Never Enough 

by Rhiannon and AJ

Disclaimers: Just two girls having some fun. 

Summary: Jed and Abbey have a strong relationship, right? 

Notes: Rhiannon and I had so much fun teaming up, being EVIL, with The Valley of the Shadow, we decided we had to do it again, and this is the by product. Enjoy.


Jed looked up from his desk, as the doors to the Oval Office opened and his lovely wife entered. "Hello." He said as his heart went aflutter at her entrance.

"I got tired of waiting for you to come back to the residence, so I'm gonna wait in here for you to finish whatever it is you're doing." Abbey said as she laid down on one of the couches.

"Have I really been in here that long?" Jed asked, genuinely not having a clue.

"Jed, it's ten o'clock at night. You said you'd be back two hours ago." Abbey sounded from the couch.

Looking at his watch, he said, "Oops. Okay, well I'm almost finished here, just give me a minute."

"Whatever." Abbey muttered as she closed her eyes. 


About an hour later, Jed finally finished what he was doing, and looked up over at the couch, to his sleeping wife. Quietly walking over there, he knelt down by her side and gently roused her awake with the touch of his lips against hers.

"Huh?" She mummbled, as she woke up.

"Come on, it's time to go back to the residence. Let's go." He began to help her up.

"What time is it?" Abbey asked very sleepily.

"Eleven. Sorry, it took me longer than a minute."

"I knew it would." She smiled at him as they moved out of the office and down the hall.

Breaking the silence that accompanied them from the time they left the office, Jed said, "Have I told you lately how much I love you?"

Lost in thought for a moment, Abbey responded, "No, not lately."

Stopping right outside their bedroom doors, Jed took her by the arms, "Well, I'll just have to remedy that."

"You will?" Abbey giggled as Jed opened their bedroom doors and guided her in.

After shutting and locking the doors Jed advanced on her until she fell against the bed. "I will." He said as he climbed up on top of her and began to passionately kiss her. When the kiss broke, he said, "I love you, Abigail."

"Prove it." She responded.

"Give me a chance, and I will." He leaned in for another kiss, but stopped as she began to speak again.

"Stop talking and just do it." She smiled.

"You're the one doing all the talking." Jed said through short little kisses he spread all over her neck.



Never Enough - 2



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