Thin Line 

by: Rhiannon & AJ


Abbey sat in her kitchen, staring out the window into her backyard. She had sent Jason up to his room the moment they walked through the back door and, with the exception of picking up Brennan and Ariel from their schools, had been standing in her kitchen ever since.

Her anger with her son was tempered by several degrees of disappointment. Of all her children, Jason was the least likely to get in a fight... But, it had happened.

And it had happened because he was defending his mother. Abbey shook her head. It still stunned her that her elder son got into a school yard fight... It was so unlike the normally quiet and congenial boy she knew so well.



Brennan walked through the kitchen and stood beside his mother, "Are you mad at Jase?"

Abbey bit her lip, "I'm disappointed in Jason, Brennan... Just like I would be if you or your sister got into a fight. It makes me sad to think that any one of you would resort to violence to solve a problem."

Brennan wrapped his arms around her, "Jason's really upset about what happened. He's afraid that..."


Brennan hesitated, "He's... he's afraid that this is going to cause a problem between you and the President."

Abbey sighed, "Oh Brennan."

"He's also upset that he let you down, Mom." Brennan went on.

Abbey looked down at him, "That he let me down?"

"Yeah," Brennan nodded. "You know how he is... I mean, you expect something different from him than you do from me and Ariel."

"Is that what you all think?"


Abbey brought a hand to her face and rubbed it tiredly, "Okay... okay."



"Is the President going to be mad?"

"I don't know Brennan," Abbey sighed. "I do not know."

At that moment, the telephone in the kitchen began to ring.


Thin Line - 12




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