what else to say. Damn, this is all so new to me. I feel like a junior high girl again. What is wrong with me? I miss him. I should talk to him longer...Not end the conversation abruptly!!


"Umm...Yeah....see you tomorrow. Good night, Donna." Josh said obviously disturbed by my previous statement.


"Good night Joshua....I love you." I said trying to make up for what I said.


"I love you more." Josh said. He was definitely smiling wide judging by the sound of his voice. Again, he got me tongue tied. He put down the phone. I'm still holding the receiver with my jaw hanging. Is he always going to have this impact on me?


I hope things go alright tomorrow. If not, that would be the last time we exchange those words of love to each other. I don't want to even imagine that possibility.





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