by: Rhiannon & AJ 


"You feeling better now?" Jed asked as he sat by Abbey's side on the couch in the living room of the residence.

"Yeah," Abbey said quietly. "Thank you, Mr. President."

"Good. I'm going to have Charlie set a room up for you, and one for each of the kids. You guys are going to stay here tonight."

"No, Mr. President. You've done too much for us already. We couldn't really impose on you any more."

"Ha, see you work for me now. You're my doctor. So I get to order you around now. If you need anything from your home, I can send someone to go get the things. Maybe take Ariel with them, to make sure they get the right things. Okay?"

"Okay." Abbey smiled weakly from the couch.

"Mr. Pres- oh I'm sorry." Leo looked up as he entered the living room. "I didn't realize you had company."

"It's alright. What do you need Leo?"

"I was just wanting to talk to you about some things, Sir. But it can wait until tomorrow."

"Don't be silly. Abbey needs to get her rest. And that is an order by the way, Dr. Erlich. So, while she's getting her rest, we can talk." Jed said.

"Okay." Leo responded, turning to Abbey. "I hope you are feeling better soon."

"Me too." Abbey replied.

"Sleep." Jed ordered as he got up and followed Leo to the door of the living room. "What's up Leo?"

"Earlier today, when you were..." Leo trailed off as he had a sudden epiphany. "Wait a minute."


"Is there anything you want to tell me, Mr. President?"

"Such as?"

"Mr. President, it's written all over your face."

"I don't know what you're talking about, Leo."

"Sir, you can't lie to me."

"Fine, I give. Leo, I really think I'm falling in love with her." Jed admitted, not realizing that Abbey could hear every word he said.






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