For Lack of Better Words 

by Rhiannon and AJ 

A.K.A. The Diabolically Machivellian Sisters


Jed watched as she walked out the door... No, walked wasn't the right word of it... stormed out was a more fitting term. He let out a breath, he couldn't let her leave mad.

He strode towards the door, but was immediately met by Mrs. Landingham, "Mr. President, you have three meetings in the next three hours... The first one is with-"

"Mrs. Landingham, I really don't give a damn. I have to-"

"You have to have to attend these meetings, sir." Mrs. Landingham finished for him. "They cannot be put off."

"But I-"

"Mr. President?" Came Leo's voice from the other end of the office. "We're late, let's go."

"Leo!" Jed exclaimed.


"Abbey just walked out mad... I can't-"

"You should have thought about that before you let your heart rule your head, let's go." Leo answered him.

Jed sighed... He was screwed on so many levels... 


Finally, Jed managed to drag himself away from the West Wing. He made tracks to the residence, dread filling his heart.

'Stay positive,' he told himself. 'Hopefully, she's going to be sitting on the couch waiting for me... and will be willing to accept my groveling apology...'

He flung open the doors to his bedroom and his heart sunk when he saw no one in the room.

He walked over to the closet and opened the door. He leaned into the doorway when he looked on Abbey's side of the closet, his strength failing him.

All of her clothes were gone...

Every last scrape of clothing was gone from the closet...

Jed rested his head against the side of the doorway, "Oh, Abbey..." he whispered to himself.

"Yes?" came an answer as two arms wrapped themselves around his waist.

Jed jerked around and found his wife's eyes staring back up at him.

For Lack Of Better Words - 10



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