Thin Line 

by: Rhiannon & AJ


Abbey sat in her kitchen, staring at the morning paper. To be more precise, she was staring at a picture of herself that was splashed across the front page of the newspaper.

'The President's Girlfriend'

Abbey shook her head... she honestly didn't know how much more of this she was going to be able to stand. It was always something... The press had stayed away from the kids so far... but they had spared no detail in Abbey's life.

She threw the paper in the trash and called up the stairs, "Brennan! Jason! Ariel! Let's go!"

Moments later, the thundering trio stomped down the stairs.

"Mom, is the President coming to my game?"

"Mom, do I have to go?"

"Mom, Ariel called me Dork boy again."

Abbey sighed, "No, yes, and don't call names."

Ariel pointed to Jason, "He threw soap at me!"

"Do the two of you need to sit and hold hands?" Abbey questioned.

"NO!" was the passionate response from the duo.

"Then leave each other alone," Abbey commanded. "Let's go." 


Four hours later, CJ Cregg walked into the Oval Office. She stopped just inside, "Mr. President?"

"What CJ?"

"We've got a problem..."

Jed looked at her, "What?"

"Some... photographers were at Brennan's soccer game today." CJ responded. "There were also some tabloid journalists..."

Jed took a breath, "What happened?"

"They tried to... interview Ariel and Jason, sir. I-"

"They WHAT?" Jed roared. "When did this happen?"

"About an hour ago, sir."

Jed looked away for a moment, "She didn't call-"

"Danny brought this to me," CJ said quietly.

Jed nodded, "Okay, thank you CJ."

CJ nodded and walked out of the room quickly as Jed reached for the phone.


Thin Line - 2




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