by: Rhiannon & AJ 


"Oh, sure." Brennan responded immediately as Ariel and Jason walked up to the group. "Mom talks about you all the time. She used to tease Dad about it, she said that Dad should always realize how lucky he was cause she could have married the President of the United States."

Ariel's eyes lit up, "Even though the President was always a... what was it that you called him, Mom?"

"Ariel, if you value your freedom..." Abbey warned.

"A nerd," Jason finished, for once on the same page as his older sister.

"A nerd," Jed said with elaborate mock hurt. "You called me a nerd?"

Abbey shook her head and then looked at her children, "I'm going to get all three of you for this..." She looked back up at the President, "Mr. President, what I said in my home were recollections from a long time ago... and I was teasing my late husband at the time."

Leo smirked, "Nice save, Abbey." Some things never changed...

Jed lifted an eyebrow, "If you don't mind me asking, what's you thing tomorrow?"

"Mr. President..." Abbey sighed, hoping to find a way around answering his question.

But, true to form, Brennan spoke up, "My soccer team is playing. It's the kids against the parents. Mom's going to play!"

"Oh, really?" was Jed's response.

"Really." Brennan answered.

"Mr. President," Abbey finally said, using what her kids called her doctor's voice. "We have a long say tomorrow and the children and I really should be going. I want to thank you very much for this ceremony and for the award for my husband. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it."

Jed smiled at her, "You're welcome, Mrs. Erlich. I'm glad we were able to honor Ron for his work... he was a good man."

"Thank you, sir." Abbey replied. She glanced over at Leo, "Goodnight Leo."

"Goodnight Abbey." Leo said.

Abbey nodded once more to Jed and then, with children in tow, made her way to the exit.

"Hey Mom?"

"What Brennan?"

"Think the President will come to the soccer game?"

"For your sake, you better pray he doesn't son."

Destiny - 8



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