by: Rhiannon & AJ 


Abbey entered the White House residence a little before seven o'clock with her three children in tow. She sighed as she listened to Jason and Ariel argue behind her. She shook her head, she was beginning to think that those two would going to end up killing each other... or she was going to kill them...

"Hey Mom?"

"What Brennan?"

"Did the President really video tape the game?" Brennan asked incredulously.

"How many time are you going to ask that, Rodent?" Ariel spoke up.

"What the crap?" Brennan exclaimed. "Was I talking to you?"

"No," was his sister's reply.

"Then leave me the crap alone, Ariel." Brennan responded.

Abbey came to a sudden stop, "That's enough! All of you, stop now... We are guests here and you had better remember that. Do not push me on this." Abbey gave each child a linger look that served as a warning. "And yes, Brennan, the President really sent someone with a video camera to tape the game. And yes, before you ask me, we are really at the White House about to go to a chili party and watch the tape... That is if I don't kill all three of you before we walk through the door."

"That the crap?" Brennan exclaimed again. "What did I do?! I'm the good child, remember?"

"I certainly remember that!" came a familiar voice from across the hall. The group looked up to find Jed standing in the doorway, "Come in, come in. I've invited my senior staff here for the party. I thought we'd all watch the video together."

"Oh, let's not." Abbey muttered, walking over to where he stood.

"I can hardly wait!" Jed exclaimed. "It's going to be great!"

Abbey gave him a look that full of doubt, "Sure..."

Jed just grinned as he welcome the four people into his home.

Destiny - 10



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