Journey Through the Heart 

by Rhiannon and AJ


Jed groaned and followed Ariel to Jason's room. He paused to knock on the door, "May I come in?"



Choosing to listen to Jason's voice, Jed opened the door and walked into the boy's bedroom, "Ariel... I-" He paused to look over at Jason who was standing in the middle of his room, openmouthed. "Jase, why don't you go on down? Your Mom's got breakfast on the table."

"Yes, sir." Jason responded, walking towards the door. He stopped for a moment, "She's pretty ticked, Mr. President."

"Shut up Jason!" Ariel commanded.

"Yes, I see that." Jed answered, motioning for the door. Jason nodded and walked out of his room. Jed waited until the door shut before turning back to Ariel, "Ariel, I'm sorry. I should have let you know I was awake."

Ariel kept the scowl on her face, "Yes, you should be!"

"I am." Jed replied. "Will you ever forgive me, Miss Erlich? I don't know what I'd do if you refused my apology... I'd die an old, broken down man, with no hope for-"

"Oh, stop it!" Ariel laughed, in spite of herself. She looked up at him, "I'm not that mad anyway."

"Ah, my heart sings with relief."

Ariel rolled her eyes, "Whatever, Geek. Come on, Mom will be up the stairs in a minute and she'll make us tell her everything that happened and it will turn into an hour long ordeal."

Jed laughed, "I never would have guess it."

"Oh, Mr. President... one more thing." Ariel said as they walked down the stairs. "You might not want to sit next to Mom or Brennan on the plane..."

"Why not?"

Ariel looked at him, "They get air sick..."

Jed looked at her as they walked into the kitchen, "You're kidding me?"

"Nope." Ariel replied.

Abbey looked up as they walked into her kitchen, "Nope, what?"

"Nothing," they replied in unison.

Abbey looked at them for a moment, "Yeah... right."




Journey Through The Heart - 15




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