Never Enough 

by Rhiannon and AJ


Abbey waded through the endless sea of pictures as Ron sat silently in front of her. Her tears began to fall almost at once. Her heart felt as if it was being ripped from her body... but she forced herself to keep looking.

She picked up the packets of paper and began to read through it. Finally, she looked up at Ron, "And how long has this been going on?"

Ron looked uncomfortable, "Abbey I-"

"How long?" she repeated, her voice deathly cold.

"Since he entered office," Ron replied quietly. "That's as far back as my information goes... I don't know about before..."

Abbey looked off into space, "So this could have been happening for thirty-two years..."


"And I've known nothing about it... nothing..."

Ron stared at her for a long moment. He was truly frightened by the lifeless tone in the usual vibrant voice that emanated from the woman before him... All at once he wished he had never told her... but she had a right to know, "Abbey?"

Abbey sighed as she brought her attention back to the man before her, "I'm fine Ron... Thank you," she rose from her desk, envelope in hand. "Can you see yourself out?... I have some thinking to do."

Ron nodded as he watched her walk out the door. ~~~ Abbey walked down the halls of the White House. She found herself standing outside her bedroom door... She felt an icy coldness clamp down on her soul. She placed a hand on the doorknob and opened the door.

As she walked in, she looked to her bed... their bed. It was empty... she tilted her head and finally heard the shower running.

Abbey walked over to the couch and sat down, staring at the bathroom door. She waited quietly and patiently for the door to open. Finally, she was rewarded.

Jed opened the door and stopped short when he saw Abbey sitting on the couch, watching him, "Hey Babe, you left early this morning..."

Abbey stared at him without making a sound.

Jed glanced at her, concern filling his eyes, "Abbey?"

Abbey glanced down at the envelope in her hands. She looked back up at him and threw the envelope to him.

He missed and the contents scattered over the floor around him. Jed stared down at the pictures that littered the bedroom floor as Abbey watched him with stony silence.



Never Enough - 5



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