The Funny Thing Is 

by: Rhiannon & AJ


Hurrying through the halls of the West Wing, towards the Roosevelt room, Jed and Abbey thanked God that neither of their secretaries canceled this meeting yet.

"Come on, we don't want to be late." Jed's voice was in just as much a hurry as he was.

"If we are, it's your fault. And next time you have to compromise your schedule to fit it into mine." Abbey's words were just as rushed.

"Okay, we're here." Jed proclaimed as he slowed down to catch his breath. "Ready?"

"Yeah... wait..." Abbey reached a hand up to Jed's lips. "You had a little lipstick on you. Now we are ready." She said as he moved his hand down to the door and opened it.

"After you." Jed smiled.

Abbey didn't respond, she just smiled back at him, as she took her seat.

"Sorry we were late, everyone. Let's get this meeting started."

"Yes, sir." The man across the table from Jed spoke up. "First, I don't believe you have met my assistant. Meredith Baxter," The senator pointed to the beautiful blonde-haired, blue-eyed, tall, skinny woman sitting to his left.

Before the senator could continue the introduction, Abbey turned to Jed and smacked him upside the arm. "UN UNH!!!! No way, Abbey." Jed said in his defense. "Not even!" Jed insisted.

"Is there something wrong?" The senator asked the POTUS and FLOTUS who were carefully eyeing each other.

With sheepish grins on their faces, they turned to face the senator, "Nothing!" They proclaimed at the same time as they motioned for the meeting to continue.

The meeting lasted for hours. And all throughout it, Abbey kept a very careful eye on her husband, and the woman sitting across the table from her. Nothing appeared to be out of the normal. Except for the fact that this person looked exactly like the woman in both of their dreams... and there was always the name thing.

When the meeting finally came to an end, both Jed and Abbey had yet to get up. They were paralyzed in the freakish irony of the real existence of Meredith Baxter.

"You promise me that you never met her before just now?"

"Yes, Abbey, I promise. I am just as perplexed by this as you are." Jed repeated himself for, at least, the tenth time.

"You promise?"

"Yes, I do."

"You are positive that you have never seen her before?"

"I've never seen anyone else before. I've been too busy seeing you." Jed leaned in to kiss her, but Abbey pushed him away slightly.

With a look in her eye asking, 'you promise,' she leaned over and kissed him.



The Funny Thing Is - 5



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