Journey Through the Heart 

by Rhiannon and AJ


Jed nodded, "Yeah... he was in my office before Jason and Ariel came." He took a breath, "He talked to me about his nightmares..."

Abbey looked at him very carefully, "And?"

"And," Jed took a breath. "They're about the night his father died..."

Abbey bit her lip, "Okay..."

"He was there, Abbey."

Abbey nodded, "I know, Ron told him to run when... when it happened. Brennan ran back into the building and-"

"No, Abbey." Jed replied very softly. "He was there... He saw what happened to his father..."

Abbey stared at him blankly, "I don't understand..."

Jed held her face in his hands, "He saw them kill his father."

Abbey opened her mouth to speak, but no words would come out. She closed her eyes tightly, remembering the autopsy report she was given on her husband... She remembered every injury that Ron had suffered that night; she remembered how he had looked when she had identified his body...

And her son had seen it all... Her eight year old little boy had seen everything that night...

Abbey shook her head and bolted up from the table, "I've got to get home!" She almost out the door before Jed reacted to her sudden flight. Jed caught her by the arm.


"I have to get home to my son," Abbey responded.

Jed held both of shoulders and forced her to look in his eyes, "Abigail, listen to me... Brennan's frightened that you're going to be mad that he stayed. He's scared, Abbey. He's very scared... You have to let him come to you. And he will... But you have to let him make the decision."

Abbey looked at him for a long moment. She blinked back hot tears as she nodded, "Okay... okay..."

"Good, come on." Jed said, leading her back into the room. "We're going to finish dinner and relax... and we're not going to worry about the kids. They're fine; Charlie will take good care of them and nothing will happen..."

As if on cue, the phone began to ring...




Journey Through The Heart - 7




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