by: Rhiannon & AJ 


"Thank God," Jed muttered to himself as Abbey and Brennan walked into the room.

"Hey! Mr. President!" Brennan yelled. "What's up?"

"Hey, yourself Brennan." Jed replied, walking over to the boy. "What happened?"

Brennan opened his mouth to speak, but Ariel's voice interrupted him, "Hey Mom!"

"What?" Abbey responded with a tired sigh.

"You should read this stupid speech President Bartlet's going to give to a bunch of teenagers!" Ariel exclaimed. "It's sooo dumb!"

"It's not stupid, Stupid." Jason immediately spoke from the couch.

"What the crap?!" Brennan exclaimed. "I'm trying to talk here!"

"Keep trying, Rodent!" Ariel shot back.

"Leave me alone, Ariel." Brennan demanded.

Jed watched as Abbey closed her eyes for a moment. Her right eyebrow rose as she opened her eyes and set her jaw, "That's enough... Not another word out of any of you unless I'm asking you a question... Do you understand?" She looked at each of her children, "Brennan?"

"Yes, ma'am," was the eight year olds response.


"Yes, ma'am."


"Yes," was her daughter's reply.

Abbey tilted her head, "Yes, what?"

Ariel groaned, "Yes, ma'am."

"Thank you, now you two," Abbey said, pointing to Ariel and Jason. "Get your stuff and let's go home."

Ariel rose from behind Jed's desk and grabbed her backpack. She glanced over at Jason, who had yet to move from his place on the couch.

Abbey noticed this as well, "Jason?"

Jason looked up at her, "He told me not to move from the couch..."

"Who told you not to move from the couch?" Abbey questioned.

"He did," Jason replied, pointing to Jed. "He told me that if I moved from the couch he'd kill me."

Jed groaned at Jason's admission.

Abbey let her head fall to the right as she gave a little sigh. She turned around to face Jed, "Mr. President, would you kindly tell my son that he can rise from your couch so we can go home, thus causing this nightmare of a day and evening to come to a merciful end?"

Jed nodded, "Sure... Jason, you can get up from the couch now."

"Thank you, sir." Jason replied, rising from the couch and collecting his belongings.

Ariel walked up to her mother and raised her hand. Abbey looked at her daughter with a look that clearly said that she was not amused, "What?"

"I'm hungry." Ariel said.

"What else is new?" Jason muttered.

Abbey spared him a withering glare, which prompted the boy's study of the carpet beneath him. Abbey glanced back at her watch, "It's almost seven..." Abbey looked back her daughter, "We'll stop and get something on the way home."

"Ah, crap," Brennan moaned. "Not fast food... again."

"Brennan-" Abbey began.

"It sucks, Mom." Ariel spoke up.

Abbey let out a low growl, "I'm entirely too tired to cook anything tonight. And, since none of you can cook, we're having fast food. Now, let's go... Mr. President, goodnight. Thank you for watching Jason and Ariel."

Jed watched this exchange with interest. He spoke as Abbey began to walk to the door, "Dr. Erlich, wait." He waited until Abbey turned and faced him, "Why don't you all stay for dinner? I can have the kitchen staff make dinner?"

Brennan looked at Jed eagerly, "What are we having?"

"Brennan!" Abbey exclaimed.

Jed looked down at the little boy, "How about pizza?"

"Cool!" Brennan proclaimed. He turned to his mother, "Please Mom?"

Jason looked at his mother, "Come on, Mom... Please?"

Ariel took the cue from her brothers, "It's better than McDonald's, Mom..."

Abbey shifted her weight to one side. She looked at each one of her kids and then looked at the President. With a deep sigh she said, "Oh, fine... All right."

Destiny - 18



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