Never Enough 

by Rhiannon and AJ


Jed kneeled down in the ocean of pictures around him... He had tried so hard to keep this from Abbey... so very hard...

And now... and now she knew... She knew everything...

The look of stony coldness that had been Abbey face when he had walked out of the bathroom would haunt him for the rest of his life... The rage she had shown when he had tried to talk to her...

And the betrayal that had seared through his body...

The look of not quite hatred that Abbey had shot at him as she turned to leave...

His world was over... The pretty little life that he had tried so hard to maintain was crumbling down around him... and there was nothing he could do...

Jed felt hot tears as they ran down his face like a waterfall. He brushed them away, but they were replaced by a fresh wave.

He sat quietly as the tears poured down his face. ~~~ Leo McGarry walked into the bedroom of the President and First Lady with worry. Charlie had rushed into his office saying that the President was sitting on the floor and wouldn't budge or say a word.

Leo approached his oldest friend, "Mr. President?"


Leo knelt beside him, "Mr. President?"

"She's gone, Leo..."

"Who's gone, sir?"


Leo felt a chill run down his back at the tone of his friend's voice, "Why is she gone?"

Jed didn't answer, instead he handed Leo a picture that had been in his hand. Leo looked at the picture, stunned by what he saw. He finally took notice of the other pictures that were scattered around Jed. Leo picked several of them up. He looked back to the man sitting next to him, "Jed..."

Jed finally looked at him.

Leo sat stunned, "What have you done?"

Jed simply stared at him in silence.

After a moment, Leo dropped the pictures and rose from Jed's side. He walked towards the door. Jed's voice stopped him.

"Where are you going?"

Leo paused without turning around, "I'm going to go look for my friend..."



Never Enough - 7



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