The Funny Thing Is 

by: Rhiannon & AJ


The reception was just starting to pick up, and people were thoroughly enjoying themselves. Everyone was dancing, laughing, having a good time. But no one was having as good a time as the lovely bride and groom. Once they stepped out onto that dance floor, there was no breaking them apart. Well... almost...

"Chase Robert Bartlet!" Abbey proclaimed very loudly as she turned her attention to her mischievous two-year-old son that was drenched in punch. The sound of Abbey's voice caused Chase to jump, and Mathew, who was standing right next to his twin brother, just as soaked, to begin to cry.

Turning her head to her husband, Abbey said, "That one is your son, Josiah Bartlet!" Then she moved her way over, to pick up Mathew.

Jed gave out a loud sigh as he began his journey over to his son. Stopping just short of Chase, he cocked his head to the side to find his three daughters desperately trying to hold back their laughs.

"Pay up, Zoey." Jennifer said. "I told you it'd be the punch. I told you... we shook on it. I said, 'I bet Chase manages to dump out the punch.'" This bit of news increased Abbey's irritation.

"Jennifer Erin!" Abbey and Jenn's eyes caught each other for a brief moment, until Jenn moved her glance down to the ground.

As Jed brought his eyes back to his son... or where his son should have been, he began to panic. Looking around the room, trying to ignore all the laughs coming from their guests, Jed finally spotted the little monster, crawling underneath a table... but not just any table... this particular one held the cake on it.

Jed momentarily closed his eyes, as he heard his name called out. He turned around to see his wife, with a very upset look on her face, then, he turned back to where Chase had disappeared.

He was no longer hiding...

No, now he was out in the wide open, full of chocolate cake, and white frosting...

"Now both of you owe me." Elizabeth tried to speak quiet enough so that she wouldn't be overheard by her mother.

No such luck...

"I heard that, girls. And you are all going to pay." Abbey gave them a warning glance.

In an attempt to lighten her death sentence that was sure to come at the end of the day, Zoey stepped forward, "Here, Dad. Let me take him, I'll get him cleaned up."

"Thank you, Zoey. Thank you, thank you, thank you." Jed proclaimed, with the hint of exhaustion in his voice.

Once Zoey exited the room, with her twin brothers on each side of her, Jed began to call the small, intimate group of guests together. "Before Chase comes back and ruins something else, I'd like to make a speech." Jed took note of the people laughing, and paused, as he walked over to Abbey and placed an arm around her. For a very long moment of time, he glanced deeply into her eyes, forgetting everyone else in the room.



The Funny Thing Is - 11



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