by: Rhiannon & AJ 


Abbey looked at him for a moment, "Excuse me?"

Leo smiled at her, "How would like to be President Bartlet's doctor?"

"Umm... well..." Abbey muttered. "Okay... I guess..."

"Great!" Leo proclaimed. "I'll tell him, can you come tomorrow afternoon around four-thirty to get his medical charts and do whatever it is that you need to do to make him your patient?"

"I guess..."

"Perfect," Leo said, starting to walk back down the hall. "See you tomorrow."

"Yeah," Abbey turned to walk in the other direction. Suddenly, a thought occurred to her, "Leo!" she called out as she turned back to face him.


"Why doesn't the President already have a doctor?"

Leo looked at her for a moment, "That's a question you can ask him tomorrow... He's the one that should answer that, Abbey." 


At precisely five minutes to four-thirty the next afternoon, Abbey walked through the doors of the Oval Office reception area. She smiled at the senior citizen sitting at the desk in front of her, "Hello, Mrs. Landingham, I'm here to see President Bartlet. We have a ten o'clock appointment."

Mrs. Landingham looked up at Abbey, "Of course, Mrs. Erlich. The President has been expecting you, go on it."

"Thank you, Mrs. Landingham." Abbey replied, walking to the open door of the Oval Office. She stepped inside, "Mr. President?"

Jed looked up, "Ah, Dr. Erlich, glad you're here. Come on in and shut the door please."

Destiny - 14



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