by: Rhiannon & AJ 


Josh groaned, "But she threatened me..."

Jed looked over at Abbey, who's lips were beginning to form a very sly and very satisfied smile. Jed turned back to Josh, "You let her threaten you and, thereby, risk my wrath?"

"Well, sir." Josh said. "She seemed to present more of an immediate danger to my physical well-being than you did at the time."

Abbey's smile graduated to a grin.

Jed rolled his eyes as he rose from the couch he had been sitting on, "Glad to know the level of loyalty I have from my staff..."

It was then that Jed's natural clumsy nature took control of his body. He ran into a footstool and, before anyone could react, was flying head first into an end-table.

Abbey reacted first; she was at his side in an instant, "Mr. President?"

"Huh?" was the pain filled response.

Abbey quickly examined him with her well trained eyes... a cut above his eye ... no other apparent head trauma... she ran her eyes down the rest of his body as the others crowded around. Abbey took the hand that Jed was grasping.

"Ow! Damnit!" Jed exclaimed.

"Hold still," Abbey commanded, examining the deep gash in his hand. She spared her daughter a brief glance, "Ariel, run out to my car and get my bag out of the trunk... run!"

"Yes, ma'am." Ariel flew out of the room.

"Someone get me a towel," Abbey commanded. Half a minute later, CJ was handing her a towel. Abbey quickly wrapped Jed's bleeding hand in it and held his hand in both of hers. She looked him in the eye, "You're still a klutz, Mr. President."

"Tell me something I don't know," Jed said between clinched teeth.

"Did you know that the human head weighs eight pounds?" Brennan immediately spoke up, trying to be of assistance.

Abbey glanced at her son and nodded.

Jed bit his tongue, "Where did you hear that?"

"A movie," Brennan replied as his sister flew back into the room.

"Gloves," Abbey barked. Immediately, Ariel put on a pair of gloves. Abbey motioned her daughter over, "Take his hand and apply the same pressure I am."

"Okay," Ariel replied, doing just as her mother told her.

Abbey glanced at Jed, "Are you allergic to anything?"

"Footstools," was Jed's response.

Abbey nodded, pulling out a bottle of peroxide, "Ariel, when I say so I want you to remove the towel from his hand, but keep soaking up the blood... okay?"


"Now," Abbey said. She waited until her daughter removed the towel and then she applied the peroxide to the gash, cleaning it thoroughly.

"Damnit!" Jed jumped.

"Stop fidgeting." Abbey commanded.

"It hurts," Jed replied.

"Don't care," Abbey shot right back at him. "Stop moving or it's going to hurt a lot worse." Abbey looked back at her daughter, "Hold his hand again."

Ariel took Jed's hand once more and Abbey dug back into her bag. Seconds later, she brought out a large hook shaped needle and string.

Jed stared at her in clear horror, "What the hell are you planning to do with that?"

Abbey looked at him very calmly, "Stitch up the gash in your hand, Mr. President... that's what I am planning to do with it."

"Like hell," Jed exclaimed, trying to stand.

Abbey caught his shoulder, "With all due respect sir; Sit down, shut up, and stop moving!" She held his hand in hers and brought the threaded needle to his hand.

Destiny - 12



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