TITLE: "Where Pride Goeth"
AUTHOR: Pat Steiner [ssbpmn@aol.com]
SUMMARY: A relationship for Donna brings her and Josh closer together as
tragedy strikes. Rated PG for mild violence and language.
DISCLAIMER: The West Wing belongs to NBC et al. No copyright infringement
is intended and the following is for entertainment purposes only.

"Where Pride Goeth" Part 1--
"Donna?" Josh poked his head out of his office and looked for her,
seeing her on the phone. "Donna I need these figures verified right away
please and then would you go down to the Library of Congress and get me this
list of......what's the matter?"
She put her hand over the mouthpiece and gave him a look of exasperation.
"Josh where were you earlier the three times I reminded you I'm leaving
early, and that was just today. I cleared it with you three days ago--stop
me when this starts getting familiar."
He looked at her blankly for a long minute and she simply stared back,
challenging his memory.
"OK right" he grudgingly admitted. "Going to the Kennedy Center with Boy
Wonder right?"
"I don't have time to do that with you now" she muttered. "I'll be in
about two hours late in the morning too, remember again I......"
"I know, you cleared it with me" Josh told her.
"Forty five minutes then" Donna said into the phone and hung up, then
turned to Josh. "I have to go change if that's OK. He's meeting me out
back, because unlike normal people who have lives, I don't have time to go
home first."
"Sure go ahead" Josh sighed, shaking his head. In the two years she had
worked for him, Donna had dated other men but with nothing serious ever
developing. But somehow this man seemed different. He was older for one
thing, he called her often and the few times Josh had told him she was not
available, he did not take it graciously. Still frowning he returned to his
desk and the papers at hand.
"Good night Josh" Donna's soft voice interrupted him a half hour later.
"I thought you were leaving. Good...." he looked up finally and gasped
when he saw her. Her hair was now pinned up, and she was wearing a pale blue
straight line gown, which clung attractively to her.
"I just wanted to say goodnight" she repeated softly.
"I'll see you in the morning" he stammered, "but Donna....you...you look
"Thanks" she smiled, "I stopped back because I had promised to show Mrs.
Landingham my dress so I thought I'd say good night again."
"I'm glad you did" he assured her, "come on I'll walk with you out. You
might break your neck in those shoes."
"I'd like that" she smiled, "but I can walk OK..." The words were no
sooner out of her mouth as she walked around the desk when her ankle turned
and she fell sideways, grabbing the desk for support.
"Hey careful" he gasped, knocking over a bottle of water on his desk in
his haste to get to her.
"Are you all right?" he asked at once as his arms went around her.
"Yes of course" she said, her tone not supporting her words. "I just
turned my ankle a little when I moved too fast that's all."
"Maybe you should put some ice on it and stay here for a little while" he
suggested, trying to guide her to the sofa.
"Not go?" She looked horrified at the thought.
"Yeah" he nodded, puzzled. "Just call Boy Wonder and tell him...I'm
sorry, just call what's-his-face and tell him you've hurt yourself and you
need a raincheck."
"Oh I couldn't, no way" she shook her head and then looked at the clock.
"And if I don't run I'm going to be late and he told me..."
"Told you what, that he'd kill you if you were late?" Josh laughed.
"Well not quite but he wouldn't like it" she answered with such
seriousness that Josh was startled. "He's kind of got this thing about being
on time and he doesn't have much patience....." She stopped there and looked
helplessly at Josh.
"Go on" he urged, feeling the first inkling of concern prickle at him.
"The only place I'm going is out the back gate" Donna informed him,
shaking off her mood. She pushed Josh's hand away and took a step, only to
have her leg nearly give away and only his quick grasp saved her from falling.
"You're not going anywhere" he told her.
"Sorry, I don't have to mind you" Donna retorted, "but if you're
concerned you'll help me out to where I'm meeting him."
"No" he shook his head, "I don't want you to go."
"Fine" she replied quietly, picking up her wrap. "I'll see you tomorrow."
She began to walk, hobbling as she went.
"OK wait" Josh called hastily, "I'll walk you."
His arm went easily around her waist and he marveled to himself how tiny
it was. She leaned on him heavily at first, but by the time they had walked
the long corridor and outside she was more able to bear her weight.
"Oh god there he is" she gasped, "I promised he wouldn't have to wait."
"I don't think it killed him" Josh muttered.
They reached the car and a man who could have played football for the
Redskins unfolded himself. He was at least 6-4 and 250 Josh estimated.
Donna was not short, but this man towered over her, dwarfing her with his
"Donna I told you I didn't want to have to park here" he hissed, and then
took a good look at Josh, his eyes going to where Josh's arm was around her.
"And who the hell are you?"



Where Pride Goeth - 2



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