Journey Through the Heart 

by Rhiannon and AJ


Abbey and Jed broke apart at lightening speed. Jed jumped back several feet as Abbey flung herself in the direction of her son.

"What?" Abbey managed to stammer out.

"Crap," Brennan repeated, staring openmouthed at his mother and at the President. "Crap."

"Brennan," Abbey snapped herself into her doctor mode, willing herself not to react to what had just happened. "Brennan!"


"What did you want?" Abbey questioned.

"Oh!" Brennan exclaimed. "Um... nothing, never mind it's not important. Can we watch a movie?"

"I think we should go on home, Brennan." Abbey replied.

Brennan glanced at Jed, clearly wanting his support. Jed shook his head, "Whatever your mother says, Brennan."

"Aw, man." Brennan moaned.

"Aw, man." Abbey mimicked her son. "Come on, let's get your brother and sister and go on home." 


Late that night, Abbey laid in her bed. Her eyes stared out in front of her, not focused on anything.

He kissed her... he had kissed her.

And she had kissed him back.

Abbey felt her face grow hot from the memory. She shook her head, what the hell was she thinking? What were they thinking?

Up until that moment, the words that had been spoken that night months ago had been locked away. Jed had acted as a friend to her and to her children. He had bonded with each one of them.

And for all her children's gripping, they adored him. And it was clear to her that he felt the same way about them.

And her... She felt herself grow more comfortable with him each with each moment they were together. She could feel a safety that enveloped her when eh was around... something that she had never felt before.

Abbey let out a breath, 'Heaven help me, I just might be in love with the big geek,' she thought ruefully as she curled up into the warmth of her bed.




Journey Through The Heart - 5




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