Thin Line 

by: Rhiannon & AJ


The majority of the car ride home from the middle school was spent in absolute silence. But eventually, Abbey's curiosity and anger got the best of her. "Well, what do you have to say for yourself?"

"Sorry, ma'am."

"Oh, you better be sorry." Abbey paused, "Why? What possessed you to get in a fight?"

"Nothing, ma'am."

"So you just decided to fight for the fun of it?"

"No, ma'am."

"Then what, Jason? This isn't like you."

"They... they were talking about... I'm sorry ma'am."

"Jason Ryan Erlich! Tell me now, or spend the rest of your days locked up in your room!"


"You think I'm kidding young man? If you don't tell me now, you're not going to be having a very happy birthday next month!"

"They were talking about... the President... and you, ma'am. And they were... making... smooching noises, and teasing me about being in the newspaper... and they were making fun of me, because of the secret service..."

"So you and Quinton decided to beat them up?"

"I'm sorry. I really am, Mom." 


"Mr. President?"

"Come in, CJ." The President commanded. "What do you have?"

"Sir, please don't blow your top."

"What happened?"

"Please, at least remember I'm just the messenger..."

"CJ, what is it?"

"There were some reporters and photographers," CJ closed her eyes. "At Jason's school today."


"It gets worse, sir. It turns out that Jason was in a fight..."


Thin Line - 11




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