Never Enough 

by Rhiannon and AJ


Leo glared at the man he once called his best friend. He let his eyes linger on Jed for a moment and then turned his attention to Abbey. He immediately softened his gaze, "Abbey?"

Abbey looked at Leo with complete trust, "I'm okay."

Satisfied that Abbey was indeed all right, Leo turned back to Jed, "Mr. President... with all do... respect... what the hell are you doing in my apartment? You're not welcome here."

Jed stood stunned at the intensity in Leo's voice, "I came here to talk to Abbey..."

"She doesn't have anything to say to you," Leo said. "But I do."

Jed looked at Leo, "What?"

"Do you know what it's like to have two girls appear on your doorstep in tears?" Leo asked. "Jennifer and Zoey came here after they caught you and that woman leaving your bedroom... Zoey was shattered.... Her Daddy was really a man who would cheat on his wife... And Jennifer... she cried in my arms for hours..."

"She told me to go to hell..." Jed replied.

Leo looked at him with no compassion, "Yeah... I bet she did. She had her little sister crying in her arms... And she cried as she told her mother..."

Jed looked back at Abbey. In her eyes, under the glare, he saw the pain he had caused. And he felt all of it rushing into his soul.

"Mr. President," Leo said, regaining Jed's attention. "I cannot serve under your presidency any longer... I handed in my resignation this morning. It should be on your desk when you return to the White House."

"Leo..." Jed trailed off.

"Abbey told you several times, I'm only going to say it once," Leo said. "Get out... now."

Jed slowly nodded his head as he walked towards the door. He opened it and started to leave. He paused for a moment and then turned to face the woman he loved more than life its self, "I love you Abbey... And I'm sorry... I... hope that one day you can forgive me... I-" Jed choked back the words as he quickly walked out the door.

The moment the door shut, tears fell down Abbey's face. Leo saw this and folded her up in his arms, "It's all right, Abbey... it's all right."

Abbey said nothing, choosing instead to bury herself farther into Leo's protective embrace.




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