Journey Through the Heart 

by Rhiannon and AJ


The rest of the plane ride, Abbey stayed laying on Jed's bed. She had come to just a while after having passed out, but she didn't want to face them… her monsters. So instead, she sent Jed after him. And by the time that the plane landed in Rome, he was ready to pull his hair out.

If they haven't done it before, they did it on the plane.

So when the plane did land, Jed was rejoicing.

The limo ride to the hotel was short, and extremely quiet. The trio of terror were too worried about what their punishment would be for their behavior on the plane to say anything. And Jed was preoccupied with his thoughts. Abbey… she just used this quiet time to do absolutely nothing.

After getting everyone checked into their hotel rooms, Jed made his way down to Abbey.

"Wanna go for a walk with an old man?" Jed popped his head in her door.

"Huh?" Abbey said, looking up to her door. "Jed…"

"Come for a walk with me." He entered, and pulled her up, out of the chair she was in.

"I need to unpack."

"We can do that later, I want to go for a walk now." Jed smiled.

"Where would we walk?"

"Around." Jed grinned, pulling Abbey out of her room. 


"So we've been walking for a good hour now, Jed." Abbey said. "And I can tell something is on your mind. Want to talk about it?"

"What makes you think that something is on my mind?"

"Well, in the past 4 months, I have gotten to know you pretty well. And-"

"Marry me." Jed interrupted her.





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