Journey Through the Heart 

by Rhiannon and AJ


The next morning, Jed awoke to the gentle touch of someone's hand on his forehead. When he heard the voice that went along with the hand, he elected to keep his eyes shut, and not clue her in on his consciousness.

"Heh," Ariel laughed. "So you slept here anyway, you big geek? Brennan is so good at getting what he wants. But he's not the only one that wants you to be our dad. I want it too, you know. And Jason does too. We like you, Mr. President. We like you a lot."

"Ariel!" Abbey's voice rang through the house.

"Uh-oh." Ariel said quietly as she fumbled for the door. "Yeah Mom?" She called, running down the stairs.

"The President is up in my room sleeping. Go wake him up." Abbey ordered.

"What's he doing sleeping in your bed?"

"He fell asleep with Brennan last night, and I made him get up and go to my bed. And before you ask, I slept on the couch."

"Okay." Ariel said, and ran up the stairs. Knocking on her mother's bedroom door, she waited for some kind of response, and was surprised when she got one.

"Yeah? Come in."

Cautiously, Ariel stepped into the bedroom. "Mom said to wake you up."

"I'm up." Jed replied.

"Mom has breakfast ready."

"Okay." Jed said, as Ariel fell onto the bed.

"So, you when are we going to Rome?"

"We leave this afternoon. After school, young lady." Jed replied.

"We don't have school today, Geek. It's a teacher conference day."

"Why do you call me Geek? What'd I ever do to deserve that name?"

"You're a geek. That's why."

"I assume that you call me that with all do respect, and affection. Especially after what you said ear-" Jed cut himself off, realizing what he was saying.

"What?" She cried out.


"You were awake! You heard me!" Ariel shouted as she ran out of the room and into Jason's.




Journey Through The Heart - 14




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