Never Enough 

by Rhiannon and AJ


A few days later, Jed was in the Oval Office, trying to get some work done. Something that hadn't been too easy to do as of late. Not since his little secret came out.

Jed and Abbey were the talk of town. The talk of the United States. The talk of the entire world. And if there is life on other planets, they were sure to be the subject of those conversations as well.

Ever since his staff found out, they began to distance themselves from their president. From the man that they served at the pleasure of. The many offices that the White House was rich in, were all very tense. But none of them could come close to the intensity that surrounded the Oval Office. Especially during a senior staff meeting.

Sighing as he moved a brief down from his glance, and fixated his eyes on some unimportant blob outside, the door began to open. Turning his head, he found Mrs. Landingham.

"Sir, there is a Mr. Neuman outside." The elderly secretary said, with absolutely no compassion in her voice at all.

"Whoever he is, send him away." The President commanded.

"He really needs to see you, sir." Mrs. Landingham said as she exited the office and a man in his early 40's entered.

"Mr. President." The man said.

"What?" Jed asked, no interest in his voice at all.

Handing him some papers, he said, "You have been served." Then he quickly retreated from the very intimidating office before Jed could say anything.

Jed didn't bother to open the packet laying out before him on his desk. He knew what it was. He knew what was in it. He knew that they said his life was over.

As he stared down at the thing on his desk, he heard some hushed voices in the office to his left. Recognizing them as his Chief of Staff and his... his... his wife, he toiled over the idea of going in there and kidnapping Abbey.

But instead, he just stayed sitting at his desk. His eyes in the direction of the packet in front of him. His mind in the direction of the door. And his heart torn in millions of different directions. Abbey... Zoey, Elizabeth, Jennifer... Annie, Marrah...


Finally finding enough... could it be strength? Whatever it was, he found it, and opened the packet to reveal the divorce papers he knew were inside. Giving out a loud sigh, he stood up and somehow found himself standing right next to the door connecting his office to Leo's... To where Abbey was...

His hand reached down to the doorknob, but his brain couldn't communicate with it any further to get it to open the door. But then, he didn't have to. Slowly, but surely, the door began to open itself from the otherside...

Completely unease, Abbey and Leo entered the office to immediately come face to face with Jed.



Never Enough - 11



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