Never Enough 

by Rhiannon and AJ


Jed waited nervously in his Presidential bedroom... Meredith was to arrive at any moment... He paced around the room, trying to keep his stomach in it's proper place.

Finally, after an eternity of waiting, there was a knock on the door and Jed turned to find the door to his bedroom slowly open. He waited until he saw a face appear.

Meredith walked into the room and silently closed the door behind her. Jed stood and took a moment to study this woman... This woman for whom, not so long ago, he had come close to destroying his family for... The woman that he had destroyed his family for.

She was tall... very thin. She had long blond hair and bright blue eyes... The first time Jed ever saw her he thought her an angel... She was soft spoken; Jed had never heard her raise her voice to anyone.

Meredith stood uncomfortably, waiting for him to speak.

Jed took a deep breath, "Meredith I-"

Meredith held up a hand, "Jed... stop, please... I've done a lot of thinking and... and I know you love your wife... I think I've always known that... I've seen you with her... and with your daughters... You'd never leave them..." she paused for a moment, before rushing on. "And I knew that... You don't belong with me... You don't belong to me... You belong with your wife and your girls... You belong to Abbey... This was a mistake... and we both know it."

Jed nodded his head, "Yeah... I know."

Meredith nodded, "Okay, then... Then we say good-bye today... and we don't see each other again... I go back to my life... and you go back to Abbey where you belong."

Jed nodded again as he walked towards the door. He opened it and they both walked out of the bedroom. He walked her to the stairs, "I'm sorry, Meredith."

Meredith gave him a sad little smile, "I know... Me too... I'm sorry I didn't meet you before Abbey... Now... go make things right with your wife," she whispered softly before kissing him gently and walking out of his life.

Jed stood there for a moment and then turned around...

There, standing in the middle of the hallway, were Jennifer and Zoey.

Jed froze, horrified to find his girls standing there.

Zoey stood with tears streaming down her face, holding on to her big sister as she always had when she was upset... a by product of her childhood.

Jennifer held her crying sister as she stared at her father with anger, betrayal and intense hurt blazoned across her face.

Jed took a step toward them, but Jennifer held up a hand.

"Don't..." she warned. "Don't try to explain why... just a few short hours after my mother serves you with divorce papers you have that woman in my mother's bedroom... Do NOT try to explain your way out of that..."


Jennifer gave him a smoldering look, "You can go straight to hell." She backed Zoey and herself away from him and guided her sister away from the man that had broken their hearts.

Jed watched them go... unable to respond... unable to move.



Never Enough - 14



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