by: Rhiannon & AJ 


"It's alright." Jed whispered again, as he put a protective arm over her. "Maybe I should get you out of here? Go for a walk?"

Abbey picked her head up enough to look Jed in the eyes. She nodded her head, and then let him help her stand up.

As the two walked out, Jed holding Abbey in front of him, and leading her out, Ariel caught them, just as the door was shutting.

"Hey, Dork boy, did you see that?" Ariel called out as she slapped her brother upside the head.

"Don't do that, Stupid." Jason said in anger.

"I'll do it if I want to do it, Dork boy. Now, did you see that?"

"See what?"

"Mom, and the President just walked out of here..."

"Yes!" Brennan exclaimed as a smile overtook his face.

"What do you mean by that, Rodent?" Ariel asked.

"It worked. Crap, I didn't think it would work. But it did."

"What?" Jason gave in to his curiosity.

"Mom and the President." Brennan smiled.

"You mean you've been trying to set them up? You're stupider than she is!" Jason protested.

"Yeah Rodent, way to go." Ariel agreed with Jason. "Do you really want mom and that geek to get together?"

"Yes, I do." Brennan replied honestly.

"Do what?" Jed asked as he reentered the theatre.

"Crap!" All three cried out as their heads snapped to the man standing at the door.

Destiny - 21



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