The Funny Thing Is 

by: Rhiannon & AJ


Almost immediately after looking up to see his wife, did Jed's chair swing backwards, landing him smack dab on the floor.

"Jed!" Abbey proclaimed as she watched, and tried to stifle a laugh.

"Here, let me help you." Meredith said as she bent over and handed the President a hand.

"No, no, no. That's quite alright. I can get up myself. Thank you anyway." Jed backed her off with a hand as he used the other to help him stand up. Once in a fully upright position, Jed looked over at his wife, his eyes screaming that nothing happened. "Abbey..." Jed took note of his wife verbally.

"Jed." Abbey's voice was somewhere in between the icy coldness it recently occupied, and the obsessive need to laugh.

"Hello again, ma'am." Meredith said as she walked over to Abbey.

"Don't you hello me. What the hell do you think you were doing? I mean, the way you were leaning over him like that..." Abbey was furious with the slu... woman before her. "Are you just stupid, or could you really not tell that he was trying to push you away?" Abbey said, as Jed silently moved behind his wife.

"I'll have you know, that I am a very smart person." Meredith said.

"You sure the hell could have fooled me." Abbey sounded back. "What the hell would possess you to come on to a married man like that?! The President!? My husband?!"

"My, my, aren't we a bit insecure. If you had such a strong relationship with him, this wouldn't be bothering you so much." Meredith gave off a content little smirk.

Abbey had every intention of physically attacking Meredith right there and then, but two strong arms around her waist prevented her from doing so. "I think it best that you leave right now!" Abbey made every attempt to get her voice to return to a normal decibel, but she couldn't have failed any worse.

"Whatever!" Meredith blew Abbey off as she grabbed her purse and walked out of the Oval Office.

With the number of people occupying the room decreasing by one, Abbey turned around in her husband's arms. Slapping him across the chest, she asked, "Why the hell did you restrain me?"

"Because I know what you would have done, had I not." Jed reasoned with his fuming wife. "I just want you to know... I want to make sure you are absolutely crystal clear on this... I really was trying to push her away from me. I even told her to back up quite a few times."

"I trust you, Jed. It's just that woman that I don't trust. Promise me you will never be in a room with her again." Abbey requested.

"That is one promise I am very happy to make. Now, I believe you were to come in here and try to make up for slapping me earlier... now you have to make up for slapping me now, too."

Abbey leaned further into her husband's arms, and placed a kiss on his chest. "I'm sorry. I just... What if I told you I figured out a perfect date for us to renew our vows?"

"Well, that's not exactly what I had in mind with you making it up to me," Jed raised a brow. "But that will do."

Rolling her eyes at her husband, she said, "I know it's kind of short notice, but what about one week from tomorrow?"

"It couldn't come sooner for me if it tried to run." Jed squeezed his wife in his arms. "Hey, I have an idea... what if we were to have it in the rose garden?"

"I love it, just as much as I love you."

"Well, I am just gonna have to try something to get you to love me more." Jed raised his brows again, as he moved in to kiss his wife.



The Funny Thing Is - 7



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