Never Enough 

by Rhiannon and AJ


Jed stood there in the middle of their bedroom, still dripping wet from the shower he just got out of. He had absolutely no clue how to explain the pictures scattered around him...


Caught in a bad way...

A very bad way...

When Jed made no coherent attempt to explain the pictures, Abbey ran into her closet and ferociously began to pack a suitcase.

Jed silently entered the walk-in closet and tried to say something, but no words would come out.

Abbey took notice of his presence, which only infuriated her all the more. "Get the hell away from me, NOW!" She screamed at him at the top of her lungs.

"Abbey..." Jed said the first English words since Abbey threw the envelope at him.

"If you don't get THE HELL AWAY FROM ME NOW," Abbey began but noticed that he quietly retreated from the closet. Now, left alone, Abbey finished packing up as many clothes as she could fit inside of two suitcases, zipped them up, and walked out of the closet.

She quickly walked to the door of their room, then paused and looked back. The pictures still scattered all over the floor, and Jed standing in the middle of them, looking down on them as his life shattered into a million pieces.

As he began to turn his head back to her, to try some reasoning, she gave him an EVIL stare and then ran out of the room.

When Abbey began to run, she really had no place to go to. Jed knew all of her hiding places. He knew where she loved to go to escape. To get away from it all. He knew her so well... But did she know him?

"Why Josiah?... Why?... How?... I loved you so much, how could you do this to me?" She asked herself as she entered her hotel room.

Throwing her suitcases on the ground, she collapsed on the bed, and cried a river into her pillow.

"Why?... I loved you so much, why?"



Never Enough - 6



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