by: Rhiannon & AJ 

summary: Just a little 'what if' story... what if Jed and Abbey never got together in college?? What if they married other people???


Dr. Abigail Erlich sat in her kitchen reading the newspaper while two of her three children ate breakfast nearby. She sighed as she reached for her cup of coffee; one more day to get through...


Abbey raised her eyes from the newspaper, "What Jason?"

Eleven year old Jason looked at his mother, "Brennan threw his toast at me! It's got jelly all over it Mom!"

"Brennan." Abbey warned.

The brown-eyed eight year old smiled at her with the face of an angel, "I wouldn't throw the toast Mom. 'Cause I know how much you don't like it when someone throws their toast as the table. And we both know that I would never, ever do anything that you wouldn't like!"

"Yeah... right." Abbey replied.

"What?!" Brennan exclaimed. "I wouldn't! I'm the good child!"

Abbey smiled at her sons. She had done so very little smiling in the last ten months.


"Yes, Jason?"

"Do we have to go to the White House today?"

"Yes, Jason."

"I don't want to go," came the impudent voice of a girl.

Abbey looked up to find her fourteen year old daughter, Ariel, walking down the stairs and into the kitchen.

Abbey sighed, "Ariel, I know, but-"

"This is stupid!"

"It's not stupid Ariel!" Jason spoke up. "You're the one that's stupid!"

"Shut up Jason, no one asked you into this conversation!" Ariel shouted.

"No one had to, I invited myself into this conversation!" Jason shot back.

"Well, you can invite yourself out!" Ariel yelled back.

"Enough!" Abbey finally exclaimed. "That's enough out of both of you! We're all going to the White House whether you want to or not! Do not ruin this, this is your father's special day."

"Dad's dead, Mom." Ariel shot off. "How can this be his special day?"

Abbey rose from the table and walked out the back door without a sound.

Jason shot his sister a lethal glare, "Stupid..."

"Well,... how can it?" Ariel shot back as the pair walked out the door after their mother.

"Shut up, Ariel." Jason muttered.

Brennan shook his head as he followed them out of the house, "Yep... I'm the good child."


Destiny - 2



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