For Lack of Better Words 

by Rhiannon and AJ 

A.K.A. The Diabolically Machivellian Sisters


"Good morning, sir." Leo chimed as he walked into the Oval Office.

"Leo." Jed acknowledged.

"I saw Abbey's apology last night."

"Did you?" Jed wasn't paying much attention to his friend, as he was trying to get through some of the papers on his desk before the rest of the staff showed up.

"Yes, I did. And I'm curious... How in the world did you get her to apologize, so soon?"

"I..." Jed looked up at his Chief of Staff. "I had to promise her something."

"What might that be, sir?" Leo prodded, already knowing the answer.

Picking up on Leo's tone of voice, Jed defended himself, "It was the only way, Leo. It was either that, or..."

"Or what, sir?" Leo's voice was brimming with curiosity.

"Leo... I got her to apologize, didn't I?"

"Only by making it worse for us. Good thing no one knows, yet, what you promised."

"And you called me whooped?" Toby said in a dubious tone, as he marched into the Oval Office.

"Toby!" Jed proclaimed, as he really didn't want a repeat episode of yesterday.

"You called me whooped, when I gave in on mandatory minimum's. You called me whooped, sir. If that isn't calling the kettle black..."

"How'd you find out?" Jed asked with a troubled expression.

"Oh, it's all over, sir. CJ's trying to find out how... but it's all over. This is big news... The President and child labor. Especially considering the very animate position that the First Lady holds when it comes to this issue. And what, with the fact that EVERYONE knows that she persuaded you into doing this..."

"When did we decide to do child labor?" Josh asked as he and Sam entered the Oval Office, interrupting Toby's roar.

"I'll tell you what, all of you." Jed said. "If you can figure out a way that I could have used to get my wife to apologize, without doing child labor, please share it with me. Cause I'm sure this isn't an isolated issue, not when it comes to her." Jed got up from his desk, and walked around to the other side of it, leaning into it. "I seriously doubt that any of you will be able to figure out any such method, but if you want to try... So, in the mean time, I want you to figure out a way that we can do this, without doing it. And what I mean by that... If I end up getting in trouble, from any side, none of you will like it, I can tell you that for damn sure."

For Lack Of Better Words - 7



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