by: Rhiannon & AJ 


"Now, that wasn't as bad as you thought it was going to be, was it Abbey?" Jed asked as the kitchen staff took the last of the dishes away from the dinner table.

"No, I suppose not, Mr. President." Abbey weakly smiled. "Well kids, I think you should all thank the President for letting us stay for dinner, then we really should be on our way."

"Crap." Brennan said. "But I want to stay longer."

"Brennan," Abbey sighed. "It's been a long day, and..."

"Don't you have a movie theatre in this place somewhere?" Ariel asked Jed.

"I think so, yeah. Yeah, there is one in here somewhere."

"Ooh, can we stay and watch a movie?" Brennan suggested.

"No, Brennan. I think we've bugged the President long enough for one day."

"I can send Charlie out to find out what kind of movies we have." Jed suggested, completely undermining Abbey.

"Mr. President." Abbey sighed as she rubbed her eyes. "We really should be getting home. It's already 8:30."

"Ah, crap. It isn't even a school night, Mom."

"No, it isn't." Abbey agreed.

"Come on, Mom. Please." Jason begged.

Looking at the three... four pouting faces set before her, Abbey gave in. "Alright. We can stay... for a little bit." 


"So you have a choice, kids." Jed said as he read the note provided him by Charlie. "Any of the Freddie Krugar movies, The Exorcist, Bambi, Badlands, Steel Magnolias, or Grease."

"Crap, Mom looks too much like Rizzo. I don't want to see that one."

"What about Freddie Krugar?" Ariel suggested.

"No stupid. I want to watch The Exorcist." Jason commented.

"How about Bambi?" Abbey said, in a tone that implied the names of the movies her children were naming were scaring her.

"Freddie Krugar." Brennan voted in favor of Ariel.

"You're stupid too." Jason snapped, as he folded his arms up. "Fine, I'll watch Krugar." Jason gave in.

"Oh boy." Abbey muttered.

Destiny - 19



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