by: Rhiannon & AJ 


Abbey sat with her three children in the Oval Office of the White House. She looked around the room with interest... in the years that Ron had worked as the Fed Chair and all the times he had been in this building, she had never actually stepped foot in the White House... She had never met President Bartlet... at least not while he was President.

"Oh, crap!"

Abbey's head snapped in the direction of the voice, "Brennan?"

The boy was standing behind the President's desk with his nose up against the window looking out, "Mom! Look at all the Secret Service dudes out there!"

"Brennan," Abbey sighed. "Get over here."

"Okay, okay, okay." Brennan muttered, pulling himself away from the window.

"Can we get this show on the road?" came Ariel's bored voice. "I'd like to get this over with before I start collecting my social security."

"We're waiting for President Bartlet," Jason responded before his mother had a chance to. "Stupid."

"I'm not stupid!" Ariel shot back.

"Ariel, Jason..." Abbey sighed. "Please don't start..."

"Yeah," Brennan piped up. "Don't start."

Ariel whirled around on her little brother, "Shut up you little rodent."

"Ariel Nicole!" Abbey said in a low, dangerous tone. "Sit down and do not speak again."

Ariel stared at her mother for a moment, almost ready to disobey her. But that moment passed and Ariel sat down on the couch without a sound.

Abbey then turned to Jason, "Not another word out of your mouth unless it's pleasant. Do you understand me young man?"

Jason nodded, "Yes, ma'am."

Abbey turned to her daughter, "Ariel?"

Ariel looked up at her mother, "Yes."

Abbey's right eyebrow raised, "Yes, what?"

Ariel set her jaw, "Yes, ma'am."

"Thank you," Abbey responded.

Brennan shook his head at the tantrum he had just witnessed... Yep, he was definitely the good child... no doubt about it. He walked around President Bartlet's desk when something caught his eye, "What the crap is this?" he asked, pointing toward a large, purple crystal sitting on the desk.

Abbey opened her mouth to respond, when a louder voice reached their ears.

"That is a very old crystal that was found in one of our nation's national parks."

Abbey and her children turned around to find President Josiah Bartlet standing just inside the doorway of the Oval Office.

Destiny - 4



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