Never Enough 

by Rhiannon and AJ


When Abbey woke up from her nap, she felt the warmth emancipating from a body. She turned her head to see Leo, holding her in his arms. "Leo..." She called out, trying to find out if he were awake.

"Yeah?" He softly responded.

"Tell me it was all a dream. Tell me that Jed didn't really have an affair on me. Tell me that it's all going to be okay." She began, tears threatening her somewhat together composure.

"Abbey, I..." Leo wanted to promise his friend the things she needed to hear, but he couldn't lie to her. She had already been lied to by the man she loves. If there was anything she needed right now, anything at all, it was to hear the truth. No matter how painful. "I can't lie to you, Abbey."

"That's what I thought." Abbey said as she rolled out of his arms, over to the other side of the bed. "Damn him! Who does he think he is to make such a fool out of me? I loved him... I still do. Damn him!" With these words, Abbey completely lost it... again... for like the millionth time since she found out the truth.

Leo crossed the bed, and gathered her back into his arms. Gently blowing the hair out of her eyes, his hold on her became stronger.

Realizing for the first time that she was on a bed, with someone other than her husband, in a strong embrace, Abbey began to get confused. She looked up at him, somewhat loosening herself from his, oh so friendly, arms. "Leo..."

Leo looked at her, and took note of the look in her eyes. Perhaps confusing it with something that it wasn't, he slowly began to kiss her... very passionately.

The kiss lasted for what must have been a decade. Each other completely losing themselves in the other's arms.

When the kiss broke, their lips parted, and Leo was the first to speak, "I'm sorry Abbey. I shouldn't have. Maybe I should go now." Leo began to rise from the bed, but felt a strong, yet gentle hand on his arm.

A few seconds later, Abbey was standing up, before him, leaning into him for another kiss. "I wasn't complaining." Abbey said between the kiss that at least matched the other one in the passion department.

When their second kiss came to an end, minutes after it began, Abbey lovingly gazed into his eyes as she backed him up to the bed.

"Are you sure?" Leo's voice gave away the fact that he wanted to do what he knew they were about to do. But he wasn't sure if Abbey was in the right frame of mind... did she really want him? Or was it more out of rebound? Either way, Leo didn't really care. He had wanted something like this to happen for oh so long. Perhaps from the moment he met her... but she was Jed's then... not anymore.

"Yes, I am." Abbey said as they carefully climbed into bed, never breaking their third kiss.



Never Enough - 10



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